My Boss Is Scary Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Chapter 175

For a week, Wang Yiran was thinking hard about what to do. She knew that if she did anything recklessly, Li Cheng Zhi would not hesitate to take her down. Wang Yiran could not understand how Li Cheng Zhi stayed quiet for so long. Did he really like her? Is that why he had not showed the video to anyone? Wang Yiran thought that Li Cheng Zhi must be like the other men only interested in her family status.

The entire week, Wang Yiran was restless. Though many younger guys liked her, she only liked Mr. Gao. She knew that many guys liked her only because of her family status and wealth. Initially Mr. Gao was not interested in Wang Yiran but she did not give up until he agreed. This illicit affair had been going on for a few months now. Though Mr. Gao was hesitant at first, as time went on, he started spending more and more time with Wang Yiran.

Li Cheng Zhi was waiting for Wang Yiran to answer him but it did not look like she was taking his words seriously. A whole week passed and the time he had given her was over. At last, he received a message from Wang Yiran asking him to come meet her at the old building after school hours. Wang Yiran was not ready to lose her name in the society. If word gets out that she was sleeping with a teacher she can say that it was a rumor, but if video is released along with that then her name will be tarnished and she can't show her face outside. Wang Yiran was scared to ask any of her father's men to help her secretly. She knew that they were extremely loyal to her father, so they may rat out the truth if she asked them to do anything secretly. So Wang Yiran couldn't go to them for help.

Wang Yiran knew that her family will only pamper her to an extent. If she crosses the limit, she knew that her entire family will be against her. She had thought again and again, she was not ready to part with Teacher Gao, she liked him so much and she was not ready to stop seeing him. So she thought of doing the only thing that will solve all the problems, killing Li Cheng Zhi if Li Cheng Zhi was adamant in what he wanted. Wang Yiran planned on trying to extract as much truth as possible from Li Cheng Zhi's mouth.

If Li Cheng Zhi was adamant or had anything else planned, then Wang Yiran thought of killing him. She Yiran thought of pushing Li Cheng Zhi from the window and making it look like an accident. Wang Yiran had thought of shifting the blame onto Li Xin Yi after that. Recently Wang Yiran started hating Li Xin Yi and she thought this was the best time to dispose of her. In that one week, she had all the places in the old building cleaned out, leaving no trace of her presence there. She found the cameras there and all she could do was disconnect the live feed.

Wang Yiran had made sure that no one will link her to Li Cheng Zhi even if he dies. This had to be done for her to survive from this. The entire week she could not sleep nor do anything. Wang Yiran had been so sure that no one knew about Teacher Gao's affair with her, but with Li Cheng Zhi showing the video to her, she was so scared.

Li Cheng Zhi came to meet her in the old building, exactly at the time she had asked him to come. The building was six storey's tall and Wang Yiran usually stayed at a classroom in the sixth floor. Li Cheng Zhi entered the room and saw that Wang Yiran was sitting on a desk. The room was almost empty now and looked abandoned unlike what he saw the last time. Li Cheng Zhi looked around suspiciously but there was no one else around except Wang Yiran.

Looking around Li Cheng Zhi asked her, "Looks like you cleaned out the room"

Wang Yiran smiled sweetly, "I won't be needing this room anymore if I become your girlfriend"

"Hmmm So you have made a decision?"

"Yes I have. Where are the videos?"

Li Cheng Zhi laughed. He was waiting for this question to pop up and Wang Yiran had asked him the exact question. "In a safe place. When I know that there is no one else in your heart and mind except me, I will make sure to give it to you"

Wang Yiran was getting nervous once again, "Since I have agreed to be your girlfriend, why don't you at least delete the mail that is set with timer?"

"I need a kiss to do that" saying that Li Cheng zhi tapped on his lips.

Wang Yiran gritted her teeth but she had no other option other than this. She came closer to Li Cheng Zhi and closed her eyes when her lips touched his. Li Cheng Zhi was holding her waist and pulled her closer towards him. Li Cheng Zhi had brought a bag with him that had a hole for the camera lens. Though he liked Wang Yiran, he did not trust her entirely, so a camera was recording everything from the moment he entered the building.

Li Cheng Zhi's body was pressed against Wang Yiran's. He was holding her tightly against his body with one hand while his other hand was exploring her body. When they parted, both of them were out of breath. Wang Yiran felt disgusted but she did not show that in her face.

Li Cheng Zhi smiled, "I have not set any timer. Why would I want the world to see my darlings be with someone else?"

"Really? Are you telling the truth?"

Only now, there was a smile in Wang Yiran's face. She had been tensed for a week, and at last, she could relax now. Li Cheng Zhi now had a video of Wang Yiran kissing him passionately and he thought that was enough for the both the Wang family and Teacher Gao to think that Wang Yiran was now with Li Cheng Zhi.

"But you don't need to worry. I have written a lengthy letter in my room about what I know and what I recorded. I have also mentioned the place where all the files are stored and I have made several copies of it. So though I haven't uploaded it anywhere, the videos are intact"

Li Cheng Zhi had written a lengthy letter and kept it in his room. He knew that Wang Yiran would not leave him alone if he gave away all the videos to her.

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