My Boss Is Scary Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Chapter 161

Li Zi Yun felt a bit pitiful seeing Huang Nian. She felt more sorry for the unborn child. This was all because of Li Cheng Zhi. She did not want a child to suffer for their parents sins. Wang Yu sat next to her once again. The maid had brought the soup but Li Zi Yun did not touch it. All the elders were looking at her. After the Huang family left, everyone's attention turned towards Li Zi Yun. Grandfather Wang had enough drama for the day. He had been happy in the morning that Wang Yu was going to get married and have a child soon but now he did not know when that will happen.

To break the tension, Mrs. Wang asked Li Zi Yun, "Why have you become so thin? XiaoYu why did you take her to the hospital yesterday?"

"She has ulcer and it became serious with internal bleeding. She is really weak now"

Wang Yu knew that his mother was trying to reduce the awkwardness in the room and she asked this even though she knew the truth. Grandfather Wang was surprised when he saw Wang Yu slapping Mrs. Huang. He understood how much Li Zi Yun was important to Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun was sitting there nervously and she was trembling a bit. Wang Yu was holding Li Zi Yun's hand and he could feel her palms sweating. Now that everyone was looking at Li Zi Yun, the pressure was too much for her.

It had been fourteen years since she lost her family and she had never felt like she was part of the Li family after that. So Li Zi Yun felt strange being with a family. If Wang Yu married her, this will be her family and she did not want them to think bad about her.

Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun and got up with her. Li Zi Yun stood up even though she did not know why. Wang Yu knelt in front of everyone and he signaled Li Zi Yun to do the same. Though it was difficult with her dress, Li Zi Yun knelt beside Wang Yu, facing the Wang family.

"Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, and Mother we would like to get your blessing. We are married"

"What?" Everyone was shocked and their voices rang together. But Li Zi Yun's voice was the loudest.

When Li Zi Yun saw the marriage certificate in Wang Yu's hand, she knew that Wang Yu was saying the truth, she was indeed married to him now. Only in the morning, she had asked if he was ready to marry her. She never expected that within a few hours the marriage certificate will be in her hand.

Everyone was looking from Wang Yu to Li Zi Yun. They had wanted to celebrate Wang Yu's wedding with a huge ceremony. But now Wang Yu was here holding the marriage certificate. Li Zi Yun was staring at Wang Yu.

Mr. Wang said, "Get up now. Sit"

Grandmother Wang asked Li Zi Yun, "Are you pregnant? Is that why Wang Yu got the marriage certificate?"

"No I'm not really"

"Grandmother Li Zi Yun is not pregnant. I have been thinking about this for some time. Sorry for not telling everyone in advance"

Li Zi Yun was thinking in her mind, 'You should have at least told me. Why is this a surprise for me when it's my marriage?'

Li Zi Yun pinched Wang Yu, he turned towards her but there was not a hint of regret in his face. He was smiling at her. Li Zi Yun could not believe that she was now Mrs. Wang.

Grandfather Wang's eyes were watching Li Zi Yun closely. After a minute he said, "Wang Yu I want to speak to ... Ahem with just the family members present."

"Li Zi Yun is my wife now. Whatever you want to tell me, you can say in front of her. She is part of the family too now."

Grandfather Wang's face was getting tensed but Grandmother Wang intervened, "The girl is now the daughter in law of the house. I trust Wang Yu's choice. There is no need to make the girl get tensed"

Mrs. Wang walked towards Li Zi Yun and sat next to her. Li Zi Yun smiled nervously at her. She took Li Zi Yun's hand in hers and spoke in a soft soothing voice, "You don't have to be nervous. Hereafter this is your home. It looks like you are tired. Come I'll get you something to eat."

"Yes Auntie Wang" Li Zi Yun got up and left with Mrs. Wang. Grandmother Wang also followed them leaving the men to talk.

When Wang Yu was left with Grandfather Wang and Mr. Wang, Grandfather Wang spoke first, "You're already married. I will not ask you to divorce or inquire about the girl. I only want to know if you think that you have the made right choice. Is she the right girl for you? Will you ever regret this in the future?"

Wang Yu spoke in a clear confident voice, "Grandfather, I won't say that she is the perfect woman in the world, but she is perfect for me. I love her the most in the world and she completes me. As for your question, yes, I have made the right choice and she is the right one for me. And this is one of my decisions which I will never ever regret in the future" for visiting.

"Don't forget what you said to me now. I wish for you to live happily with her"

Mr. Wang asked Wang Yu, "When did you register your marriage? Why weren't we informed about it?"

Wang Yu was stammering, "I was"

Grandfather Wang was relieved. His grandson was married at last. This was one of the moments that he had been waiting for a very long time. Wang Yu was already twenty nine but he had never showed any interest in marrying. Therefore, Grandfather Wang was happy that Wang Yu was no longer engaged to a greedy and despicable family but instead married to the girl he loves.

Grandfather Wang asked Wang Yu, "Why did you let the Huang family make a huge scene? You could told us earlier"

"Some people have to be taught a lesson"

Mr. Wang asked Wang Yu, "It is alright if you don't like parties and celebration. But does my daughter in law also hate those?"

Wang Yu had hurriedly informed Liu Guang in the morning to get the marriage certificate. He wanted to ask Li Zi Yun about hosting a ceremony but he had not gotten time to ask that to her.

Grandfather Wang said, "I would really love to have at least a small private ceremony if not a large one."

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