My Boss Is Scary Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Chapter 183

Li Shu Chen was truly heart broken. The girl had behaved like an angel when she was him and he never expected her to speak this way. He had thrown away his wife and children to be with her. Li Shu Chen had thought the girl was innocent and pure when he saw, the same way he felt when he saw Fu Ming Zhu for the first time. But now

The girl took the pill from Li Zi Yun and swallowed it before Li Shu Chen's eyes. There was not a hint of sadness in the girls eyes.

Li Shu Chen's scream could be heard throughout the dungeon, "Nooooooooo". The girl just killed his baby, and he couldn't accept it.

Li Shu Chen yelled at Li Zi Yun, "I will kill you bitch. I will kill you. You ruined me"

A man came forward and slapped Li Shu Chen. They did not stop till Wang Yu told them to stop. Li Shu Chen's cheeks were red now.

Wang Yu glared at Li Shu Chen, "One more time try calling my wife names. You will regret being born in this world"

Li Shu Chen stood there shocked. Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun were treating him like shit and not like Li Zi Yun's father. They were beating him like a criminal and already his entire body was aching from receiving beatings. He was no longer young and the pain was killing him.

Li Shu Chen spoke to Wang Yu, "You have been blinded by her. Can't you see how evil she is?"

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "So I am evil and the person who did this (Li Zi Yun raised her skirt to reveal her leg that was full of scars) is not evil?"

Li Shu Chen spat out, "You deserved it"

Li Zi Yun couldn't hide the disgust in her voice when she saw the Li family, especially Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu. But she was having the upper hand now.

Li Zi Yun replied calmly, "Yes I deserved it for being born as your daughter. Now let me tell you another happy news"

Li Zi Yun turned towards Li Cheng Zhi and said, "Look closely at the girl"

Li Cheng Zhi looked at the girl once again. he felt like he had seen her somewhere but he couldn't remember. He tried recalling but nothing came to his mind.

Li Zi Yun beckoned the girl to come closer. The girl looked at Li Cheng Zhi and said, "Don't you remember? You called a group of hookers for you and your friends to enjoy for one of your friend's birthday party. I was one among them and I was the one who was with you that night, you spent that night with me and I left in the morning before you woke up"

Li Cheng Zhi remembered now. He was totally drunk that night and he could only remember bits and parts of that night.

Li Cheng Zhi shouted, "Dad she's a fucking prostitute"

The girl said, "I may be a hooker but I was about to become your step mother. Don't forget that"

Li Shu Chen felt like fainting. What was happening here? The girl no longer looked innocent in his eyes.

Li Shu Chen yelled at the girl, "You evil vixen. How dare you?"

Li Zi Yun was laughing, "How can you get shocked by this news? What if I tell you it was me who sent the girl to you?"


Li Zi Yun continued calmly, "I was curious to see if you were unfaithful only to my mother or also to Fu Ming Zhu. To my surprise, on the first day itself you followed her like a puppy. It did not take even a single day for you to do exactly what we wanted. You were the one who took the bait and made it easy for us. I never knew you hated Fu Ming Zhu so much. The girl told you a small lie that she was pregnant and you immediately chased away Fu Ming Zhu. I loved that slap"

Li Shu Chen was stammering, "Then she"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head as if that was the most obvious truth, "Yes she's not pregnant. You think she's an idiot to have a baby with you? Do you think all woman fall for you and want to have your baby?"

The girl said, "Yes I'm not pregnant. Can I leave now?" seeing what was happening there, the girl was a lot shaken. They had paid her for this and now she wanted to leave.

Wang Yu nodded his head. Liu Guang asked one of the men to take her out. Her job was done. She had helped in successfully splitting the evil couple. They were each at loggerheads now and they had accomplished what they wanted. There was no more use for the girl.

Fu Ming Zhu never expected Li Zi Yun will be the cause of all these problems. She had come to know that she was never married to Li Shu Chen and even her children did not want anything to do with her. Li Zi Yun was the reason why she was suffering now.

Fu Ming Zhu asked Li Zi Yun, "What was your point of doing all this? Haven't you done enough? The company is bankrupt and we cannot touch your mothers property. What more do you need?"

Li Zi Yun sighed, "The company going bankrupt was not done by my husband. Wish I could Have done that personally"

Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "Don't worry baby, from this moment the Li company had gone bankrupt and according to news reports, Li Shu Chen has either fled the country or has gone underground. No one has any idea about his whereabouts" Wang Yu showed the news to Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu continued, "But I have acquired the company and transferred everything to your name. it's yours now. Consider it as a wedding gift from your mother"

Li Shu Chen screamed, "That is my company. No let me out right now. Help"

Li Shu Chen had done so many illegal things to take over the company and retain it. Wang Yu had easily ruined everything and it was no longer his.

Wang Yu pouted, "Baby I don't want the company. What will I do with that? Add it to your list of companies and have someone else manage it"

Wang Yu nodded, "As you wish"

Li Zi Yun turned to fu Ming Zhu, "Do you know why I did that? I just wanted you to suffer and feel like how my mother did. How did you feel when Li Shu Chen chased you out of the house without a single penny and you were worse than a beggar? I don't know about you but I felt good seeing you stay in a cheap motel with no money for food. I'm sure it must have reminded you of your past"

"You.. How long have been planning to do this? Do you know what I regret? Not being able to kill you when I got the chance"

"All you can do is only regret. Your never leaving this place. It's my turn now"

Fu Ming Zhu started shouting at Li Zi Yun, "Remember how you begged me to stop beating you? Of course how can you forget it, that was your life for seven years. I enjoyed every moment that you were lying at my feet, begging me. Your just an orphan whose mother is dead and father doesn't want her. Just because you married Wang Yu do you think your someone great?"

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