My Boss Is Scary Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Chapter 178

When Mrs. Wang saw Wang Yu coming home with Li Zi Yun she asked him, "Why did you get her discharged earlier? What happened?"

Wang Yu knew that he had to tell his family about what happened to Wang Yiran but he could not say it out. If he said anything about the Li family, then there was a high probability that his family may point fingers at Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu was well aware of how much Li Zi Yun hated the Li family and how they tortured her. So he wanted to avoid the topic as much as possible. Only Wang Yu knew what the Li family did to Li Zi Yun and he was not sure if Li Zi Yun wanted the Wang family to know about this so soon. So he thought of waiting until Li Zi Yun says anything about this.

Wang Yu cut short the conversation, "Mother We are tired. Can we speak tomorrow?"

Mrs. Wang only wanted to ask about Li Zi Yun and she did not know why Wang Yu was dragging her inside. Li Zi Yun was waiting for Wang Yu to speak about Wang Yiran but he did not mention a single word about her. He quickly dragged her to the room.

Li Zi Yun started, "About Wang Yi?"

Wang Yu stopped her, "Let's talk once we are inside the room"

Once they entered the room, Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu, "Why didn't you tell Mom about Wang Yiran?"

"This is not the time"

"Then when's the right" before Li Zi Yun had finished the sentence, Wang Yu entered the bathroom. Li Zi Yun could hear the shower running in the bathroom. She sat on the bed thinking about what to do. Li Zi Yun was not sure if he was avoiding the topic because he did not want to discuss about it or if he found it hard to accept the truth. The last few days had gone by so quickly for Li Zi Yun. One day Wang Yu had taken her on a trip and the next day they were married.

Li Zi Yun looked around the room. She was in bed when she was here before a few days, so she hadn't seen anything. Li Zi Yun got up and walked around the room, there was not much artifacts like how it was in other rooms. Wang Yu had kept the interior design quite simple. There was a door, which looked like a wall, if one did not look closely, it was almost impossible to find.

Li Zi Yun pushed the door and it opened. She entered the room and saw there were several rows of books from the ceiling to the floor on one side of the room. One side there was a couple of easels. Li Zi Yun had no idea that Wang Yu paints. Several canvases were raked against the wall and Li Zi Yun was looking at them.

There was one large painting against the wall. It was a girl sitting under a tree, with her head resting against the tree, reading a book. Li Zi Yun looked closely and it looked like her. Wang Yu had gotten even her features right. She was wearing a cashmere hood, and she looked sad. Li Zi Yun was sure it was her, she was in her school uniform. But she couldn't remember seeing Wang Yu before joining the company. She looked through the painted canvas and saw that almost everything was a painting of her.

Li Zi Yun looked at one painting after another; it showed her sitting under the tree, talking to someone, reading a book, walking In all the painting Li Zi Yun looked young and it looked like Wang Yu had drawn everything after seeing her when she was still in school, and it was a sequence of paintings. She had no idea that Wang Yu had seen her earlier. Wang Yu's drawings were so perfect that the girl in the painting looked exactly like how she used to look when she was young.

A sudden happiness took over Li Zi Yun. She could not take her eyes of the painting. Wang Yu came out of the bathroom and could not find Li Zi Yun. The door to his private room was open.

Wang Yu called out, "Zi Yun "

"I'm here " Li Zi Yun's voice came from the room.

Wang Yu walked inside and saw Li Zi Yun looking at the paintings. When Wang Yu saw Li Zi Yun for the first time, she looked so sad, but when someone came over to speak to her, her reaction changed immediately. Wang Yu knew most of the socialites and the young girls from the rich family. The girl was wearing limited edition clothes, but she looked so thin and weak as if she suffered from malnutrition; and Wang Yu had not seen her before in any of the parties.

Wang Yu was still in college when Wang Yiran's accident took place. The girl whom he saw in Wang Yiran's school was in his mind even after he left the school and he could not forget her. That was how when he saw the video, he mistook Li Xin Yi as Li Zi Yun. Something about the girl was different and in his free time, he had painted each and every scene that he witnessed that day. Wang Yu could have easily found out about the girl but he did not do that; he was just happy thinking about the girl in his mind. He was doubtful that the girl might be like the others rich spoiled girls and shatter the pure image he had of her, if he interrogates about her. If Wang Yu had not made Li Zi Yun his secretary, until the end he may not have known Li Zi Yun.

There was a huge smile in Li Zi Yun's face. She had been thinking about why Wang Yu would be interested in her when he already had a fiance. He had always avoided her question and never gave her a straight answer. Li Zi Yun was not the sweet type who would try to impress others, she always spoke what's on her mind or at least mostly, so she found it difficult to believe that Wang Yu was interested in her.

"What is all this?"

Li Zi Yun was standing in front of the painting mounted on the wall. Wang Yu had been waiting for the right moment to show all this to Li Zi Yun. He thought of pacifying Li Zi Yun when she was angry using this, but she had found this herself.

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