My Boss Is Scary Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Chapter 188

When Wang Yu left the room, both Grandfather Wang and Mr. Wang left to their respective rooms almost immediately. They repeated everything they heard to their wife. This would have had a great impact if Wang Yiran was with them, but since she was in coma for the past eight years and the family had almost lost all hope of her recovering and waking up again, they did not take it much seriously. They were shocked to know the truth but they had nothing more to say. The Wang family was more interested in Li Zi Yun than in Wang Yiran now.

Li Zi Yun was waiting in the room for Wang Yu to return. She wanted to ask so many questions but she knew that most of them did not have an answer yet. Li Zi Yun looked through the room but she could not find anything unusual or related to what she wanted to find out. She could not even find any secret compartments in the room. Either there were no secret storage spaces in the room or Wang Yu was too smart and had it designed in a way not to let others find out.

Wang Yu returned at last. He did not return immediately after leaving his Grandfather's study. Wang Yu had several issues to deal with in the company, so he returned a bit late after discussing with Assistant Liu Guang. When he entered the room, he saw Li Zi Yun standing near the window and looking outside deep in thought. Li Zi Yun turned around when she heard someone opening the door. Her eyes looked thoughtful and as if, she was in deep confusion.

Wang Yu walked straight into the room and sat on the bed. He looked at Li Zi Yun and patted the spot next to him. Li Zi Yun sat down and waited for Wang Yu to speak. He was actually a bit worried in the morning when he wanted to take Li Zi Yun to the dungeon. Wang Yu even thought it might be scary and too much to handle for her but Li Zi Yun had been relaxed the entire time when they were down in the basement.

Even now, Li Zi Yun was only curious about all the secrets that she did not know. She was no longer a kid and she very well knew that crying or worrying about this will change nothing. Only her mother could give her the answers she wanted, but since she had gone to a place with no chance of returning, Li Zi Yun was not much worried by the current happenings she only wanted to know the truth.

Wang Yu turned his body and pulled Li Zi Yun closer to him.

Wang Yu held Li Zi Yun's hands in his, and rubbed her cold palm. He asked her in a soft voice, "Are you alright?"

"Why wouldn't I be? I happily played with the Li family today. I am more than alright now"

Though Li Zi Yun said that she was happy, there was not a bit of excitement in her face.

Wang Yu said, "I told the elders in the family the truth about Wang Yiran"

"Wait You did what?"

Wang Yu wanted to tell them the truth as soon as possible to avoid confusions. "They have to know what happened to Wang Yiran"

Li Zi Yun wanted to know how much he had told them, "Is that all you told?"

"No I told them everything"

"You also showed the video?

Wang Yu asked innocently, "How else will they know it's the truth?"

He felt like he was being interrogated by Li Zi Yun.

Li Zi Yun did not expect Wang Yu to be so insensitive, "What's wrong with you? Why do you have to worry them at this age? Already Grandfather and Grandmother are old. What will you do if something happens to them at this age?"

"I Nothing will happen to them My grandparents are not weak hearted so you don't have to worry"

Li Zi Yun shook her head. What was Wang Yu thinking about when he said everything to the elders? Even she hesitated before showing the videos to Wang Yu, how could he be so heartless? Li Zi Yun knew that only by doing this the Wang family members will come to know about the entire truth regarding Wang Yiran but still it must have been a shock for them to see Wang Yiran's real face after so many years.

Wang Yu thought hard for a second before speaking the next sentence. If Li Zi Yun comes to know that he had said to them also about how she was treated at the Li family house after her mother's death, there will definitely be a third world war at home. Li Zi Yun did not like being looked at with pitiful eyes and that is why she had never shared the truth about her real situation to anybody. So Wang Yu thought of staying quiet about that as long as possible.

Wang Yu tried changing the topic, "Let's stop talking about others. We have a lot to discuss about us" saying that he pulled Li Zi Yun to a hug.

Li Zi Yun was not easily fooled. She pushed him away and said, "But we haven't finished talking about that. Are you deliberately trying to change the topic?"

"What more is there to discuss?"

"I'm sure you investigated about my family. Tell me everything you found out. The man whom I thought was my biological father is not my father and you already know that. Don't you have anything else to tell me?"

Li Zi Yun was no longer calm. Her overwhelming emotions had been making her think about all the possible scenarios in her head. Li Zi Yun could clearly remember the relationship her mother and her husband, Li Shu Chen had. Though Li Shu Chen was having an extramarital affair at that time, she could remember that he was a romantic husband for her mother. He used to get her flowers and jewelries and her mother was also totally devoted to him. Li Zi Yun could bet that her mother loved her husband and she did not cheat on her husband. Li Zi Yun was almost always with her mother, when her mother was alive and she had never seen her mother meeting any man unknown to her father. Li Zi Yun was born five years after their marriage so there was not even a possibility that her mother was pregnant before marriage.

From when she was young, Li Zi Yun hated Li Xin Yi and Li Cheng Zhi. Now she found it very difficult to accept that she did not even know who her father was.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun. She looked pale and tired, but she had not cried.

Wang Yu called the kitchen and informed them, "Bring food to my room"

Then he looked at Li Zi Yun and said, "Eat something. I will tell you everything as you eat. I don't want you to get sick again"

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