My Boss Is Scary Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Chapter 165

Wang Yu's eyebrows were raised as he looked at Li Zi Yun and asked, "What are you saying? Do I look like a pervert in your eyes?"

Li Zi Yun started laughing. Her stomach ached when she laughed but she could not control her laughter when she saw Wang Yu's stupefied face. Li Zi Yun wanted to cheer Wang Yu up but she did not expect his reaction to turn the other way. Li Zi Yun's hand went up to Wang Yu's face to stroke his cheeks.

Wang Yu bent his head till his mouth was next to Li Zi Yun's ears, "But if you have other ideas, I don't mind putting it into action"

"Don't even think of coming near me until we hold a wedding ceremony"

"You want to hold a wedding ceremony?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head.

"I'll arrange for it"

Li Zi Yun wanted to continue speaking but Wang Yu placed a finger on her lips.

"You lost so much blood in two days and your body is weak. Take rest now. You can say whatever you want after you get well"

"I.. " Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun on her lips and sat down on the chair beside her with his head resting on the bed looking at Li Zi Yun. He was stroking Li Zi Yun's hair as he lay there with his eyes only on her. Both of them were lying silently gazing at each other.

When the Huang family reached home, Huang Nian was carried to her room. Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang felt like someone had dropped a stone over their heads. The entire family was ruined now and their happiness was short lived. Wang Yu had given them an ultimatum and Mr. Huang could not bring himself to do that but he was in no state to offend the Wang family. If the news was published then his daughter's life will be ruined.

More than that, he was worried about his political career. He was the likely presidential candidate, but if the news gets published, his political life will be over. Everyone will curse his daughter for cheating on Wang Yu and getting a sexually transmitted disease from a stranger. Mr. Huang went straight to his reading room at home and shut the door. He wanted some time for himself to think about it. He had to come up with a solution.

When Huang Nian woke up, everything that happened that day came to her mind and reality hit her hard. She threw everything she got in her hands. She was smashing almost every object she could find in her room. She couldn't accept the fact that she not marrying Wang Yu. Someone had tricked her. Huang Nian was pregnant now with no idea who the child's father was and she was infected now. The fact that she was doomed slowly sunk into her mind. Her life was over.

Huang Nian walked out of the room and went in search of her mother. When she saw Mrs. Huang, she started yelling, "Because of your stupid idea I am in hell now. Give me back my life."

"What? What did I do?"

"What did you do? You were the one who gave me the stupid idea of drugging Brother Wang. Now I am the one who is bearing the consequences"

"Huang Nian. Pull yourself together. We can convince Wang Yu. You are carrying his child" for visiting.

"Have you gone mad? Did you not hear what Wang Yu said? He was with that bitch that night."

"Huang Nian but you were with Wang Yu that night. What are saying now?"

"No I was not. " Huang Nian tried to remember seeing Wang Yu at least once that night but her memory for that night was completely blank. All she could remember was entering the room at night and waking up in the bed in the morning. When she saw the video, she knew it was she. Even if others do not know, she knew her figure and it was her. Huang Nian's head was getting clearer and clearer now. She was consumed with rage.

Mrs. Huang tried to calm down Huang Nian, "Xiaonian, we can sort this out"

"Sort this out? How? Are you going to publish the news again? You heard Wang Yu; the Wang family won't leave us alone"

"Then what happened that night at your birthday party?"

Huang Nian was twenty seven now and she had already wasted many years waiting for Wang Yu. Now she was pregnant and also infected with HIV. Her life was more or less over now. Huang Nian was ready to abort the child, she did not want a bastard child. But before that she wanted to know who did this to her and why. The only person who would know that was Wang Yu.

"Only one person would know that"

Huang Nian was sure he must know what happened that night. If Wang Yu had the video then he must know what happened that night also. Since it was Wang Yu's hotel, he must also have the video footage of her entering the hotel room then the man who entered the room along with her must also be captured. She had to ask Wang Yu but she knew that he wouldn't respond to her calls and she also could not visit the Wang Family Residence now. The only thought in her mind now was getting revenge on the person who did this to her.

She wanted to know who did that to her. Huang Nian knew that Wang Yu wouldn't spend so much time and energy on her. She drugged him secretively and Wang Yu had no idea of it beforehand.

Wang Yu asked Assistant Liu Guang to check if the Huang family had officially released anything about Huang Nian's pregnancy and he received a response in negative. Wang Yu wanted to release a statement but he thought of waiting until Li Zi Yun was out of the hospital. He did now want people to come and disturb him and Li Zi Yun in the hospital.

Grandfather and Grandmother Wang came to visit Li Zi Yun in the morning. They had wanted to come and visit Li Zi Yun the before day but Wang Yu told them to come slowly. Li Zi Yun will be in hospital for some more time so he told them not to rush.

The first question that Grandmother Wang asked was, "Will there be any complications in Li Zi Yun getting pregnant?"

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