My Boss Is Scary Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Chapter 167

The reason Mr. Huang was hesitating to announce the truth was because the presidential candidate from their party will be announced the next day and he was stalling this as long as possible. He knew that he had to make a public announcement about the truth sooner or later, but he thought if it was done after the announcement of the candidate selection then he could make claims that someone who wanted to hurt him had ruined his daughter's life purposefully and gain sympathy votes.

Huang Nian thought of pleading with the Wang family that she did not expect to marry Wang Yu but only wanted to not lose her name. She thought of begging them to have mercy on a pregnant woman and she was hoping it should work. So as soon she got into the car, she asked the chauffeur to drive straight to the Wang family Residence. Some reporters were following Huang Nian to know more about her and they were curious about where she was going.

The security outside the company immediately informed Assistant Liu Guang when Huang Nian spoke to the reporters. Liu Guang immediately called Wang Yu and told him what happened in the office just now.

Seeing Wang Yu's irritated face, Li Zi Yun asked him, "What is wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong. This is something I should have done a long time ago"


Wang Yu would have released the statement as soon as Li Zi Yun left the hospital if the Huang family did not do it before that. He called Assistant Liu Guang and said to him, "Release the statement which you showed me earlier and also add"

The Huang family was really getting on his nerves. He wanted to put a full stop to that.

An official statement was published in the name of the Wang family,

"In the light of the current rumors, the Wang family would like to clarify certain truths. CEO Wang Yu is already married to Li Zi Yun and they are living together. The Wang family has no knowledge about any ongoing marriage alliance with the Huang family and the rumors are making the couple and family highly uneasy. CEO Wang Yu will be suing Ms. Huang Nian and the Huang family for damaging his reputation and publishing untrue facts. Ms. Huang Nian is not pregnant with CEO Wang Yu's child and anyone publishing this fake news will also be sued for defamation."

Wang Yu knew that this statement alone will not stop the Huang family, they will try other means to change this story to their gain. So he asked Zhou Nan Xi to publish the entire truth through other means. Zhou Nan Xi did exactly what was asked of him.

An article was released in the internet and the entire story about Huang Nian was revealed in it including Huang Nian's STD report. Hung Nian had no idea what was happening around her. She was sleeping peacefully in her car, after formulating the entire plan in her mind. She thought that if she pleaded with Grandmother Wang and gained her sympathy then her plan would be successful.

The statement from the Wang family was released a few minutes after Huang Nian had spoken to the reporters. The reporters were puzzled. They had spoken to Huang Nian only before a few minutes and she even mentioned the wedding date but now they were holding the statement in their hands saying that Wang Yu was already married to his secretary. They secretly followed Huang Nian and saw that she went to the Wang family residence but she was not allowed to enter. Wang Yu had ordered the guards in the Wang Family residence strictly that Huang Nian should never set foot into the house again.

The reporters were convinced that Huang Nian had lied to them just now. The news article about Huang Nian's HIV was also going viral in the internet combined with her interview. This was creating an uproar. First after the Wang family's statement alone was released, there were several comments scolding Li Zi Yun. She was termed as a house wrecker, slut and several other mean comments could be seen. But after the article stating the truth was released, everyone starting scolding Huang Nian.

Wang Yu had tightened the security around both his hospital and home. As Wang Yu expected there were several reporters trying to find out Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun's whereabouts and Wang Yu did not want Li Zi Yun to be disturbed now.

Wang Yu received a call from Mr. Huang. He had nothing more to tell him but Wang Yu picked the call out of curiosity to hear what Mr. Huang has to say.

"CEO Wang Yu. How can you do this to us? Do you want our family to commit suicide? How can we show our faces out in public after this?"

"Really? Then you should have kept your daughter in check."

"We discussed everything yesterday, but still you released a statement" for visiting.

"Why don't you ask your daughter what she did today?"

"CEO Wang Yu if we die, our blood is in your hands."

"Then you should have thought of the consequences before doing all this. Are you trying to justify what your family did? You will be receiving the summons soon wait for it" saying so Wang Yu cut the call. He should not have picked up the call. Wang Yu was really irritated when he saw that Huang Nian had mentioned a marriage date.

In his anger, Mr. Huang threw the phone on the floor smashing it into pieces. He had only seen the statement released by the Wang family and he was not aware of his daughter's interview. Mr. Huang rushed to his daughter's room only to find it empty.

He yelled in a high pitch voice, "Huang Nian. Where the hell are you?"

Mrs. Huang ran to Mr. Huang's side hearing the sound. She had seen Huang Nian leave the house in the morning. Huang Nian is her only daughter and she was not ready to let anything ruin her daughter's life.

"Hubby, why are you asking for her?"

"Where the hell did she go? What she did already was not enough for her? Does she want to ruin our entire livelihood?"

Mr. Huang's assistant ran to him and showed Huang Nian's interview and also the article that was circulating around that Huang Nian was infected with HIV. As soon as he saw that, he knew it must be Wang Yu who did this. Huang Nian entered the house now and her face was looking a bit relieved now. When Mr. Huang saw Huang Nian, he gave her a slap right on her cheek with full force that she stumbled and Mrs. Huang caught her before she fell down.

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