My Boss Is Scary Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Chapter 171

"Boss can I have a word with you in private?"

Liu Guang did not know whether he should be excited that he had found something at last or should he stay quiet, because he knew that Li Cheng Zhi was dead after this. Li Zi Yun sat straight so that Wang Yu can get up. Wang Yu moved to the other side of the room followed by Liu Guang. Liu Guang handed to Wang Yu his phone and played the audio file for him.

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were talking to Li Zi Yun non stop but her eyes were only on Wang Yu. When Wang Yu got up and left there was not much reaction in his face, but when he was listening to the audio file, his face was changing from normal to irritated to anger to rage. Li Zi Yun could read his face and she knew that someone was going to die today.

Wang Yu's eyes were on the floor as he heard the audio. Several thoughts were racing through his mind. He had never expected there would such a story behind his sisters accident. It looked like he knew nothing about his sister. The Wang Yiran he knew was completely different from the Wang Yiran that others portrayed. Wang Yu never imagined that something like this would have happened in Wang Yiran's life and Li Cheng Zhi would be involved in it. He immediately wanted to go and find out what happened. Liu Guang was waiting for Wang Yu's orders. He had already asked the men to find out more about Li Cheng Zhi and put a man to trail him. for visiting.

Wu Li Shu was talking continuously but Li Zi Yun was not answering her. She waved her hand in front of Li Zi Yun, "where are you looking? I was asking about your wedding"

"Huh?" Li Zi Yun looked at Wu Li Shu only when she felt hands disturbing her view of sight of Wang Yu.

Wu Li Shu turned around and saw that Li Zi Yun had been looking at Wang Yu the entire time.

Wu Li Shu said, "I have been talking to you for so long. But you have eyes only on him?"

Chu Yan smacked Wu Li Shu's head, "I told you to leave her alone with her husband, did you listen to me?"

Li Zi Yun had no idea what she was talking about so long, "No No I just"

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun. Her eyes were fixed on him and she looked a bit worried. Wang Yu knew that if he leaves now, it would take a very long time before he comes back. He did not want to leave his wife alone in the hospital till then.

Wang Yu walked towards Li Zi Yun, "Baby how are you feeling now?" when Chu Yan heard Wang Yu speak lovingly to Li Zi Yun, he wanted to vomit.

Li Zi Yun asked him, "What's wrong? What were you listening to?"

Wang Yu did not answer her question. He looked at Liu Guang and said, "Ask the doctor to get here right now"

"What happened?" Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu once again. Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were looking from Wang Yu to Li Zi Yun not sure what was going on.

When the doctor almost ran and came to the room, Wang Yu asked him, "Can my wife get discharged today instead of tomorrow?"

The doctor blinked a few times before answering, "Huh? Yes President Wang I think so"

Wang Yu was glaring at him, "I want a concrete answer"

"Mrs. Wang's health has improved but it's better to stay at home and recuperate for at least a week. She can be discharged today"

When the doctor left, Li Zi Yun asked him once again, "Tell me what's wrong?"

Wang Yu's voice was very calm, "I have to go somewhere and I don't know when I will come back. I don't want to leave you alone till that"

Wu Li Shu interrupted, "Excuse me Brother Wang do we look like demons to you? We won't eat your wife, I can stay with her in the hospital if she wants"

But Wang Yu was in no mood to joke, "She's coming with me"

Everyone immediately became quiet when they heard Wang Yu's stern voice. All final checkups were done and Li Zi Yun left the hospital with Wang Yu in thirty minutes. Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan left the hospital together when Li Zi Yun got discharged. Wang Yu was quiet the entire time. Li Zi Yun knew that Wang Yu wouldn't say a word when others are present so she waited until she was alone with Wang Yu in the car.

"What's wrong?" Li Zi Yun's hand was tracing the lines in Wang Yu's face. Wang Yu sat still looking outside.

Wang Yu did not turn towards her, looking outside he answered, "Nothing is wrong, you don't have to worry about anything."

Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu's face to look at her, "I'm your wife now, you can tell me whatever is bothering you. You don't have to keep everything to yourself"

Wang Yu sighed deeply. He did not want Li Zi Yun to get involved in this and worry unnecessarily. He wanted Li Zi Yun to only take care of herself rather than worry about all his problems.

Wang Yu spoke in a low voice, "I think Li Cheng Zhi may have something to do with Wang Yiran's accident. I'm going to find out"

"Li Cheng Zhi and Wang Yiran?" Li Zi Yun had no idea how these two got involved. She couldn't remember seeing them together even once. Li Cheng Zhi was a year younger to them so she thought hard if there was any interaction between them. She knew Li Cheng Zhi was capable of even murder but she was not sure if he was brave enough to mess with the Wang family.

Wang Yu nodded his head, "Hmm so I will send you home and take care of that. You can rest at home and I have already informed my mother"

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