My Boss Is Scary Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Chapter 184

Li Zi Yun did not say a word. She sat quietly and looked at Fu Ming Zhu. She was observing her from top to bottom. Li Zi Yun was contemplating about what to do to hurt Fu Ming Zhu the most. Fu Ming Zhu was already a bit mentally broken when she heard Li Shu Chen had not married her.

Fu Ming Zhu did not close her mouth. She tried provoking Li Zi Yun once again. Fu Ming Zhu thought that death was better than being tortured by Li Zi Yun.

Fu Ming Zhu continued, "Remember the accident where you killed your mother and grandparents and you you alone came out alive? What an unlucky girl. CEO Wang Yu are you sure you want to live with such a girl. Your father did not visit you in hospital even once. He did not bat an eye and married me as soon as the people who were stopping us were gone. I'm sure you didn't"

Li Shu Chen saw the rage in Li Zi Yun's eyes. Already his body was aching allover and he was not ready to get some more beating. Fu Ming Zhu was provoking Li Zi Yun non stop and when she mentioned his name, he knew Li Zi Yun's anger will turn towards him.

Li Shu Chen screamed, "Shut your mouth now. Do you want me to get killed? Why do you have to remind her all this?"

Composing herself, Li Zi Yun replied calmly, "Did you think I will forgot all this and I will let you go easily? Even if she doesn't say anything, everything is clear on my mind."

Li Shu Chen was trembling, "Li Zi Yun be the bigger person here and forgive and forget everything. Let's go back to the time we were still a family"

Wang Yu was holding Li Zi Yun's hands as Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu were speaking non stop. He could feel her hand sweating but he did not let go.

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "You really expect too much after what you have done. I'm no longer the little girl who yearns for love from you. Both of you killed my parents and grandparents and you will suffer for that before you die. Forgive you? You must be joking"

Li Zi Yun turned towards Wang Yu, "Baby, do you have any knife?"

Wang Yu signaled Zhou Nan Xi and he brought in a tray of different weapons which Li Zi Yun had never seen before. She looked through the items and picked up a small knife.

Li Zi Yun started speaking what was on her mind, "Should I dip you in an acid solution entirely? No then you would die quickly and won't feel much pain. Maybe I will have your legs and hand alone immersed in an acid solution after having your skin peeled off"

Fu Ming Zhu started stammering, "I.. I"

Li Zi Yun said to Fu Ming Zhu, "Let me start with your face. I'm sure you spent a lot of money My money on this face But what a pity, this is the last day it's going to look like this. The face and body that you cherish so much will no longer look the same"

There was fear in Fu Ming Zhu's voice, "What what are you going to do?"

"You will see" saying so, Li Zi Yun slashed Fu Ming Zhu's face several times with the knife. Fu Ming Zhu's scream could be heard throughout the dungeon.

Li Xin Yi screamed, "Are you insane? What are you doing to mother?"

Li Xin Yi was trembling. If she had known that Li Zi Yun would get powerful in the future she wouldn't have touched her. This new Li Zi Yun was scaring her wits and she was sure this was going to be her latest nightmare. Li Zi Yun showed no mercy even when Li Shu Chen was beaten so she was shaking with fear thinking about what will happen to her.

Li Zi Yun turned towards Li Xin Yi and said, "Looks like the daughter is ready to take the punishment in place of her mother"

Li Xin YI shook her head, "No No you can continue I'm sorry"

Li Zi Yun laughed at Fu Ming Zhu, "Wah!!! Your entire family must love you so much"

Wang Yu was looking at Li Zi Yun the entire time. He thought in his mind, 'If Wang Yiran had done something else, then Li Zi Yun would have really tortured her to death. I should be careful with her.'

Li Zi Yun turned to Wang Yu and said, "Baby, I don't want her to lose a lot of blood and die. Have someone patch her up after I'm done with her today. This is going to be her life as long as she lives"

Wang Yu nodded and looked at Liu Guang. Liu Guang understood that he was to carry out the instructions"

Fu Ming Zhu was screaming in pain and crying. She knew that her face must be ruined now. She always took so much care for her face and now Li Zi Yun was playing with her face as if she was a toy.

Fu Ming Zhu was weeping, "I'm sorry please let me go I would never do anything to harm you after this nor tell anyone else about this please leave me"

Li Zi Yun took no notice of her. The blood was oozing down Fu Ming Zhu's face.

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "Be grateful that I am getting your wounds bandaged. This is a luxury compared to what you did to me. You weren't able to kill me only because I am Wang Yu's wife now, don't pretend as if in a single day you have become kind and I am the evil person here"

Wang Yu then ordered Zhou Nan Xi, "Break everyone's leg. They should never even think about escaping from this place"

The screams of all four members of the Li family filled the dungeon but neither Wang Yu nor Li Zi Yun were bothered. Wang Yu was determined to help his wife and Li Zi Yun was determined to make their life a living hell.

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