My Boss Is Scary Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Chapter 182

Wang Yu spoke, "Ok let me start with a happy news none of you will be leaving this place. At least when you are alive"

Li Zi Yun said to Wang Yu, "Let's not kill them so soon. I have a debt to collect"

Wu immediately agreed, "They will stay alive as long as you want"

Wang Yu had brought in the Li family only because of what they did to Li Zi Yun. So he immediately agreed to whatever Li Zi Yun said.

Li Zi Yun first looked at Li Xin Yi, "Tsk tsk tsk Li Xin Yi looks like you can't even stand. What a pity!" this was the first time Li Zi Yun was seeing Li Xin Yi after Wang Yu had her legs and fingers broken.

Li Xin Yi shouted, "I knew it. You must have made him do it"

Li Zi Yun boasted, "Yes I have a rich handsome husband and he will do whatever I say. Right baby?"

Wang Yu would never disagree, "Of course baby"

Li Xin Yi hadn't taken her medications and she was sitting there with her legs and hands aching. She yelled, "Are you showing off in front of me?"

Li Zi Yun smiled, "Yes I am. Are you jealous?"


Li Zi Yun sighed, "You should have married Chan Sheng. I even had a wedding gift ready for you"

Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "If you want I can make that happen"

Li Xin Yi was looking from Li Zi Yun to Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun was not kind enough to help her. Was something wrong with Chan Sheng? Why is Li Zi Yun keen on marrying Chan Sheng to her?

Once Li Zi Yun had seen Chan Sheng in public and he was with another girl. She interrogated and found that Chan Sheng fooled around with woman and was seeing several woman at the same time. Li Zi Yun came to know that Chan Sheng's family agreed to the wedding only because the Li family were providing their family financial support, in the current situation the Chan family wouldn't treat Li Xin Yi well. If Li Xin Yi marries Chan Sheng, Li Zi Yun knew that he wouldn't be faithful to her and her life would be hell. In the current situation, Li Zi Yun knew that Chan Sheng would never marry Li Xin Yi since the Li family was now bankrupt.

Li Zi Yun looked at the prostitute and said, "You really look like Fu Ming Zhu when she was young. No wonder Li Shu Chen fell for you"

Li Shu Chen shouted, "Don't you dare compare her with Fu Ming Zhu"

Wang Yu growled, "One more time, try disturbing her when she speaks, I will have your teeth plucked out one by one"

Wang Yu hadn't forgotten what Li Shu Chen tried to do to Li Zi Yun in the hotel. If he had been a minute late he had been waiting for a long time to kill Li Shu Chen.

Li Zi Yun said to the girl, "I'm going to get the baby in your stomach aborted"

Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun knew that the girl was not pregnant. Their only aim was to make Li Shu Chen suffer.

Li Shu Chen screamed, "No. Leave my baby alone. Please"

Li Zi Yun immediately agreed, "Okay, then instead (Li Zi Yun took a cane) accept twenty strokes with this cane"


Wang Yu showed a pill, "Cane strokes or should I force this pill down your girlfriend's throat? The baby will be gone from this world"

Li Shu Chen did not expect Li Zi Yun to be so cruel. He should have expected all this.

Li Shi Chen murmured, "For the sin of having Li Zi Yun as my daughter I will take the cane"

Wang Yu smiled. His men got ready to hit Li Shu Chen but he stopped him. He took the cane in his hand. Only that day morning he had seen what Li Shu Chen did to Li Zi Yun. He was not going to let go of this opportunity. He was going to make Li Shu Chen regret everything he had done.

Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "Baby sit and enjoy the show"

Without warning, Wang Yu started hitting Li Shu Chen everywhere he could reach. Li Shu Chen was screaming in pain but Li Zi Yun did not feel an ounce of pity. She knew Wang Yu was doing this because of what he saw in the video so she did not stop him. Wang Yu was releasing all his anger on Li Shu Chen. He would have had him killed on the spot but that would be an easy death for him. He wanted him to suffer just like how Li Zi Yun had suffered. Wang Yu did not want to stop but somehow he stopped and sat next to Li Zi Yun. Fu Ming Zhu was looking at this with horror in her eyes.

Li Zi Yun looked at Fu Ming Zhu and laughed, "You must be thinking if I do this to my own father, what will I do you? My evil witch little mommy?"

Fu Ming Zhu started pleading, "No look I'm sorry. Please don't hit me please"

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "Sorry for what? Killing my mother and grandparents? Or for hitting me till I was bleeding? Or enjoying my money for all these years and chasing me out of the house?"

Fu Ming Zhu begged once again. Saving herself was more important than her pride, "Please I beg you. Please don't hit me please"

"I will come back to you later. Now pour some water on his face and wake him up. He should be awake for the next part"

The young prostitute was released. When Li Shu Chen was looking, Li Zi Yun brought the pill close to her lips.

Li Shu Chen screamed, "No don't. Please."

Li Zi Yun looked at the young girl and asked her, "I will give you a choice. Do you want to marry Li Shu Chen now or will you interested in receiving a check?"

Li Shu Chen yelled, "Do you think she is like you? She loves me truly"

"Really?" Li Zi Yun waved the check in front of the girl and she took it without hesitation.

The girl said, "I was with him only for money. I have never loved him. He left his wife for another woman and he left her for me. How would I like such a man?"

Li Shu Chen was shocked. He started stammering, "baby You"

The girl spat out, "I hated every moment I was with you. Baby? You disgust me. Do you how much I hated sleeping with you? It was all for money. You must the world's biggest idiot. You couldn't even find out how I was acting and pretending. No wonder that woman cheated you"

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