My Boss Is Scary Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Chapter 162

Meng Jian heard about what happened in the hospital. He came to know that Li Zi Yun had ulcer now and she was puking blood. Though he hadn't met with her directly, he had seen her grown up when she was a kid. Meng Jian knew that Wang Yu would take care of Li Zi Yun but still he was at unease. His assistant informed him about Wang Yu had threatened the doctors to treat Li Zi Yun and had announced Li Zi Yun as his wife in front of them.

Meng Jian also heard about the catastrophe in the Li family. He was sure that Wang Yu must be the mastermind behind that. In the morning, he was surprised when he heard that the marriage between Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun was registered. This was too sudden. Only before an hour, he had seen the news that Huang Nian will be getting married to Wang Yu but now, Wang Yu had registered his marriage with Li Zi Yun. He had to inform some very important people about this. The one's who should have been by Li Zi Yun's side for this.

Mrs. Wang looked at Li Zi Yun from top to bottom. Li Zi Yun no longer looked healthy. for visiting.

Li Zi Yun couldn't take her mind off what just happened now. Never in a million years did she expect her wedding to take place like this. Ending with just a marriage certificate. Like all woman she wanted to wear a wedding dress, hold the wedding ceremony before friends and family. Now she understood why Wang Yu made her wear the red dress. Wang Yu had made her promise in the morning that she shouldn't get angry no matter what happens. But she never expecting it to be for this, for her MARRIAGE. She was so mad at Wang Yu now.

The hospital director contacted Wang Yu personally and told him that it would be better to start the treatment for his wife Li Zi Yun immediately.

Mrs. Wang asked worriedly, "Did Wang Yu over work you? Why have you become so thin?"

Grandmother Wang asked her, "What did Wang Yu mean by internal bleeding? Are you okay? Is it serious?"

"The test results hasn't come Grandmother Wang. So I'm not sure"

"What about your family?" Grandmother Wang enquired eagerly.

"I don't have anyone.I lost my family in an accident" Li Zi Yun did not consider Li Shu Chen as her family anymore. He was good as dead to her.

Li Zi Yun was holding onto the couch. She was feeling dizzy and she tried hard to stay steady. Her stomach had started aching once again and she felt like her body was burning up.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling dizzy? Have you eaten anything yet?"

Li Zi Yun shook her head. Mrs. Wang asked the maid to quickly bring food for Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun's hands were shaking slightly as she ate. In her nervousness combined with her shaky hands, Li Zi Yun spilled the soup all over the dress. The soup was warm and not very hot, so it did not burn her skin. Moreover, the dress had several layers so only the dress was spoiled.

"I'm sorry"

Grandmother Wang saw how nervous Li Zi Yun was, "It's okay. You can relax. You need not be nervous around us"

Wang Yu came to Li Zi Yun's side as soon as he was done talking to his father and grandfather. He saw the soup was spilt all over her dress.

"What happened?"

"I spilt the soup by mistake" Li Zi Yun's hands hadn't stopped shaking.

Li Zi Yun's body was burning up a bit now. Wang Yu touched Li Zi Yun's forehead and her body temperature was high. She really wanted to lie down now but she was scared that the elders might think that she was putting on airs now after marrying Wang Yu.

"You're having fever. Lie down for some time. I'll call the doctor" Wang Yu was looking at her with a worried face. Li Zi Yun had not said much to him after coming back from the hospital so he did not know if she was in pain or if she was feeling better.

Mrs. Wang followed Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun into the room. Mrs. Wang asked Wang Yu to get some comfortable clothes for Li Zi Yun to change into since the dress she was wearing was spoiled. Li Zi Yun removed the necklace first. The necklace was heavy and she placed in slowly on the table.

Li Zi Yun was feeling feverish and her movements were restricted. Li Zi Yun sat on the bed and Mrs. Wang helped her to remove the zipper at the back. When the zipper was pulled down a bit, Mrs. Wang was shocked when she saw the scars in Li Zi Yun's back. There were long scars covering her back.

"What? What happened to you?" Mrs. Wang could not imagine how such a young girl could have so many scars in her body.

"Auntie Wang I am I'm not feeling well" Li Zi Yun could no longer sit straight without support and fell on the bed. When Wang Yu returned to the room, he saw Mrs. Wang trying to wake her up.

Since Wang Yiran was at home in a hospital set up, every necessary medicinal supply was present at home. Wang Yu had already asked him to come back. He had only left before a few minutes so the doctor was on his way back.

"What's wrong with her?"

"She suddenly fainted"

Wang Yu immediately rushed to Li Zi Yun's side.

"Baby what happened?"

Li Zi Yun whispered in a low voice, "I want to puke."

Wang Yu carried her to the bathroom. The moment Li Zi Yun got down on her feet she felt her head spinning. Wang Yu held Li Zi Yun gently against his body supporting her entire weight. Li Zi Yun puked the food that she ate along with blood once again. And she was holding her stomach tightly. The pain was too much for her and she started crying. Mrs. Wang was standing there helpless, seeing the scene in Wang Yu's room yesterday she did not expect it to be so serious.

Li Zi Yun was hugging her stomach with one hand and the other was in Wang Yu's collar, "It hurts. Make it stop."

"Baby, breathe. I am here with you. It will be over soon"

Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun in his arms to the room.

Mrs. Wang said to him, "We have to change her clothes"

"Is that very important now? Can't you see that she is crying in pain?" Wang Yu yelled at his mother.

"Do you want be her to vomit once again? She has puked all over her clothes, she will be feeling nauseous"

Wang Yu removed Li Zi Yun's dress while Mrs. Wang helped him. Mrs. Wang couldn't control her shocked reaction when she saw scars all over Li Zi Yun's body.

The doctor had just entered the house and the butler took him to the room where Li Zi Yun was resting now. Li Zi Yun was having fever now and she was screaming in pain holding her upper abdomen. Li Zi Yun's eyes were watery and she could not see who else were in the room. The pain in her abdomen did not let her concentrate on anything else.

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