My Boss Is Scary Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Chapter 169

It had been more than a couple of days since Fu Ming Zhu was chased out of the house but none of the Li family members contacted her. When Fu Ming Zhu was young she was chased out of her house when they found that she was having an affair with a married man and she hadn't been in contact with them after that. Even when Fu Ming Zhu saw her family members out in public, she pretended as if she did not know them. They lived a middle class life and she did not want to be associated with them.

Now Fu Ming Zhu's condition was worse than a beggar was. She had no place to stay, no money to spend and no food to eat. Wang Yu had asked his men to make sure that no one helps her. She hadn't eaten anything from the moment she left home, she was so hungry, and all she could do was drink water to fill her stomach. Everywhere she turned for help no one bothered helping her.

Li Shu Chen and Li Cheng Zhi and Li Xin Yi were shocked when they saw the statement released by Wang Yu. They had expected Li Zi Yuns life to be horrible but she was having the best time of her life, when the Li family was living in doubt every day.

Li Cheng Zhi immediately called Gu Hui Ying, "Why is Li Zi Yun completely alright and unharmed?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you dare get smart with me bitch. I can ruin your life in a second"

"Wait. I really can't understand what you're talking about" Gu Hui Ying had no idea what he was saying.

"Did you or did you not drug Li Zi Yun in the party?"

"Why would I drug her? But since I hate her I would have done it if you asked me"

"Fuck!!!! Who the fuck did you drug in the party then?"

"Huang Nian"

"What? Have you gone nuts?"

""You asked me to drug Wang Yu's woman and I did. Why are you talking about that again?"

"I will be releasing one of your videos tonight bitch. Wait for it"

"Wait What?? No Hello? Hello? Damn it"

Liu Guang played this entire conversation for Wang Yu to hear. Now he understood the reason why Huang Nian was drugged instead of Li Zi Yun. Just now Li Zi Yun had told him that there was no connection between Li Cheng Zhi and Gu Hui Ying.

Gu Hui Ying tried calling Li Cheng Zhi again and again but he did not pick up her call. She immediately left the house to go and meet him directly. After Mr. Huang was thrown out of the party, Mr. Gu, Gu Hui Ying's father had become the likely candidate. If she did anything to jeopardize it, her father would really kill her. Gu Hui Ying's reputation will be spoiled and also her family will be in trouble, so she rushed to meet Li Cheng Zhi before he does any damage.

Wang Yu ordered Liu Guang to contact Gu Hui Ying and meet her right now and find out the truth.

Liu Guang sent a message to Gu Hui Ying, 'If you don't want your secret to be revealed by Li Cheng Zhi, 0come and meet me right now.' He sent a location and asked her to come there.

Gu Hui Ying was on her way to meet Li Cheng Zhi when she got the message. No one other than LI Cheng Zhi knew about the video and even if they knew, they would not help her. But since she curious who it might be and since the message promised what she wanted right now, she turned the car and went in the location of the address mentioned in the message.

Liu Guang was waiting for Gu Hui Ying in the caf. When she entered, Liu Guang signaled her to sit opposite to him.

"Do you know who I am?"

Gu Hui Ying shook her head. She thought that she had seen him somewhere but she couldn't recall exactly who he was. The guy sitting opposite to her looked neat and she was sure he was not in need of money at least .

"I'm CEO Wang Yu's assistant Liu Guang"

Gu Hui Ying couldn't understand why Wang Yu was suddenly interested in this and willing to help her. Did he come to know about what she did to Li Zi Yun or did he want anything else from her?

Gu Hui Ying asked the question she was curious about, "How did you know about the secret between me and Li Cheng Zhi?"

Liu Guang spoke in a no nonsense tone, "Before I tell that, tell me what happened in the last week before Wang Yiran stopped coming to school?"


"Do you want me to tell you the exact date?"

"No I don't remember. I don't know"

"We can do this either the easy way or hard way. But if you don't tell the truth, then CEO Wang Yu will deal with you and you will definitely not enjoy it." Gu Hui Ying was sweating in that air conditioned room and Liu Guang could see that clearly. He was sure she was hiding something.

"I really don't know anything" Gu Hui Ying got up to leave. But four bodyguards were standing on the way, stopping her from leaving.

"Mr. Gu, your actions are rather suspicious, I think it's better to take you to CEO Wang Yu." Saying so Liu Guang got up.

There was fear in Gu Hui Ying's face. she had heard about how Wang Yu treats his enemies. Though she was not sure if it was true or not, still she felt scared. Wang Yu had already asked her this question before but she hadn't told him the truth last time. Wang Yu was only a college student at that time and he hadn't forced her to speak, but now the situation was different.

"Please. I'll answer all your questions, just make sure that Li Cheng Zhi doesn't release the videos"

"Did anything odd happen in that last week?"

"Promise me you will stop Li Cheng Zhi from doing anything to me and also CEO Wang Yu will not do anything to me" Gu Hui Ying wanted to know that she will be safe after she says the truth.

"That depends on your answer"

Gu Hui Ying took an entire minute before she opened her mouth, "Li Cheng Zhi had inappropriate photos and videos of many girls which he recorded from the girls dressing room in school. He used to threaten us with that to get what he wants. He"

Liu Guang was recording everything since Wang Yu will ask him word for word.


"He also threatened Wang Yiran with that. in addition he also had" Gu Hui Ying found it difficult to spell out the past which she had kept to herself so many years.

"Are you going to continue or do you want CEO Wang Yu to investigate you?" for visiting.

"i Li Cheng Zhi also recorded the videos of us torturing and bullying the other girls at school. That week, i I saw Li Cheng Zhi showing something to Wang Yiran and threatening her"

"What was it?"

"I don't know what he showed to her, but Wang Yiran was really shaken"

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