My Boss Is Scary Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Chapter 177

Li Cheng Zhi couldn't sleep that night. In the camera, everything that happened was recorded clearly. Li Xin Yi had been walking around as if she had seen a ghost and only he knew the reason why she was like that. He never uttered a single word to anyone else. Only he knew the truth. As Wang Yiran said, Li Cheng Zhi had lost his peace of mind that day.

Li Cheng Zhi came to school the next day. He was too scared that he might be arrested for murder. Li Cheng Zhi was even scared to go to school. Next day he heard in school that Wang Yiran will no longer be attending school. He was sure that Wang Yiran was dead, but he could not understand why the Wang family was trying to hide it. Li Cheng Zhi was a bit relieved that no one was suspicious of him but still at the pit off his heart, he had an underlying fear. He has been having nightmares ever since. Every night he closed his eye, Wang Yiran was in his dreams.

Wang Yu opened the video file. It was a long one. Li Cheng Zhi spoke in front of the camera, "I'm going to meet Wang Yiran now". The video played and Li Cheng Zhi could hear from a distance what they were seeing. He was sure that when they finish seeing the video, Wang Yu would kill him.

Li Cheng Zhi said, "Don't forget to see all the videos in the folder. I'm sure you will enjoy it"

Li Zi Yun could remember the name Teacher Gao. He used to be their English teacher and as far as Li Zi Yun could remember, he was married when they were still his students. Was Wang Yiran romantically involved with him, a married man? Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun sat quietly when the video ended.

When the video ended, there was a glint of murder in Wang Yu's eyes. Li Zi Yun was holding Wang Yu's hands the entire time to stop Wang Yu from killing Li Cheng Zhi on the spot.

Li Zi Yun opened the other video and when she saw Wang Yiran undressing, she quickly turned off the video. Wang Yu did not see what Li Zi Yun was watching, when he tried to open the file, Li Zi Yun stopped him.

"Don't You don't have to watch these trust me"

Wang Yu did not say anything to Li Zi Yun. There must be a reason why Li Zi Yun said so, so he stopped. Wang Yu turned to Zhou Nan Li who was waiting there and said, "Bring the entire Li family and have them tied up in the dungeon. Don't give them even a single drop of water and watch them till I come"

When Li Cheng Zhi knew there was nothing he could do to stop what was happening, he tried to provoke Wang Yu, "Where are you going without watching your lovely sister making out with a married man?"

Wang Yu walked straight towards Li Cheng Zhi and kicked him in his stomach causing him to fall down and squeal in pain.

Li Zi Yun immediately stopped him, "He's not worthy enough to die in your hands. Let us deal with him later. I want to go home now"

Wang Yu now understood what was going on. Then he looked at Liu Guang and said, "Get all the files in his computer and bring it to me"

Wang Yu then walked out of the house holding Li Zi Yun. The only reason Li Zi Yun stopped Wang Yu was because she did not want her husband to kill someone. If Wang Yu did not know Li Zi Yun, he would have easily misunderstood that Li Zi Yun was trying to protect his family. He knew that Li Zi Yun was only concerned about him and that is why she stopped him. When Wang Yu was alone with Li Zi Yun in the car he asked her, "What can I do now?"

Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu's head towards her lap, "Sleep for some time now"

Wang Yu tried to get up but Li Zi Yun did not allow him. She lay down over him and slowly stroked his hair.

"I'll wake you up once we reach home. Till then, just lie down even if you don't want to sleep"

Wang Yu wanted to lie down but he knew Li Zi Yun's legs will ache if he lies in her lap for a hour. Li Zi Yun was already weak and he had got her discharged a day earlier and he did not want to worry her body some more. Wang Yiran is his sister but Li Zi Yun is his wife and he was the only one in the world for her. Wang Yu got up and pulled Li Zi Yun to his lap and he rested his head against hers.

"You sleep now"

Li Zi Yun was trying hard to read his face but she could not guess in what in his mind now.

Li Zi Yun started, "Baby Are you"

"Shh.." Wang Yu placed a finger on Li Zi Yun's lips "Rest for some time"

Li Zi Yun understood that Wang Yu wanted some time to think for himself and he did not wish to speak now. Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu in the eyes and she kissed him full on the lips. Wang Yu was shocked for a minute but he kissed her back. Wang Yu's hold on Li Zi Yun tightened. Li Zi Yun wrapped her hands around Wang Yu's neck and deepened the kiss. Wang Yu was feeling a bit relaxed now. He felt every worry flying away when Li Zi Yun was kissing him and pressing her body against his. He just wanted to hold onto Li Zi Yun and have a peaceful life.

Li Zi Yun lay down on his chest and could hear his heart beat. The one hour travel to the Wang family residence was in complete silence. Both of them were in deep thoughts.

Wang Yu did not know what the contents of the other video were but he could guess what it was by Li Cheng Zhi's words. The video was replayed in Wang Yu's mind again and again. He could clearly remember that Wang Yiran tried to kill Li Cheng Zhi but he pushed her accidently. Another disturbing picture was Li Zi Yun's photo that he saw.

The wounds on Li Zi Yun's back looked fresh in one photo and Wang Yu thought that the photos must have been taken right after Li Zi Yun was tortured by her family. Wang Yu already knew that the Li family had beaten Li Zi Yun black and blue, but seeing the photo and video, he just could not get the picture out of his mind. In the photo taken in the locker room, Li Zi Yun's wound had not been bandaged or treated. Now he understood why there were so many scars in her body. None of her wounds were tended to.

Wang Yu rubbed Li Zi Yun's back soothingly. Wang Yu had been searching for an answer for more than seven years and at last, he had found an answer. But he was neither happy that he could have a closure nor could he just stop thinking about it. Wang Yu had found so many secrets about his sister, which he had never imagined before. Though his sister was not perfect, he had only expected her to be arrogant and unruly. What he came to know now was completely out of his imagination. She was a total psycho.

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