My Boss Is Scary Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Chapter 187

Mr. Wang was really angry when he saw the video, "Li Shu Chen is an animal. Who the hell beats their grown up daughter like this? Is he insane?"

Grandfather Wang was truly shaken seeing the video. He could see the blood in Li Zi Yun's clothes and she had passed out. He had no words to say. Li Zi Yun was the same age as his granddaughter and he could not imagine what a cruel life she must have experienced at such a young age.

Wang Yu spoke in a low voice, "This has been Li Zi Yun's life from the moment her mother died and her mother died nearly fifteen years ago. After she completed school, she cut her ties with the Li family and left home. She never had a peaceful day in her life"

Grandfather Wang said in a sad voice, "Poor girl What a painful life from such a young age"

Mr. Wang asked Wang Yu, "Did she ask you to?"

Mr. Wang wanted to know if Li Zi Yun was the one who had asked Wang Yu to get rid of the Li family.

Wang Yu shook his head, "The sad part was she never once complained to me about what the Li family did to her If I hadn't seen the scars on her body I wouldn't have known the truth"

Grandfather Wang said to Wang Yu, "Don't let word get out about this. Clean up neatly"

Wang Yu had doubted from the beginning if his father had helped Wang Yiran cover up the murder. He had wanted to ask him regarding that but he hadn't found the right time.

Wang Yu looked at his father and asked him, "Father tell me something. Did you know that Wang Yiran killed a girl?"

Mr. Wang got goose bumps when he heard that. Wang Yiran was not often mentioned in the house, so when Wang Yu suddenly asked him that question he was flustered.

"What are saying?"

Grandfather Wang asked Wang Yu, "How can you talk about your sister like that?"

Wang Yu repeated the question, "Father I am asking you. Did you help her hide the murder?"

Mr. Wang had no idea what Wang Yu was talking about, "I have no idea what you're saying"

"Then look at this"

Wang Yu played the video of Wang Yiran pushing a girl down from the terrace. He was determined that no one in the family should blame anything on Li Zi Yun. Both Grandfather Wang and Mr. Wang were sitting there shocked. They had no idea that something like this had happened. Mr. Wang could remember Wang Yiran asking him help for something related to school but he never expected this would be the reason. What has Wang Yiran done!

"What the hell has she done!"

Grandfather Wang asked Wang Yu, "When did you find out about this?"

Mr. Wang asked Wang Yu, "Are you sure all these videos are real?"

Grandfather Wang then spoke, "Wang Yiran is not such a type of girl What if these videos are fake?"

Wang Yu said, "All these videos are real. She even tried to kill Li Zi Yun once. Yiran had all of us fooled. We really underestimated her. This is not the only murder she had committed. I checked the videos and found there two others"

Mr. Wang and Grandfather Wang knew that Wang Yu wouldn't blame Wang Yiran for no reason. They knew how much Wang Yu loved Wang Yiran so he wouldn't lie about this.

Wang Yu said, "I have something else to show you"

Wang Yu played the video of Li Cheng Zhi pushing Wang Yiran from the window.

When the video ended Grandfather Wang screamed, "Who is that guy? Destroy his family and I don't mind who he is. I should receive the news tomorrow that he is dead"

Wang Yu replied calmly, "its Li Cheng Zhi from the Li family."

"Li Zi Yun's brother?"

"Li Zi Yun has no connection with that family"

Mr. Wang asked Wang Yu, "How long have you known this?"

Wang Yu knew this question would come. If he did not show the video and if they came to know about this later then they blame Li Zi Yun saying that she must have influenced him not to hurt the Li family. That was the main reason why Wang Yu laid out everything in the open.

"I came to know about this yesterday"

"Is that why the Li family is in the dungeon?"

Wang Yu said, "There is also something else you need to know. With proof there are videos but I don't want you to watch it."

Grandfather Wang had already given up at this point, "What can be worse than this?"

"Yiran was in a relationship with an older man"

Grandfather Wang looked at Wang Yu puzzled. Being in a relationship was common and he couldn't understand why Wang Yu stressed that point.

Wang Yu continued, "The older guy was not just any guy, he was her teacher and he was also married. Yiran had been in a relationship with him for more than six months as far as I know"

"What? How can that be? I"

Mr. Wang had no words to say. Everything that Wang Yu said was news to them. Murdering a girl was unacceptable. Wang Yiran had been in coma for a very long time and at last they came to know the truth behind the incident. But the revelations made today were more scary than the accident. Wang Yiran was a spoiled kid but they had no idea she would go to any extent to do whatever she wants. Grandfather Wang sat there holding his chest tightly.

Wang Yiran had always been unruly and arrogant, but this was beyond anything that they expected from her.

Wang Yu finally said, "if you have a problem with your daughter in law I don't mind leaving this house with her. I will stay away with her even if you don't want to see our child. But before you decide anything (Wang Yu placed a pen drive on the desk) take a look at this and then you will know the truth about Li Zi Yun and Wang Yiran"

"What nonsense are you talking about? Who said anything about Li Zi Yun? She's the daughter in law of our house, she is our family. How can you talk like this?"

Wang Yu knew he would hit the mark if he talks about children. Now he was confident that no one would utter a single word against Li Zi Yun. The problem was finally solved. He had said the truth about Li Zi Yun and also about Wang Yiran.

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