My Boss Is Scary Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Chapter 176

Wang Yiran was thinking hard about what to do now. At least she was not in immediate danger now. If she gets to his house on time, then the upcoming crisis can be successfully averted. Initially Wang Yiran wanted to shift the blame onto Li Zi Yun, but she knew that Wu Li Shu was always with Li Zi Yun and if they come together, her plan will be spoiled; moreover she was also not sure if Li Zi Yun will come when she calls her. Wang Yiran had immediately formulated a plan in her mind. It was time for Li Xin Yi to come there. If she pushed Li Cheng Zhi now, then she can quietly escape and reach Li Xin Yi's house. In the pretense of waiting for Li Xin Yi, she could easily search Li Cheng Zhi's room and take what she wanted.

There was a smile in Wang Yiran's face now. She slowly walked towards the desk she was sitting on earlier. Li Cheng Zhi pounced on her and did not wait for a second and immediately started kissing her on her neck. When Wang Yiran got up, he pushed her against the wall next to the window and once again, his lips found hers. They were standing next to a slider window, which covered half the height of the wall. Anybody could easily push someone outside through those windows.

Wang Yiran suddenly turned around and Li Cheng Zhi's back was against the open window. She tried to push him when she bent forward to kiss him. Li Cheng Zhi immediately became alert. He pushed Wang Yiran away and she fell on the ground with a huge thud. Wang Yiran had expected Li cheng Zhi to let down his guard but he was a cunning guy and he stayed alert the entire time. Li Cheng Zhi knew what Wang Yiran was capable of when he saw her push a girl from the terrace and changed the news into suicide.

Another main reason why Li Cheng Zhi wanted Wang Yiran was because of the power she holds. He knew that the Wang family was one of the two powerful families in the country and he wanted Wang Yiran for himself. Li Cheng Zhi did not want Wang Yiran to waste her time with a teacher.

Li Cheng Zhi's eyes were glaring at Wang Yiran but there was a smile on his lips, "So my baby only wanted to kill me and never thought about letting go of Teacher Gao"

Wang Yiran was glaring back at him, "Fuck you bastard."

Li Cheng Zhi walked towards Wang Yiran and lifted her holding her hair. Wang Yiran screamed in pain and tried to claw his hand.

"Who do you think you are slut?"

"You're just the illegitimate son of the Li family. How dare you talk to me like this? I will KILL YOU"

Li Cheng Zhi was so angry now. His attitude always changed immediately whenever someone called him bastard. From the moment Wang Yiran tried to push him from the window, he was no longer himself. Li Cheng Zhi had been pampered from when he was young and when Wang Yiran tried to kill him, all he wanted to do was beat the hell out of her. He slapped her right on her cheeks with full force and Wang Yiran fell down once again.

Wang Yiran was so shocked that she couldn't speak, "You You slapped me I will make sure your entire family is chopped into pieces and will make you eat it before killing you"

Wang Yiran was in a fit of rage now. No one had ever laid a finger on her before but Li Cheng Zhi, the illegitimate son who was a loser had slapped her. Wang Yiran could not control her anger. She took her mobile phone and was ready to call her father. She could not think about anything else now. All she wanted was to get revenge on Li Cheng Zhi for slapping her. Wang Yiran did not mind even if her father came to know the truth. She wanted the entire Li family to suffer.

Li Cheng Zhi seeing what Wang Yiran was doing, he quickly threw her mobile outside the window. He was well aware of what would happen if Wang Yiran tells her parents. Though Wang Yiran may suffer a bit, the Wang family will surely kill him for what he had done. Li Cheng Zhi was not ready to die soon. With all the rage, Wang Yiran got up and tried to push Li Cheng Zhi once again but he was too strong for her. Li Cheng Zhi easily overpowered her. Both of them were fighting and Li Cheng Zhi held Wang Yiran's neck, choking her.

Li Cheng Zhi was holding Wang Yiran against the open window just like how she tried to push him. He could see the fear in Wang Yiran's eyes.

Wang Yiran spat at Li cheng Zhi, "You're a fucking psycho. I will never ever like you"

Wang Yiran was unable to breathe but she did not stop talking, "Mark my words. This is the last day in your life you will be happy. I curse you that you will never ever find happiness in your life after this day"

Li Cheng Zhi choked her further causing Wang Yiran to be pushed against the windowsill. Wang Yiran's foot was no longer on the ground now. She was holding against Li Cheng Zhi's arms for support and tapping his arm but he did not notice nor understand what she was trying to say.

"Your cursing me? You will" Li Cheng Zhi pushed her some more and then

Li Cheng Zhi could remember every second after that. Wang Yiran's body fell down and hit the window sunshade before hitting the ground. Li Cheng Zhi stood there immobile for a minute. He did not come here to kill Wang Yiran. Li Cheng Zhi looked down and saw that Wang Yiran lay there, still.

Li Cheng Zhi's heart was beating fast now. Time had stopped for him. His entire body was shaking. Li Cheng Zhi looked around and he did not know what to do. There was no sound around except Li Cheng Zhi's fast heartbeat. Suddenly he heard a sound. His heart stopped for a minute. Li cheng Zhi looked down from the window and saw his elder sister Li Xin Yi walking in the direction towards the building. He quickly hid behind the wall and looked down closely to see what she will do.

Li Xin Yi stood shocked for a minute, and then she looked up. Li Cheng Zhi stood well hidden so she could not see anyone. The next minute he saw her running towards the school. Li Cheng Zhi quickly left the building scared that someone may see him.

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