My Boss Is Scary Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Chapter 164

Li Cheng Zhi saw the news that Huang Nian was pregnant with Wang Yu's child and they were getting married soon. Though he had slight doubts after both Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu not responding to his texts, after seeing the news he was convinced that Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun must have broken up now. According to him, Li Zi Yun was powerless now and he could do what he wants with her. Li Cheng Zhi was obsessed with ruining Li Zi Yun. The Li family was in a wreck now, and he did not want Li Zi Yun who was treated like a servant in their house to be happy now.

His mother Fu Ming Zhu had been chased out of the house, but he was not much bothered about it. All his worry was about the company going bankrupt. If the company goes bankrupt, then he cannot live a luxurious life and he had to earn a living. That was the most difficult task in his life. From when he was young, his mother Fu Ming Zhu had repeated the words that he was the heir of the Li family. So now he couldn't imagine a life without it. He thought that Li Zi Yun must have the skills if she is Wang Yu's secretary. He thought of bringing her to work under him to bring back the company to its previous glory.

Wang Yu was relieved only when he saw the doctors come out and tell him that the bleeding in Li Zi Yun's stomach has been stopped. Mrs. Wang was not convinced. The doctors repeated to her the procedure that was done and Li Zi Yun was totally fine now. Li Zi Yun has to take medication for some weeks and the ulcer will be completely healed after that. Wang Yu sat down only when he heard this.

Wang Yu stayed back at the hospital and he sent back his mom and dad to home. Li Zi Yun was sleeping peacefully and he sat by her side. Even Li Zi Yun wouldn't have expected that she would spend her wedding day in a hospital bed. The doctors had advised that it would be better for Li Zi Yun to be hospitalized for three more days so Wang Yu asked his mother to send the necessary items.

Even after Wang Yu knew that Li Zi Yun was fine now, he couldn't concentrate on anything else. He was looking at her every five second to see if she has woken up.

After some time, Li Zi Yun tried opening her eyes, but it was difficult for her. Her entire body was aching and her mind was trying to slip into unconsciousness. Li Zi Yun was struggling to keep herself awake. She heard faint whispers around her but she couldn't identify the voice. She knew all the voices very well but her mind was blank now. At last, she managed to open her eyes. Her eye sight were blurred and she blinked few times before everything around her came into focus.

Wang Yu was sitting next to her holding her hand. She could see the sad smile in his eyes. Next to him Wu Li Shu, Chu Yan and Wu Qing were standing watching her. Li Zi Yun wanted to speak, but her throat was dry. She couldn't utter a word.

"Shhh. It is okay. I will be next to you"

Wang Yu's hands were stroking Li Zi Yun's hair. Li Zi Yun leaned against his touch and closed her eyes.

After Li Zi Yun slept, Wu Qing asked Wang Yu, "What is all this news about Huang Nian being pregnant with your child? There was also news of you getting married to her soon"

Wang Yu replied coolly, "I'm married"

Wu Qing started yelling, "What? When? Then what about Li Zi Yun? How can you do this to her?"

"Shhhh Can't you see that my wife is sleeping? My wife is Li Zi Yun. Why would I marry Huang Nian? And for your information, that's not my child"

Wu Li Shu exclaimed, "What??? You married Li Zi Yun? Why didn't she tell me?"

Chu Yan opened his mouth wide, "Li Zi Yun is married?"

Wang Yu replied in a low voice, "Ask her that question when she wakes up"

Wu Qing asked again, "So Huang Nian?"

"If you are that concerned about her, why don't you go meet her?"

"Stop joking and answer my question seriously"

"My wife is lying here sick. Do you think I have the mood to joke?"

Wu Li Shu, Wu Qing and Chu Yan felt odd, hearing Wang Yu mention Li Zi Yun as his wife. Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan wanted to stay back but Wang Yu sent them away. He wanted to stay alone with Li Zi Yun. Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were waiting to talk to Li Zi Yun but Wang Yu did not allow them to stay back. The doctors were checking Li Zi Yun every hour. Wang Yu could not rest without knowing that Li Zi Yun will recover completely..

Meng Sen Xi heard the news from his uncle Meng Jian that Wang Yu had registered his marriage with Li Zi Yun. His uncle also informed Meng Sen Xi that Li Zi Yun was in hospital now.

Meng Sen Xi wanted to go to hospital to visit Li Zi Yun, but he did not want Wang Yu to see him. He was already doubting that Wang Yu may know something about them after the phone call that was made to him at the club before few weeks. Though they had used a burner phones and it was almost impossible to trace it, Wang Yu had men specialized in hacking and he did not know how long before Wang Yu came to know about their existence. for visiting.

Meng Sen Xi asked his uncle, "Uncle don't you think it's time she knows the truth?"

Uncle Meng Jian replied in a strict voice, "I don't think that I ever mentioned to you that this topic was up for discussion"

"She is twenty six. Don't you think she has a right to know?"

"Li Zi Yun will come to know when they are ready to tell her the truth. This is not our story to tell"

Meng Sen Xi was not convinced. How long does Li Zi Yun have to be in the dark?

When Li Zi Yun woke up at night Wang Yu was sitting next to her reading something. When he saw slight movements, he moved to Li Zi Yun's bed and sat beside her.

"Hey" Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun on her forehead.

Li Zi Yun smiled weakly at him. He knew that Li Zi Yun hated hospitals so he did not leave her side for a minute. Everything that happened day came to Li Zi Yun's mind. She was now Wang Yu's legal wife.

There was a mischievous smile in Li Zi Yun's face as she said, "I don't think this was how you imagined our wedding night to be"

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