My Boss Is Scary Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Chapter 170

Gu Hui Ying was panicking, "You have to believe me. You can interrogate Li Cheng Zhi to find out what happened"

"Believe you? You must be joking. How can I believe you? You already lied once to CEO Wang Yu."

"Please. This is all I know. Please trust me. I'm telling the truth"

Liu Guang shook his head as if he was not convinced. Gu Hui Ying was scared when she saw this. She was about to get married to her fiance in two weeks and she couldn't risk anything now. The stakes were high for her and if the video was released then her condition would be similar to that of Huang Nian. She got up from her seat and knelt before Liu Guang. Gu Hui Ying thought that telling whatever she knew was the only option for her now.

Tears were flowing down Gu Hui Ying's eyes as she spoke, "I asked Wang Yiran about this and she told me she will put an end to Li Cheng Zhi and we were planning what to do for a week. But she never returned to school after that. On the last day, she said she was going to deal with Li Cheng Zhi and he will not bother us anymore."

Liu Gung asked her, "What happened after that?"

"I had to leave school early that day so I really don't know about what happened"

"What about Li cheng Zhi?"

"I asked him the next day and he said he did not meet Wang Yiran the before day. Even if he did, he wouldn't tell me the truth"

"So you did not tell CEO Wang Yu the truth, even when you knew so much?"

Gu Hui Ying started crying, "If those videos get out, my life will be ruined. Wang Yiran was gone from school no one could reach her but I had to survive. If the video got out my life is done for"

"Did Li Xin Yi have any idea about this?"

"Li Xin Yi? No she was not close to her brother. From the moment Li Cheng zhi threatened Wang Yiran, we stopped talking to Li Xin Yi, but Li Xin Yi had no idea what the reason was"

Liu Guang looked at the bodyguards and said, "Take her to the Wang family residence. I'm sure CEO Wang Yu would want a word with her. Take her directly to the torture room"

The words torture room was ringing in Gu Hui Ying's ears. "No. Please. I told you everything I knew, please let me go. Someone save me" Gu Hui Ying looked around in the caf only then she noticed they were the only people in the room.

Assistant Liu Guang checked the audio file that he recorded now. This was the information Wang Yu had been searching for so many years. Last time when Wang Yu met Gu Hui Ying to ask about Wang Yiran, Gu Hui Ying had said that she had no idea that anything had happened. Wang Yu had checked her alibi and found that she was not at the school that particular time. So he did not feel the need to question her further. He never expected his sister to be the head of school bullies so he did not ask anything more.

Assistant Liu Guang thought it was better to show this to Wang Yu directly rather than sending the audio file. From the beginning they did not feel suspicious of Gu Hui Ying. Wang Yu only wanted to know if Gu Hui Ying had noticed anything different in the last week Wang Yiran attended school. He was curious to know how and why Gu Hui Ying was following Li Cheng Zhi's orders. Gu Hui Ying's Gu family was more powerful than the Li family and he couldn't find out about the link between them.

Wang Yu had asked Assistant Liu Guang to get Gu Hui Ying to speak the truth about what actually happened between her and Li Cheng Zhi while also interrogating about Wang Yiran. Even Wang Yu did not expect he would find out the information that he had missed out before several years.

Gu Hui Ying was pleading to Assistant Liu Guang, "Please, believe me. I am telling the truth. I would never do anything to hurt Wang Yiran."

"Maybe. But since you have forgotten about this for a very long time, I am sure when CEO Wang Yu asks you, you will remember more details"

Without another glance at Gu Hui Ying, assistant Liu Guang asked the men to take Gu Hui Ying to their place blindfolded. He immediately left to the hospital to speak to CEO Wang Yu.

Wang Yu had been searching for this piece of information for several years and Liu Guang wanted to tell Wang Yu personally everything that he had found out.

Wu Li Shu had come to visit Li Zi Yun to the hospital along with Chu Yan. Li Zi Yun was feeling so much better now and she was sitting on the couch reading a book with her head against Wang Yu's chest. They were stealing glances at each other. Wang Yu knew that Li Zi Yun hated hospitals so he hadn't left Li Zi Yun alone for a single moment. Even when Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan entered the room, neither Li Zi Yun nor Wang Yu changed their sitting position.

As soon as Wu Li Shu entered she said in a loud voice, "Zi Yun, why didn't you tell me about your marriage?"

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. Wang Yu immediately turned his eyes towards the iPad in his hands as if that was the most interesting object he could find. Every time Li Zi Yun brought up that topic Wang Yu had changed the subject every single time and Li Zi Yun also knew it that he was trying to avoid that conversation. Now when Wu Li Shu brought up the topic once again, Wang Yu really wanted to shove anything in her mouth.

"Well it just happened this way I" Li Zi Yun stopped herself from saying anything further.

"How can you marry without telling me? Did you forget that the person who gets married first will have the other as brides maid?"

Li Zi Yun had calmed herself a bit since it had been more than two days, but when Wu Li Shu was bringing up the topic again and again, her anger was rising once again. Wang Yu was staring at Wu Li Shu, even if his wife stays quiet, her friends were inciting her.

So Wang Yu immediately interrupted, "You can be the bridesmaid when we host the ceremony in a couple of months"

Li Zi Yun glared at Wang Yu with her eyebrows raised.

"I mean in a month"

"Do you have to be in his arms whenever I see you? I am still single and do you want me to die of jealousy?"

Liu Guang knocked on the door before entering after Wang Yu's warning. He was in a hurry to tell CEO Wang Yu everything that he had found out now. Though it was not much, at least they had some new leads.

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