My Boss Is Scary Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Chapter 163

Grandmother Wang also came to the room hearing Li Zi Yun's screams.

"Why is she in so much pain? Did you call the doctor?" for visiting.

Li Zi Yun was holding onto Wang Yu and yelling in pain. It had been a few years since she was in so much pain. The last time was when her father and step mother hit her with the cane. She could not remember for how long the beating went on, she had passed out in pain.

Li Zi Yun was losing energy. She puked once again and this time even the water she drank had come out. Li Zi Yun was lying on the bed with her head on Wang Yu's lap. Wang Yu couldn't bear to see her in pain.

The doctor checked Li Zi Yun and said, "It's better to take her to the hospital immediately. She is severely dehydrated"

"Wang Yu it hurts" Li Zi Yun's voice reached Wang Yu's ears.

Wang Yu informed the nurses treating Wang Yiran to get an IV drip for Li Zi Yun.

In the morning, before going to his company, Wu Qing had come straight to the Wang Family Residence after seeing the news. In the trip, he had seen how much Wang Yu was devoted to Li Zi Yun. So when he saw this he couldn't believe the news. Assistant Liu Guang had informed him that Wang Yu was at the Wang Family residence so he had rushed here. Wu Li Shu had been trying to call and ask Li Zi Yun about this but no one picked up her call. She wanted to leave with Wu Qing to see Li Zi Yun but he did not want her to come. Wu Li Shu was not the one to be stopped. She had managed to come with Wu Qing.

Mrs. Wang came out of the room to inform her husband and father in law what was happening. Just now, they were happy that Wang Yu was married but now hearing this, Grandfather Wang was really saddened. Since Wang Yu had brought Li Zi Yun home from the hospital, they thought that her condition was not critical. But hearing Li Zi Yun's screams and what Mrs. Wang said, they were worried for Li Zi Yun. She was now the daughter in law of the family, they were not ready to let anything happen to her.

Li Zi Yun was no longer screaming, she was whimpering in pain and it was no longer audible. Her body curled up into a ball and she moved closer to Wang Yu. Wang Yu felt Li Zi Yun's body burning hot. Her body was trembling and Wang Yu pulled her closer to him. When Mrs. Wang saw Wu Li Shu and Wu Qing, she did not tell them anything. She only showed them the way to Li Zi Yun's room.

Wu Li Shu was shocked to see Li Zi Yun in such a state.

"What's? What's wrong with her?"

The nurse rushed to the room with Wu Li Shu and Wu Qing. Li Zi Yun felt hands trying to pull her body to lie straight but she did not want to move.

Wang Yu whispered in her ears, "Baby, I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you. This will be over soon"

Wu Qing and Wang Yu helped Li Zi Yun to lie straight. Wu Qing was holding her feet and Wang Yu was holding her arms so that the doctor can give her an injection on her arms.

Needles pressed into Li Zi Yun's arms and she screamed in pain. Wang Yu's face flinched every time Li Zi Yun yelled in pain. All he could was comfort her but it looked like it was doing no good.

"This will hurt" the doctor said as he pricked a needle at the back of Li Zi Yun's hand once again and inserted an IV catheter. Li Zi Yun screamed once again as she felt the needle.

Wu Li Shu had come here expecting to fight with Wang Yu but what she was seeing now was not what she had in mind. Li Zi Yun's eyes were half open and she had no idea who were in the room.

The doctor said, "She's severely dehydrated. I think it's better to give her a sedative."

Wang Yu agreed to it. He whispered in Li Zi Yun's ears, "Baby I'll be next you. Now sleep for some time"

Li Zi Yun felt the world around her dissolve into darkness. She no longer felt any pain. The Wang family had an ambulance like vehicle always ready for Wang Yiran, in case she had to be rushed to the hospital. Wang Yu immediately took Li Zi Yun to the vehicle. Li Zi Yun was immediately carried into the ambulance. Wang Yu informed the doctors to get ready. He was bringing Li Zi Yun to the hospital now.

Mr. and Mrs. Wang also rushed to the hospital. Mrs. Wang asked her father in law and mother in law to stay at home and she will inform them after they have reached the hospital. Wu Qing sat in the ambulance next to Wang Yu. Wang Yu was sitting quietly but only Li Zi Yun was in his mind. Only in the morning, he had received the marriage certificate and Li Zi Yun was lying unconscious in front of him now. He knew it was time to deal with the Li family now but his entire concentration was only on Li Zi Yun now, he couldnt5 think about anything else.

Wu Li Shu and Wu Qing had seen Li Zi Yun only before a couple of days. They did know how within a gap of two days, Li Zi Yun had become so sick. Wu Qing wanted to ask Wang Yu regarding this, but seeing Wang Yu's sad face, he did not have the heart to ask him.

Since they travelled in an ambulance, they reached the hospital sooner than usual. Mr. and Mrs. Wang soon arrived behind them. Li Zi Yun was taken into the operation theatre as soon as they arrived. Wang Yu was pacing up and down. Though the doctors said that it wasn't anything serious, Wang Yu was restless.

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