My Boss Is Scary Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Chapter 173

Wang Yu spoke in a calm voice that chilled everyone's bones, "Do you think I need evidence to bring out the truth from your mouth?"

Wang Yu's men closed the door and stood guard at the door to stop Li cheng Zhi from escaping. Li Cheng Zhi stood there confidently almost sure that Wang Yu wouldn't be able to do anything to him. His secret was safe.

Li Cheng Zhi laughed hysterically, "Haha You can't touch me brother in law Because Who knows what I might have on my sister Are you sure your wife is clean?"

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "What nonsense are you sprouting? Do you think I am like your mother? Sleeping with another woman's husband?"

Wang Yu looked at Li Cheng Zhi's face and said, "Don't you dare talk about my wife. Be happy that I still haven't chopped you into pieces for what you tried to do to my wife"

Li Cheng Zhi stood unfazed, "Tsk Tsk Do you think you can threaten me? A second is enough for me to ruin Li Zi Yun and your family's reputation. Don't get smart with me brother in law. You should be begging on your knees to me. Anything might happen when the world knows the truth about my lovely step sister"

Li Zi Yun knew Li Cheng Zhi was trying the problem, "Shut up bastard."

Li Zi Yun looked around the house once again. She removed Wang Yu's hand from her waist and walked towards a wall. She could remember clearly in place of the television that was mounted on the wall, there used to be a door. The entire room was missing now and there was a wall there in place of it. Li Zi Yun softly tapped on the wall. Li Zi Yun turned around to look at Li Cheng Zhi and saw that he had started sweating.

There was a huge smile in Li Zi Yun's face now.

"Baby, I think I found out why nothing important was found in the house"

"Get out of my house" Li Cheng Zhi screamed at the top of his voice. Li Zi Yun knew she was right.

Wang Yu signaled to his men and they smashed the wall into pieces. They did not wait to find out how to open the door. Behind the wall there was a room, well equipped with computers compatible enough for hacking. Two men were holding Li Cheng Zhi tightly while Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun entered the room.

Li Cheng Zhi was screaming, "Don't you dare touch my things. I will ruin you"

Li Zi Yun smirked, "Where is your confidence now?"

There used to be a store room in place of the current room. Since it had been a long time since she last visited this place, Li Zi Yun herself was doubtful about this. She knew something was missing but had difficulty pointing out what it was.

Li Zi Yun sat down in front of the computer. Li Cheng Zhi was one hundred percent sure that no one would find out about his secret room. He had no idea that Li Zi Yun used to visit this house or that she was familiar with this house. He was sweating profusely. None of his friends nor family knew about his secret life. He initially started collecting embarrassing videos and photos in school and after that he had gone to extreme lengths to capture inappropriate and private photos and videos of influential people. When needed he used those video and photos to blackmail the people involved to get whatever he wanted. Most of the people preferred settling with money or whatever Li Cheng Zhi preferred so no one had opened their mouth about this till now.

Li Zi Yun searched through the files and found a folder with the name of her school. Wang Yu stood behind her and was looking at the screen. Inside the folder there were many subfolders each with a name. Li Zi Yun could recognize some of the names. Most of them were her classmates from school while the rest were either her senior or junior. Li Zi Yun couldn't recognize more than half the names.

"You're sick"

Li Cheng Zhi laughed loudly, "Guess you have found what you were searching for. Brother in law, you will find folders of people whom you know very well have a nice look I did already" and Li Cheng Zhi was rolling over in laughter. Since the situation had come to this he did not know what to do other than laugh.

Li Zi Yun scrolled through the list there were folders in Wu Li Shu's name, Wang Yiran's name and there was a folder named "Li Zi Yun".

Unlike the other students at school, Li Zi Yun did not fool around with boys nor did she wear revealing clothes. Since there were always scars in her body she was always fully dressed. Wang Yu's stood silently when he saw both Li Zi Yun and Wang Yiran's name. He was not sure if he wanted to open the files now. He knew that at last he can find out what really happened to Wang Yiran and the answer was right before his eyes, but still he hesitated to open the file.

Li Zi Yun turned around to look at Wang Yu. His face showed no reaction and he was staring at the screen. When it was finally the moment Wang Yu was not sure if he wanted to see it.

Li Zi Yun opened the folder under her name. inside there were several photos taken both from home and school. Most of the photos were clicked from when she was being beaten by her step mother and father. There were also photos taken from the dressing room at school. Wang Yu immediately took the mouse from her hand and scrolled through the photos, he couldn't believe her eyes.

His wife Li Zi Yun was being tortured by the Li family and Li cheng Zhi had made sure to capture all the moments. Li Zi Yun was thin and wearing clothes that did not fit her body. There was nothing obscene nor revealing in Li Zi Yun's photos. Even in the dressing room, Li Zi Yun's back was seen and she stood without her top wearing only a bra and the fresh scars were seen on her back. Li Zi Yun looked so thin and fragile.

Wang Yu was staring at the photo and Li Zi Yun could see the veins popping out in his neck. She quickly took the mouse from him and opened the folder named Wang Yiran.

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