My Boss Is Scary Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Chapter 181

Both Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu were letting out each other's secret. Li Cheng Zhi was sure that Wang Yu would kill him so he was completely disinterested in his parents argument. He was thinking about his upcoming execution. Li Xin Yi leg's were still not healed and she couldn't stand. She was yelling when they were tying her in standing position, so they tied her in sitting position. The men knew that Li Xin Yi can't do anything and escape even if she wanted to. They had seen her legs being broken and know her condition.

Since it was a dungeon, their voices resonated and could be heard by Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu who were walking towards them. Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu were almost near them when they started arguing. If Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu had stopped with that, then maybe there was a slight possibility that Li Zi Yun wouldn't have done what she was about to do. But both LI Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu were only interested in arguing and throwing the other under the bus that they completely forgot where they were.

Li Xin Yi had no strength to join in on their conversation. She could clearly remember what happened when she was here the last time. Though Li Xin Yi was blindfolded she was sure this must be where she was brought to the last time. She thought that Li Zi Yun was taking revenge on them for they did to her over the years. Li Xin Yi had never expected Li Zi Yun to marry Wang Yu. If she knew this was going to happen in the future she would have let Li Zi Yun have Chan Sheng. Jealously was consuming her. Li Zi Yun was living the life of everyone's dreams while she was here suffering and unable to even stand without support.

Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu's argument did not stop with that. If they were untied, they would have grabbed each other's hair and started a fight.

Li Shu Chen spat out, "I feel disgusted that I was with such a woman for so many years."

Fu Ming Zhu was not the one to accept defeat easily, "You shameless man. How dare you talk about me like this after living with me for so many years? I should be the one to feel disgusted for living with a murderer"

When Li Shu Chen heard the word murderer, his eyes was wide open. It was getting out of control.

Li Shu Chen yelled at Fu Ming Zhu, "Shut your mouth bitch"

Fu Ming Zhu continued, "No let our children know what you did. I know it was you and your parents who killed your first wife's parents."

Li Shu Chen had no idea that Fu Ming Zhu knew about this. He was stammering, "You you don't"

"Yes to get the Wang family under your control I know you did this. You made her a orphan and married her and took everything she owned"

Li Shu Chen was not the one to retaliate, "Don't talk as if your pure and innocent. I know it was you who tried to kill my wife, Li Zi Yun and my parents. Li Zi Yun escaped and survived the accident."

Fu Ming Zhu had done this secretly in order to marry Li Shu Chen. She had been his mistress for several years and she couldn't wait any longer. "I.. I did not"

"I was the one who cleared all the evidence and stopped the police from getting it. But don't worry I have everything with me. I'm sure Li Zi Yun will be happy when I turn over the one who killed her mother"

Fu Ming Zhu's body was trembling now, "I will take you down with me if I have to"

Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun stood still when they heard this conversation.

Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu, "Is it true?"

Though Li Zi Yun had always known this must be what happened, when she heard these words being spoken aloud, Li Zi Yun was heart broken. Due to the greed of few people she had lost the most important things in her life.

Wang Yu said to her, "Do whatever you want with them. I have your back"

Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu did not stop talking even when they heard footsteps approaching them. They looked up only when several people entered the room. They saw Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun walking hand in hand. Li Xin Yi was dying of jealousy.

Li Shu Chen spoke first, "Li Zi Yun? Why did you kidnap us? Now you're the daughter in law of the Wang family do you think you can do whatever you want? Do you think the Wang family will respect you when they hear how your treating your own family?"

Li Zi Yun was glaring at Li Shu Chen. She smirked, "You're a perfect couple. Made for each other"

Fu Ming Zhu started yelling, "You evil vixen I should have killed you when I got the chance. Letting you live was my mistake"

Fu Ming Zhu was slapped ten times as soon as her mouth closed. She stood shocked and tears were flowing down.

Li Zi Yun said, "Listen to me carefully. I'm not alive because you let me live. I'm still alive because I had so many things left to do in the world"

She continued, "Moreover.. We already have your confession that you it was you who killed my mom and you(Li Zi Yun turned towards Li Shu Chen) killed my grandparents. Wah! What a pair! One murdered my grandparent's another murdered my mother and grandparents."

Li Shu Chen asked her, "Why did you bring us here? Don't tell me you would stoop so low and do this to get revenge on us"

Li Zi Yun really wanted to slap him.

Wang Yu stopped her, "Baby, your hands are soft. Don't touch them. I don't want you to tire yourself. If you want to hit them, just look at them (Wang Yu pointed to his men) and they will do what should be done"

Li Zi Yun said, "You heard my husband. No one in the Wang family is going to know about this. So you can relax. Neither will know they about this nor will they come to save you."

Li Shu Chen asked Li Zi Yun, "You have married CEO Wang Yu. What else do you need from us?"

Wang Yu said, "Good that you asked. Liu Guang bring those documents"

Liu Guang came forward and handed the documents to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu continued, "You will sign over everything that you own to Li Zi Yun"

LI Shu Chen shook his head in disbelief "CEO Wang Yu, I think your greed has no limit. When you are one of the richest families in the country, do you still have to take away another family's wealth for your wife?"

Li Zi Yun said, "You must have thought he was requesting you to sign all this. He's just informing you what you have to do. This is an order"

Li Shu Chen yelled at Li Zi Yun, "Where is your filial piety? Is this how you will treat your father?"

Li Zi Yun turned to the men and said, "Get his thumbprint. He is talking too much"

"No. I won't. I will never."

Li Zi Yun smiled, "All of you have enjoyed my money long enough. Now it's time for you to pay"

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