My Boss Is Scary Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Chapter 185

Li Zi Yun spoke loudly, drowning everyone's screams, "You should be wondering, why now? Why all of a sudden you were brought here at this time?"

There was tears in the eyes of the entire Li family. Li Zi Yun did not feel even a single ounce of pity for those people. This was how the Li family treated her when she stayed in the Li family house. Not a single soul helped her when she was beaten for no reason or when she was made to stand outside in the rain the whole night. Why does she have to feel sorry for them?

When no one answered, Li Zi Yun continued, "Well... Generally we wouldn't have told this to you, but since none of you are leaving this place, let me tell you the reason. Li Cheng Zhi had tried to kill a person and it was none other than Wang Yiran"

Fu Ming Zhu asked loudly, "He did what?"

Li Xin Yi looked at Li Zi Yun and asked, "It was Li Cheng Zhi? You were the one who pushed her?"

Li Cheng Zhi spoke after a minute, "Wait Did you say that I tried to kill her? Then is she alive now?"

Li Cheng Zhi had always thought that Wang Yiran was dead and that is why no one had found out what happened. If Wang Yiran was alive, then how did they not know?

Wang Yu walked straight to Li Shu Chen. He held his tightly almost ripping it out and in the process some of Li Shu Chen's hair was pulled out of its roots. Li Shu Chen's screams resonated throughout the dungeon. Wang Yu did not stop, he started plucking the hair from Li Shu Chen's head one by one.

Wang Yu's face was close to Li Shu Chen's as he said, "You very well know why I am doing this to you right?"

Li Shu Chen couldn't understand why Wang Yu was saying this to him secretly.

"Remember Old Gao?"

Li Shu Chen looked at Wang Yu and his eyes widened in fear. He now understood how and why his plan failed. Wang Yu must have saved Li Zi Yun at the right time and ruined everything for him. Li Shu Chen had tried to find out what happened to Old Gao after that but he couldn't find anything. Now he understood the reason. Wang Yu was always protecting Li Zi Yun from the background for a long time and he hadn't understood that.

Wang Yu walked to Li Cheng Zhi next, "How could I forget the birthday party? You had quite a plan didn't you? Drugging my wife and even trying to get her infected with virus you must really be an idiot to think that I will let Li Zi Yun leave my side"

Wang Yu continued, "Now it's time to do whatever you tried to do to Li Zi Yun maybe you too will enjoy male company instead of female I think what is your opinion on that?"

"No.. Don't Please don't do that" just the thought of what Wang Yu said made his skin crawl with fear. Never did Li Cheng Zhi expect that there will be such a moment in his life.

Wang Yu ordered his men, "Have his fingernails and toenails plucked out one by one"

Wang Yu's men did not hesitate for a second and quickly followed his orders. When all the nails had been plucked out, Li Cheng Zhi dropped to the floor. Pain and humiliation was killing him.

Wang Yu said, "Don't worry everything you gave to Li Zi Yun will be returned triple fold. Since her life at the Li house was nothing but misery, you will also receive the same"

Li Shu Chen screamed, "Stop this"

Everyone stopped what they were doing. Wang Yu asked all his men to leave the room. Wang Yu knew what Li Shu Chen was about to say and he did not want anyone else to hear that. Seeing everyone leave the room Li Shu Chen laughed. Wang Yu also must have found out the truth. Li Zi Yun looked around, Wang Yu's face did not show any change but she couldn't understand why he told everyone to leave the room.

Li Shu Chen spoke, "CEO Wang Yu, looks like you have already found out the secret, but haven't told your wife yet"

Wang Yu did not say a word. He did not know why but he couldn't bring himself to tell the truth to Li Zi Yun. When he investigated about the Li family he had figured out the truth. But with Li Zi Yun getting sick and all that, he couldn't find the right time to tell her the truth.

Li Shu Chen continued, "Li Zi Yun aren't you curious why I treated you the way I treated you?"

Li Zi Yun replied coolly, "It's simple. Because you're a scumbag"

Li Shu Chen's voice was arrogant now, "Then what about your mother? What do you think about her?"

Li Zi Yun thought that Li Shu Chen was trying to buy time and stall the inevitable, "Don't try too hard. No matter what story you try to cook up it's not going to save you. Your doomed"

Li Shu Chen yelled, "Why do I have to take care of you when you are not my daughter?"

Fu Ming Zhu, Li Xin Yi and Li Cheng Zhi screamed, "What?"

Wang Yu moved closer to Li Zi Yun. She couldn't understand what he was trying to say.

"What is he saying?" Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu but he did not answer her.

Li Shu Chen growled, "Why are you asking him? Look at me. You're not my biological daughter" he at last got out the truth that had been haunting him for so many years.

Li Zi Yun was still calm, "If not you then who is my father?"

"You should have asked your mother that question."

Many times Li Zi Yun had thought that she might not be Li Shu Chen's daughter and that is why he did all that. But she had never expected that to be the truth.

Li Shu Chen said, "Remember your accident? Imagine my shock when I saw that your blood type was AB. That cheating wench died before I could show my anger on her. But she had left you behind. Every time I saw your face I wanted to kill you. Your mother is very clever that is why she left everything to you and nothing for me because she had a secret lover"

"Is this true?" Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu expecting him to say something anything.

At last Wang Yu spoke. "Li Shu Chen is not your father"

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