My Boss Is Scary Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Chapter 186

Fu Ming Zhu laughed, "You were mocking me all these days that I cheated your mother but your mother fooled around with other men and even got pregnant. Now who is the bastard child?"

Li Zi Yun did not bother to even look at Fu Ming Zhu. Did they expect her to be broken when they say the truth? She's better off not being his daughter.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and said coolly, "I was feeling a little bit guilty that I am doing all this to my own father. But now since I know that he is not my biological father I don't have to think about anything else. Do whatever you want with him"

Li Shu Chen had not expected this reaction from Li Zi Yun. She was so cool and did not worry even a bit when she heard the truth. Was she that happy that she was not his daughter?

Li Shu Chen yelled, "Don't you have any sincerity left? If I had thrown you out, you would be in the streets now if not for me do you think you would have got a husband like Wang Yu? You should be begging at my feet for letting you stay at the house"

Li Zi Yun laughed loudly. Everything that Li Shu Chen owned now was thanks to her mother otherwise he would have been on the streets.

"This is news to me How can you say this so shamelessly? You kept me at home only because you needed my mother's company and property. Don't pretend like you're a saint.. I would have had a better life if I had stayed at an orphanage why didn't you do that? Weren't you scared you will lose everything?"

"I should have thrown you out"

"No your wrong you should have gone out with your family You were the one who was staying at my house shamelessly I had been thinking about handing you both over to the police, but now I have decided. Stay here till you die"

"LI ZI YUN!!!"

"No your wrong I am thinking about taking my mother's name and also I am removing every one of you from the family register"

This was not going how Li Shu Chen had planned. Neither Wang Yu nor Li Zi Yun seemed to be shaken about this. This was something huge but Li Zi Yun looked totally relaxed. Did she also know about this?

Li Zi Yun continued, "just because I'm not your daughter, you treated me worse than the servants at home. What did I do wrong? Do you think this is an excuse? If you had guts you wouldn't have taken a single penny from my mother's money and left the house. You were even ready to sell me to a guy for money and you expect sincerity and filial piety from me?"

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and said, "Let's leave now, with these people around even the air smells disgusting"

Li Zi Yun no longer wanted to stay at that place. Though she spoke calmly, inside she was not calm. At last when Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun left the dungeon, Li Zi Yun looked tired and blood was splashed over them. Till they reached the room luckily they did not meet anyone.

As soon the door was closed, Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu, "Why didn't you tell me?"

Wang Yu was expecting this question, I couldn't find the right time to tell you with everything going on I did not want to worry you"

"Then do you know anything about" Li Zi Yun stopped when she heard someone knocking on the door.

The first thing Li Zi Yun was curious about after she came to know the truth was, who was her biological father? If not Li Shu Chen then who? As far as she could remember her mother loved Li Shu Chen, only Li Shu Chen.

The butler had been waiting for Wang Yu to return. He saw Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun entering the room. He knocked on the door and informed Wang Yu that both his grandfather and father were waiting to meet him for a long time.

Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "Baby let's talk about everything after I meet father and grandfather. I have to tell them a few things and I also have something to discuss with you. I'll be back soon"

Wang Yu quickly showered and left. He was sure they must be waiting to ask him about the Li family. Wang Yu did not know if his grandmother and mother knew about the dungeon and stayed quiet or they had no idea about it. But both Grandfather Wang and his father very well knew about what was going on at that place. But they had never interfered in what Wang Yu does.

Though Grandfather Wang took the major decisions at home, Wang Yu was the one who managed everything else. Mr. Wang had gotten news that Wang Yu had the entire Li family at the basement and both he and Grandfather Wang wanted to know the reason. They knew that Wang Yu must have done it for a reason but still they were curious as to why Wang Yu would capture his wife's family.

As soon as Wang Yu entered the room, he greeted his grandfather and father, "Grandfather, father"

Grandfather Wang spoke first, "Xiaoyu sit down. Tell me what is going on in the basement?"

Wang Yu was prepared for this, "Before I explain anything. I want you to watch a video"

Wang Yu knew that no matter what he said, his family would turn against Li Zi Yun if they did not know what the Li family did to her. So he thought it was better if they know what was going on, the truth. It was easy to completely wipe them if his family knew the truth. The main reason why Wang Yu wanted to show the video was to prove that Li Zi Yun had no ties with the family. He knew this was not the time to tell them that Li Zi Yun was not Li Shu Chen's daughter.

Wang Yu knew that it was time for him to tell the truth about what happened to Wang Yiran. Li Zi Yun also belonged to the Li family and she would definitely be dragged into this mess because of that. Li Zi Yun already had a nightmare life for several years and he did not want his family also to avoid her. So Wang Yu showed Li Zi Yun's video before saying anything about Wang Yiran.

Wang Yu played a small clipping of Fu Ming Zhu beating Li Zi Yun. Just enough for them to know the truth.

Both Grandfather Wang and Mr. Wang were shocked, "Isn't it Li Zi Yun? Why are they beating her?"

Wang Yu said to them, "I found this video at Li Cheng Zhi's place. It's her step mother and father."

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