My Boss Is Scary Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Chapter 168

Mrs. Huang screamed, "Don't forget that she is our only daughter?"

"All I can see here is a rich spoil brat. She ruined this family. I disown her and from this moment on I no longer have a daughter"

Huang Nian started pleading, "Dad, I made everything alright. No one is going to find out the truth. Trust me"

"Are you nave or really stupid? After causing all the trouble you still have the guts to say that?"

"Dad Trust me. I'm telling the truth"

"Really? Then what is this?" Mr. Huang shoved the iPad into Huang Nian's hands. Below the article, she saw all the horrible comments calling her names.

"Nooooooooooooooo." Huang Nian threw the iPad on the wall smashing it into pieces. When Huang Nian saw that she knew she was done for. She was sure it must have been done by Wang Yu. There was no chances of escaping from the doom.

"No.. Father we have to do something. Please do something."

Mr. Huang slapped Huang Nian on her cheeks once again and this time she fell on the floor. Mrs. Huang was too shocked when she saw what her husband showed Huang Nian to react. Their family was done for now.

"Do something? Then you should have thought this before executing such a stupid plan. If you had waited for one more day I would have been made the presidential candidate and I could have done something and saved our family. But now, everything is gone."

Huang Nian started laughing like a mad woman, "I only loved Brother Wang. But it was you who made like this. You were the one who wanted Wang Yu to support you and now you're pushing the blame onto me?"

"How dare you talk back to me?" Mr. Huang raised his hand to slap Huang Nian but she held his hand before it hit her.

Mr. Huang dragged Huang Nian by her hair and threw her out of the house. The reporters who were waiting outside did not miss a single shot and managed to capture the entire scene. Mr. Huang had been thrown out of the political party and it was the end of the Huang family. Huang Nian was at last seen screaming outside the house.

When Wang Yu was checking if everything was all right, Li Zi Yun took the iPad to check what he was talking about so seriously. She found the official statement by the Wang family. Wang Yu had officially announced that she was his wife. Several pages in social media had released this statement in their pages and comments were pouring in. Li Zi Yun was looking at the comments one by one. In the beginning everyone were abusing her and commenting that Li Zi Yun had stolen another woman's husband. Many people were feeling pitiful for Huang Nian. But as she scrolled down through the comments everyone was wishing Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun a happy married life. Li Zi Yun was not affected even a bit reading the comments. Who cares what people who don't know anything about her thinks about her? She was not ready to take everyone's opinion into consideration.

Several comments contained texts calling Huang Nian names. Li Zi Yun searched further and found a link to an article. In that link, there was an article about the entire truth including Huang Nian's report.

Li Zi Yun did not even notice Wang Yu standing behind her as she was looking at the iPad with full concentration. Wang Yu looked at the iPad to see what Li Zi Yun was looking at. When he saw that Li Zi Yun was reading the article released by Zhou Nan Xi, he immediately pulled the iPad from her hands. It was not that Wang Yu did not want Li Zi Yun to know the truth; he was a bit worried that Li Zi Yun may think badly of him for ruining another woman's life.

"Why are you straining yourself at this time?"

"So that was the reason why you stopped me?"

"Yes Hmm why else would I stop you?"

"And it had nothing to do with the page I was seeing?"

"No.. What were you seeing?"

"I finished reading that page. And I am sure it was you who did that." Li Zi Yun winked her eyes and smiled at Wang Yu.

"Are you.?" Wang Yu dragged his question.

Li Zi Yun wrapped her hand around Wang Yu's neck, "No I'm not angry. Why would I be? If everything had gone according to her plan, you would have become her husband now" for visiting.

That was true. Li Zi Yun's life would have been living hell if the scheming people had succeeded.

Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun, "Baby do you remember Gu Hui Ying?"

"You mean your sister's friend?"

Wang Yu nodded his head. This question had been in his mind for a long time now but he couldn't find out the connection.

"Hmmm she was one of Wang Yiran's close buddies who were trying my ruin my life in school. How will I forget her?"

"So do you remember if there was any sort of connection between Gu Hui Ying and Li Cheng Zhi?"

"No. Why?" As far as Li Zi Yun could remember, she could not remember seeing them together much. Li Xin Yi was the only link between them.

"It's nothing baby. Come here" Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun closer and hugged her.

"Baby don't get sick again. Do you know how worried I was? Next time tell me if it hurts even a tiny bit"

"And do you think I was enjoying it?"

"Ssssss You never talk back to me so much before."

"I can't talk back to my boss. But to my husband, (Li Zi Yun brought her lips closer to Wang Yu's ears) I can say and do whatever I want"

"OMG! Where has the innocent girl gone?"

"I was never innocent, Hubby" the last words came in a whisper.

Li Zi Yun started kissing Wang Yu from his neck and slowly moved to his lips.

Assistant Liu Guang entered the room exactly at that moment. He had gotten used to being around Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun that he had forgotten that they were married now. He cleared his throat and turned seeing Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun in an intimate pose. Li Zi Yun's face was red in embarrassment.

Wang Yu was glaring at Liu Guang, "Don't forget to knock next time"

This was the first time Li Zi Yun had taken an initiative and approached him, so Wang Yu was annoyed when Liu Guang disturbed him.

"I'm sorry for disturbi9ng Boss, but Li Cheng zhi contacted Gu Hui Ying again."

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