My Boss Is Scary Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Chapter 174

There were so many subfolders and files inside the folder named Wang Yiran. The names of each folder was a day. Li Zi Yun scrolled down to the last folder. Wang Yu saw the date, it was the day of Wang Yiran's accident.

Though there were many beautiful girls at school, the only girl whom Li Cheng Zhi liked was Wang Yiran. Since his sister Li Xi Yun was friends with Wang Yiran he had seen her often from when he was young.

Li Cheng Zhi always looked at Wang Yiran from a distance. He knew that Wang Yiran would not accept someone like him so was he more like a stalker. One day he saw Wang Yiran and Gu Hui Ying walking to the terrace with another girl and he followed them. He saw Wang Yiran threatening another girl with Gu Hui Ying in the terrace of the school building. Li Cheng Zhi was hiding behind a wall and he could hear their conversation. The girl who was being threatened had come to school in scholarship. Li Cheng Zhi had seen Wang Yiran arguing with the girl in the classroom often and bullying that girl with her gang.

Wang Yiran was threatening the girl to transfer to another school or she would cook up a story that the girl was having an affair with an older teacher. The girl refused and an argument had started. Gu Hui Ying was Wang Yiran's side kick while the girl had come alone. The argument slowly turned into a fight and both Wang Yiran and Gu Hui Ying had started kicking and beating the girl. Li Cheng Zhi was standing there well hidden while he recorded the fight. The girl was thin and Wang Yiran and Gu Hui Ying easily overpowered the girl.

The girl was not strong enough to handle the two other girls and Wang Yiran pushed the girl off the terrace. Li Cheng Zhi heard a loud scream as the girl fell down. He had recorded the video of a murder. When he turned around he saw Li Zi Yun standing at the door. She had also witnessed the entire scene, but Wang Yiran was not worried about it. Gu Hui Ying was trembling aside her.

Wang Yiran coolly said to Li Zi Yun, "Keep your mouth shut, or you will be next"

Wang Yiran walked off accompanied by Gu Hui Ying. Li Zi Yun quickly followed them and left the place to check on the girl who fell down. Only then Li Cheng Zhi walked out, no one had seen him but he had a crucial evidence in his hand that was enough to ruin Wang Yiran and Gu Hui Ying's life.

Li Cheng Zhi had come down and saw Wang Yiran and Gu Hui Ying walking towards the back of the school. He followed them to the old building behind the school. That building was Wang Yiran's secret hide out. That was where she called out the people whom she wanted to bully. Since it was an abandoned building and off limit to the students, none of them came to the building. So it was easy for Wang Yiran to have her own building to give others a hard time.

Wang Yiran was a bit scared but she did not show that outside. Gu Hui Ying was wailing and crying that they have killed a girl but Wang Yiran was unfazed. She said confidently that it was not their fault and had nothing to do with them and the girl committed suicide. Li Cheng Zhi was watching all this and he couldn't help but wonder how could Wang Yiran be so calm and confident. Wang Yiran quickly made a call to someone but he couldn't hear what the conversation was.

Next day, he saw the news that the girl had committed suicide due to stress and couldn't cope with school workload. He understood the true extent of Wang Yiran's power that day. The main reason why Li Cheng Zhi did not turn over the video to the police was because he was obsessed with Wang Yiran. He had set a camera in the girls dressing room for Wang Yiran and that is how he had recorded the clippings of almost all the girls at school.

Li Cheng Zhi slowly found out that the old building was where Wang Yiran went often. When no one was around, he set a camera in the room where Wang Yiran spent most of her time in the old building. When Li Cheng Zhi checked the video he was shocked. He saw that Wang Yiran had sex with one of the teachers from school. Li Cheng Zhi couldn't believe his eyes. He had never expected the arrogant Wang Yiran to fool around with guys, especially the teachers.

Li Cheng Zhi had collected recordings for a month and saw that Wang Yiran was alone with the teacher Mr. Gao often. A week before the accident Li Cheng Zhi confronted Wang Yiran.

When no one was around Li Cheng Zhi spoke to Wang Yiran, "Looks like the young miss of Wang family is only interested in married men"

Wang Yiran eyes showed a glint of fear for a second but it was quickly gone, "Mind your words you useless idiot"

Li Cheng Zhi laughed, "Are you confident that no one knows your secret?"

Wang Yiran was not the one to retreat from a fight. She openly confessed, "Yes I slept with him. What are you going to do about that?"

The smile was still plastered on Li Cheng Zhi's face, "Why don't you see what I have?"

Li Cheng Zhi showed her one of the videos of Wang Yiran being intimate with the teacher and of Wang Yiran pushing the girl from the terrace. Wang Yiran had been so careful that even her friends had no idea about this. Then Li Cheng Zhi must have known their meeting spot.

Wang Yiran wanted to yell and scream but since they were at school she spoke in a soft voice but her eyes were blazing with anger, "You sick pervert. Do you know who I am? I can destroy you in a second"

"Really? Then why don't you try? I have already set mail with timer with the videos attached. If anything happens to me, the whole world will know the truth about you"

Wang Yiran's voice was getting colder, "Are you threatening me?"

But Li Cheng Zhi didn't seem to mind, "Yes I am"

"Do you know what will happen if I tell my brother about this"

Li Cheng Zhi was laughing uncontrollably, "Don't tell me you want your entire family to know what a slut you are"

Wang Yiran was staring at him. Li Cheng Zhi was right. She had somehow convinced her father regarding the girl's accident. Wang Yiran did not tell them truth to her father but spun a story and made him believe that she was wronged. Behind Mr. Wang's back, she had smoothly succeeded in using his manager to bribe the police and the girl's parents. Her family would not take it lightly if they know what she has been doing.

Li Cheng Zhi continued, "Why don't you tell your brother that you are sleeping with a teacher who is married and I am threatening you with that? Maybe I should go to Mr. Gao's wife I think. I'm sure she would like to who is fooling around with her husband at school. Mr. Gao will be sentenced to prison for sure."

Wang Yiran stood silently for a minute and then asked him, "How much money do you need?"

"Do you think I'm a beggar? I'm the heir of the Li family"

"Then what do you want?"

Li Cheng Zhi replied coolly, "Stop seeing Mr. Gao and become my girlfriend"


"You heard me. Stop being his mistress and become my girlfriend. As a first step why don't you sleep with me tonight?"

"You must have gone mad"

"I will give you a weeks' time. Decide for yourself whether you want everyone in the Wang family, the school and Mr. Gao's family to know that you're sleeping with a teacher and get suspended or if you want to be my girlfriend"

When Li Cheng Zhi left after speaking to Wang Yiran, she was really shaken.

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