My Boss Is Scary Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Chapter 180

In the morning when Li Zi Yun woke up, Wang Yu was all dressed up. When they came to bed, it was late but here he was ready now. Li Zi Yun still felt sleepy. All the medications were making her feel tired and sleepy.

Wang Yu sat on the bed beside Li Zi Yun, "Baby the entire Li family is in the dungeon. Do you want to deal with them or should I do it?"

"Huh?" it took a minute for Li Zi Yun to understand what Wang Yu was talking about. She sat up in the bed.

Li Zi Yun asked again, "They are what?"

Wang Yu spoke casually as if he was discussing about breakfast "The Li family is in the basement. What do you want to do to them?"

"I'm coming with you"

Wang Yu had been for waiting for the right moment to discuss about an important matter with Li Zi Yun but he never got the time. He knew that topic may come up today so he warned Li Zi Yun, "Don't forget that no matter what happens, I'm here for you"

Li Zi Yun smiled, "What will happen when you're here?"

Wang Yu held Li Zi Yun's face and turned her face towards him as he said, "Baby no. look at me. I will be with you no matter what"

Li Zi Yun asked him suspiciously, "Do you know something that I don't?"

"If the topic doesn't come up at the end of the day, I will tell you"

Li Zi Yun repeated, "Is it something I have to"

"I'm here for you. You don't have to worry about anything"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head and got out of bed. She knew that Wang Yu would tell her if it is anything important so she thought of waiting. She got ready and came down with Wang Yu. They met Mrs. Wang who was busy in the kitchen.

Li Zi Yun wished Mrs. Wang as soon as she saw her, "Greeting Mother"

Mrs. Wng looked from Wang Yu to Li Zi Yun and saw both of them were dressed to go out. she asked Wang Yu, "Don't tell me you're taking her to office now. We will not eat your wife if she stays at home. I understand that you're newlywed but you don't have to drag her everywhere you go"

Wang Yu stopped Mrs. Wang before she could say something more, "I'm staying home today. I'm just taking her out for a walk"

"Walk alone if you want. Can't you see that my daughter in law still hasn't recovered fully?"

Without replying, Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun in his arms, "Now is it okay?"

Mrs. Wang shook her head. Nowadays it was rare to see Li Zi Yun alone. Wang Yu was always with her.

After going to some distance Li Zi Yun whispered in Wang Yu's ears, "You can let me down now. Mom is not seeing"

"Do you think I'm carrying you because of what she said? I do not want my baby to get tired now. Later at night you have lots to do"

"You.." Li Zi Yun was blushing.

Li Zi Yun asked him, "Is that the only thing on your mind?"

Everyone in the Li family including the prostitute had been brought to the dungeon. Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu had been screaming their throats out but no one came to them. They were kidnapped but they did not know who kidnapped them or why they were kidnapped them.

Before entering the dungeon, Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun once again, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Li Zi Yun was hundred percent sure "Hmmm I'm going to break their minds"

Everyone's hands were tied to the ceiling. Li Shu Chen tried speaking to the kidnappers but no one responded. Both Li Cheng Zhi and Li Xin Yi knew that it was Wang Yu but they did not open their mouths. Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu were glaring at each other. They were seeing each other for the first time after Fu Ming Zhu were chased away from home. The prostitute was tied between Li Shu Chen and Li Cheng Zhi and he was looking at her. He was sure he had seen her somewhere but he couldn't remember.

Li Shu Chen was screaming, "My wife is pregnant, please let her go. I will give you whatever you want"

Fu Ming Zhu started arguing with Li Shu Chen, "Your wife? Did you marry her? Even at this moment you're thinking only about her? What about us?"

Li Shu Chen was irritated, "Be happy that you enjoyed money and status for fifteen years. Don't get greedy"


Now he had a young girl, Li Shu Chen did not mind speaking the truth "You got close to me only because I was rich. Don't pretend to be innocent"

Fu Ming Zhu was getting angry now, "How dare you?"

"Why else would you sleep with a married man? You were always only interested in my money."

"Fine! I accept. I approached you only because you were rich. Why do you think the young slut is with you? Do you still think you are handsome enough and young girls will fall for you even at this age?"

The young girl opened her mouth, "Sister how can you say that? Honey I am sorry I never thought of you like that I think sister is still angry with me" the young girl said exactly what would provoke Fu Ming Zhu.

Li Shu Chen consoled the young girl, "Baby I trust you this woman is evil don't take her words seriously"

Fu Ming Zhu spat out, "You are unbelievable! She will be the end of you"

Li Shu Chen was getting annoyed with Fu Ming Zhu. He mocked her, "Don't expect a single penny from me. Find another rich man; I'm sure it's an easy task for you"

Fu Ming Zhu did not close her mouth, "You were not rich and everything you have now is from Li Zi Yun's mother's family side. Do you think I don't know the truth?"

"Don't you dare talk without knowing the truth"

"I know the complete truth. Did you forget I was your secretary? I know how your entire family looted the Yang family. Li Zi Yun's mother was a fool to trust you"

"Shut up. Don't you dare say another word" Li Shu Chen's face was red with anger.

Fu Ming Zhu knew that she had successfully provoked Li Shu Chen. She said, "What will you do if I speak? Scared everyone will know the truth?"

"Then kids, it's time to know about your mother's true face. She was my mistress for several years and all she wanted was my money. Do you think she loves you both? Wealth is more important to her than her children are. When my parents knew she was pregnant and offered her money, she was ready to accept it in exchange for aborting you"

Fu Ming Zhu was shocked, "I would never"

"Don't forget that it was I who convinced you to keep the child"

"You are not a gentleman either. Why would you sleep with me when you have a wife and child?"

The argument was growing.

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