My Boss Is Scary Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Chapter 179

"Wah!!! You must really be stone hearted! Even though you like me, you gave me hard time when you thought I did something to your sister. You must really love Wang Yiran so much" saying so Li Zi Yun walked towards the room. Li Zi Yun reminded this to Wang Yu whenever she got the opportunity.

Wang Yu followed her to the room. He was really not expecting this conversation now. Whenever he saw Li Zi Yun, he forgot everything. From when Li Zi Yun entered his life, all his thoughts were mostly about her. Li Zi Yun sat on the bed facing Wang Yu with her hands crossed.

Wang Yu knelt down in front of her and said, "You are the most importantperson... to me in the WHOLE WORLD" Wang Yu emphasized each word with a pause.

Li Zi Yun knew that Wang Yu meant every word he said but still she said, "I told you I will forgive you, remember? Not forget what you did. Never forget that. Don't think u can get away easily"

Wang Yu was wearing only a towel and he was sweating now. What he did to Li Zi Yun was something he will regret his entire life.

Wang Yu took her hands in his and said, "I promise you today, no matter what or who, you're my number one priority. I will never ever.."

Li Zi Yun did not let Wang Yu finish the sentence. Her hands were wrapped around Wang Yu's neck as she kissed him straight in his lips. Wang Yu stood up without breaking the kiss. He pulled Li Zi Yun closer to him and lifted her, wrapping her legs around his waist. Wang Yu's hands were pressing Li Zi Yun's ass and his tongue entered her mouth. When they broke the kiss, Wang Yu was nibbling her lower lips not letting her go. Li Zi Yun could feel something poking down there and she was blushing.

Wang Yu suddenly became aware that she was alone with Wang Yu now. Wang Yu laid down Li Zi Yun on the bed and his lips did not leave her neck. Li Zi Yun's heart was beating really fast and her chest was heaving up and down. Wang Yu's kiss trailed down from her neck to her breast. He slowly removed the buttons of her top until it was fully open.

Wang Yu was finding it hard to control himself. Li Zi Yun's breath came in short pants as if she had run a mile. Wang Yu saw a scar even in Li Zi Yun's stomach. Wang Yu kissed on her scar and stopped. He kissed Li Zi Yun's forehead before getting up.

"Sleep now. It's already late"

Li Zi Yun was shaking a bit and totally panicking when Wang Yu was unbuttoning her top. He wanted her to be relaxed and not feel like it was an obligation to sleep with him. Wang Yu was so hot now that he needed a shower. When Wang Yu was about to walk away, Li Zi Yun held his hand stopping him. Li Zi Yun looked confused. Did she do something wrong? Wang Yu had stopped in the same speed in which they started.

Li Zi Yun sat up on the bed, "Is something wrong?"

Wang Yu sat next to her and said, "Baby, you had a surgery only before three days. I really don't want you to strain your body."

Wang Yu's lips moved to the crook of Li Zi Yun's neck, "Do you know how hard it is control myself when you're near me? You're intoxicating"

Wang Yu's hands went down to her waist. Her top was fully open and Wang Yu's hands were roaming freely. Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun on her cheeks and left the room to dress up. When Wang Yu returned, Li Zi Yun was sleeping. She had made him hot and now she was sleeping peacefully.

At first, Wang Yu had thought that someone must have murdered Wang Yiran. However, after seeing the video, he knew that Li Cheng Zhi pushed Wang Yiran by accident. If Wang Yiran had not tried to kill Li Cheng Zhi, this incident would not have taken place. But Wang Yu was not ready to let the Li family live. Assistant Liu Guang had delivered all the files to Wang Yu. After what Li Cheng Zhi said, he was hesitant to open Wang Yiran's other videos. He did not want to see it. Wang Yu could not blame the teacher either. If Wang Yiran did not like the teacher, she would not have been with him she was not that gullible. He knew it was time he stopped blaming others for his sister's action. Having an affair with a married teacher! Wang Yiran was unbelievable!

Wang Yu opened the folder named Li Zi Yun. In one video Li Zi Yun was lying on the floor and Fu Ming Zhu was beating Li Zi Yun in her black and blue. Li Zi Yun's dress was stained with blood, but no one stopped Fu Ming Zhu. The sad part was Li Shu Chen seeing this and not saying a word. Li Zi Yun's screams could be heard clearly but no one came to her rescue.

In another video, Li Shu Chen was beating Li Zi Yun below the knee. When Wang Yu saw each video, his anger was rising. He did not want to ask Li Zi Yun about these horrible memories and remind her of this once again. Wang Yu moved to the last video, Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu were hitting Li Zi Yun with a cane, but not a single sound escaped her lips. After a stage, Li Zi Yun had passed out, but they did not stop. Wang Yu could not even imagine what kind of trauma Li Zi Yun must have experienced.

Li Zi Yun woke up in the middle of the night and saw that Wang Yu was not in the bed next to her. She got up and saw there was a light in the adjacent room. Wang Yu was sitting still in front of a laptop with his back facing her. Li Zi Yun moved closer and saw what Wang Yu was seeing. The video of Fu Ming Zhu hitting her was being played.

Wang Yu turned around when he heard footsteps behind. Li Zi Yun was standing behind him, with her eyes on the screen. He immediately closed the window. Wang Yu turned around in the chair and hugged Li Zi Yun in the waist.

"I am sorry I am really sorry" Li Zi Yun quietly stroked his hair. Wang Yu would not have done whatever he did to Li Zi Yun, if he had known the truth earlier. Li Zi Yun was sure she felt a drop of tear fall down Wang Yu's cheeks.

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