My Boss Is Scary Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Chapter 172

Li Zi Yun was not ready to go home without him, "I'm coming with you"

"No you're not. Your body is weak and you are going home now. I don't want you to strain your body"

Li Zi Yun was trying to convince Wang Yu, "Please, I want to be with you. No one knows the Li family better than me. You can't waste any time, we have to go and bring the entire Li family"

"Don't be stubborn. I'm not taking you anywhere other than home"

"Hubby Please" Li Zi Yun brought her face close to Wang Yu's and she was pleading with puppy eyes.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm not changing my mind"

"Baby.. please"

Wang Yu was not very keen in sending Li Zi Yun away but he did not want her to get involved in this. This was the first time Li Zi Yun was asking him something so he agreed reluctantly.

Wang Yu asked her, "I'm going to Li Cheng Zhi's apartment right now. Are you sure you want to come with me?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head. She did not know why but she did not want to leave Wang Yu's side now, especially when he was about to hear something about Wang Yiran and Li Zi Yun knew for sure that anything related to Li Cheng Zhi will not be pleasant news.

"Don't leave my side for even a second then"

Li Zi Yun laid her head against Wang Yu's chest and stayed quiet. She could hear Wang Yu's heart beat clearly and it was thumping fast. Wang Yu wrapped his hand around Li Zi Yun and stayed quiet lost in his thoughts.

When the car stopped, Li Zi Yun looked out. The car had stopped in front of a building. The apartment was in the middle of the city and Li Zi Yun had come here often when she was young. Since it was near the company, they had stayed here often when her mother was still alive. The last time she visited this place Fu Ming Zhu had made her clean the entire apartment.

Li Zi Yun was not sure why they came here, "This is"

"This is where Li Cheng Zhi spends most of his time"

"Wait he is living in the apartment?"

"You have been here before?"

"Many times actually"

The door had a keypad lock but Liu Guang was ready with the combination. When Li Zi Yun entered the house, it was nothing like what she remembered. The interior had been changed completely and Li Zi Yun felt like she was entering some other house. From the moment Li Zi Yun got down from the car, Wang Yu had been holding her hands.

Wang Yu calmly said to Li Zi Yun, "Very soon, I will have the ownership of this house changed to your name"

"Why would I need this house?" Li Zi Yun was looking around the house trying to remember what it looked like earlier. She could remember coming to this house often but seeing the house now it looked like she had never set foot in this house before.

"Because it is your mothers and rightfully its yours"

"This is my mother's house?" Li Zi Yun had no idea how much property her mother or her family owned, since she thought that the chances of her inheriting even a cent was zero, Li Zi Yun never really bothered about it .

The men were looking around to see if there was any pen drives or hard disks around. Wang Yu had warned them that no one should open and see any of the files. From what Gu Hui Ying had said earlier, he was expecting the worst and so he did not want anyone to see it. Li Zi Yun looked around and still she couldn't find any similarity between the house she had been to earlier and the present house. She felt like some rooms were missing.

The men searched and searched but they couldn't find anything. They had ransacked the house completely but what they wanted was not here.

"Boss there's nothing here"

Li Cheng Zhi went to his private flat where he stayed most of the time. With his mother no longer at home, and with his father always spending his time in the bedroom with his new mistress, he wanted to leave the Li house. All the dirty secrets and private information he had collected over the years were stored at that his private house and with Gu Hui Ying's mistake, he wanted to see if he had anything else that would ruin Li Zi Yun's reputation. He also wanted to send Gu Hui Ying's video to her fiance.

Li Cheng Zhi knew that the current condition of the Li family was very weak. Li Shu Chen had been talking happily about the baby that would soon enter the family in a few months. Li Cheng Zhi was doubtful of his current condition at home, the mistress had succeeded in driving away his mother from home and if he was not careful then he would be next and then he would no longer be the heir of the Li family. If Li Cheng Zhi was chased away from home, he knew that his situation would be worse than that of Li Zi Yun.

Li Cheng Zhi wanted to find any video or photo of Li Zi Yun that would put both her and the Wang family in a difficult position. He thought of using this opportunity to benefit as much as possible. He thought of blackmailing Li Zi Yun with that and even if he gets her signature to transfer all of Li Zi Yun's mothers property to his name, it was a win win situation for him. His mother Fu Ming Zhu was not married to his father so now he was forced to search for other ways to safeguard his position in the family.

Li Cheng Zhi heard sounds from inside the house when he reached the door. When he opened the door, the house was a mess and the things were strewn all over the floor. In the middle of the room he saw Wang Yu standing there holding Li Zi Yun protectively in his arms. He looked around the room and saw that they haven't found anything that he didn't want them to find. His secret was safe till now. For a swift second there was anger in his face and but he quickly replaced it with a smile. Li Zi Yun did not expect that Li Cheng Zhi will come home in the middle of their search.

Li Cheng Zhi scoffed, "Does my lovely sister and my brother in law have any grudge against me?"

When both of them did not answer, he continued, "I'm sure you won't find what you are searching for. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I think both of you have to return home empty handed"

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