My Boss Is Scary Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Chapter 166

Though Li Zi Yun wanted to get married, she hadn't given a serious thought about life after marriage. Everything was moving so fast now. One day Wang Yu had proposed to her and within a week, she was married to him. Now Grandmother Wang was talking about having children.

"Grandma, ulcer has nothing to do with getting pregnant. Don't worry; within ten months we will try to give you a great grand child"

Li Zi Yun smacked Wang Yu's hands. She had not even slept with him, so soon they were casually discussing about having a baby.

Grandfather Wang smiled, "Looks like my granddaughter in law is shy. How is your body condition now?"

"I am feeling better now Grandfather Wang" Li Zi Yun was sitting in the bed while Wang Yu was standing beside her. Wang Yu was smiling broadly now. The doctors had repeatedly promised Wang Yu that Li Zi Yun was all right now and her recovery should take a few weeks.

Li Zi Yun was waiting to go back home. But another question arose in her mind. Where would she live now? The last few weeks she spent most of the night at Wang Yu's penthouse. Now she was married to Wang Yu, he would expect her to move everything to his house. Li Zi Yun had so much to discuss with Wang Yu now. But every time Li Zi Yun wanted to talk, Wang Yu started feeding her something or forcing her to rest silently.

Huang Nian had tried calling Wang Yu but she couldn't reach him. She tried calling Assistant Liu Guang, but he did not pick up the call. The before day night Huang Nian had visited another hospital to check for STD. the result came back as positive. Wang Yu was telling her the truth. Huang Nian was not a friendly type, but hadn't made many enemies. After being engaged to Wang Yu, she had tried to have a clean image. So she had no idea who and why would they do this to her. Her phone kept buzzing with wishes from people, congratulating her on her pregnancy and marriage.

Huang Nian knew that if the truth comes out, within a second she would be seen as a slut. She hadn't completely changed after what happened yesterday. She wanted to hurt Li Zi Yun and somehow make Wang Yu hers but she knew that was impossible. If she was not pregnant with another man's child and if she did not have HIV then maybe there was a slight possibility, but now

Huang Nian would have directed her anger towards Li Zi Yun if she had the opportunity but Wang Yu did not move away from Li Zi Yun for even a second. And it looked like Wang Yu had no idea of leaving her in the future too. So Huang Nian wanted to find the person who did this to her. Until the before day, Huang Nian had been living with her mind in an imaginary state. The doctor had also asked her to be careful and visit immediately if she had any other symptoms. All the symptoms that she thought that was due to pregnancy were actually due to HIV. for visiting.

Huang Nian found it difficult to accept her current state. Every time she blinked her eyes, she was hoping that all this was a dream and she could go back to the past. But no, everything was real and she couldn't change anything. She knew very well that Wang Yu was not an easy person to meet. Huang Nian had no other choice, if she wanted to visit Wang Yu, then she had to go to his company. Her assistant was fired now and she had not seen her father after they returned home.

Since the truth was not yet revealed, Huang Nian went straight to the company. Some reporters were lingering around the company hoping to get an interview with Wang Yu. So when they saw Huang Nian they were excited. But before they could get a hold of Huang Nian, she had entered the building. They waited outside impatiently, waiting for her to come out.

Like last time, Huang Nian was not stopped at the front desk. She walked past them to the elevator. Huang Nian was surprised. This means that no one knew the truth in the company. She gained some confidence and walked quickly. Liu Guang got out from the elevator and he saw Huang Nian crossing him. He immediately stopped her.

"Ms. Huang, considering yesterday's events, it's not right for you to visit the company."

"Assistant Liu Guang, I really want to meet Brother Wang now."

"It's better for you to leave now before I call the security"

Huang Nian scoffed. "Who do you think you are to treat me this way?"

"Ms. Huang, you very well know your current position and I don't think threatening me will work now" Huang Nian was no longer Wang Yu's fiance so he was not scared of her and he had no obligation to obey her.

Assistant Liu Guang turned towards the employees who were sitting at the front table. They had let Huang Nian walk past them only because they did not want to offend CEO Wang Yu, and they hadn't received any official notice. But when Assistant Liu Guang was asking Huang Nian to get out, they started shaking, they were sure they had made a mistake. Assistant Liu Guang asked the security to come and get Huang Nian, he did not want to make any mistakes when CEO Wang Yu was not in the office.

"All of you are fired" Liu Guang informed the employees in the front desk and went about with his work.

"Assistant Guang, please forgive us. We will never repeat this mistake. Please don't fire us" but Liu Guang was adamant in his decision.

Huang Nian now understood how she would be treated in every other place. In most of the places she was treated respectfully not because of her family background but because she was the fiance of Wang Yu. Huang Nian did not want that to change that. Her mind was thinking about the various possible solutions. She did not want to lose her current position. When she walked out of the company, many reporters approached her. Huang Nian was flustered for a second seeing so many cameras around her. She panicked.

"Ms. Huang, when will your wedding with CEO Wang Yu take place?"

"Now that you are expecting a child, have you moved in with CEO Wang Yu?"

"Ms. Huang, please tell us something about your wedding. When and where are you holding the wedding? Have you registered your marriage?"

Hearing the series of questions, Huang Nian swithered as to whether she should say the truth or continue with her lies. She did not have the heart to say the truth. If the truth comes out, then there will be no one around her. So she proceeded with the lie.

"Our marriage date has been finalized and it is on the 15th of next month. The other details will be provided later. Excuse me" Huang Nian walked to her car quickly holding her stomach.

Having made this announcement, Huang Nian's mind started thinking quickly. She thought of getting an abortion and then informing the public that she had a miscarriage and that the marriage has been postponed. Huang Nian thought that if she could buy time, at least two months then she can come up with a solution later and her reputation will also be not ruined.

Huang Nian wouldn't have made this announcement if she knew about the consequences.

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