My Boss Is Scary Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Chapter 189

Li Zi Yun's mind was not on the food when she was eating. Wang Yu was talking to her non stop but Li Zi Yun did not hear a single word he said. Li Zi Yun's eyes were on the food but she was not really looking at it. She was thinking about what to do while stuffing her mouth with food.

Li Zi Yun calmed herself down and thought rationally. Her mother was partly responsible for everything that happened to her after her death. Li Zi Yun was no longer curious about who her father was. If her biological father had been interested in her welfare then he would have contacted her at least once in the past. Not even once in her lifetime had someone approached her to help her when she was suffering. Li Zi Yun thought hard about her past life. She often faced financial issues when she was in college. Li Zi Yun could remember that whenever there was some financial issue there was always a solution for her problems. Li Zi Yun had to work for her daily expenses but she had never had any problem in getting her basic necessities. Was he the one who was helping her behind the scenes? Then he should have shown himself to her. How would she know if he did everything for her without her knowing? When Li Zi Yun finished eating, her mind was a bit clear and she knew what she had to do.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. He handed over all the documents that Assistant Liu Guang had obtained for him regarding the Li family. Li Zi Yun looked at the documents once and threw it away sending it flying all over the room.

Wang Yu couldn't understand what Li Zi Yun was trying to do. Was she upset that he hadn't said anything to her after he found out?

So Wang Yu asked her, "Do you want me to find your father?"

Li Zi Yun replied calmly, "Who cares?"


Li Zi Yun continued, "I'm sure that he either doesn't know that he has a daughter or he doesn't care about having a daughter. I have lived for so long without knowing that I have another biological father. Why should I disturb him now? It's not like I really care about him or anything"

Wang Yu nodded his head. He was not sure if he should listen to Li Zi Yun and give up the search or should he find out the truth. Wang Yu was confused but he did not show it in his face.

Li Zi Yun took Wang Yu's hand and said, "Your my family now. I don't have a family to run to. So you better take proper care of me"

Wang Yu, "Baby I"

Li Zi Yun said in a final tone, "You can really stop investigating about that. I'm I really don't want to know If he wants me to know his identity he can show up himself You don't have to waste so much time and energy on this"

Wang Yu tried to change the topic, "I have changed all the properties that the Li family owned to your name"

Li Zi Yun couldn't care any less about this either. She was not really interested in her mother's property or wealth. Li Zi Yun did not want the Li family to enjoy it, other than that she was not much interested in managing it. She trusted Wang Yu a lot and was not really into taking care of all this.

Wang Yu was not sure when Li Zi Yun would change her mind. So he thought it was better to find out the truth about Li Zi Yun's biological father. Wang Yu thought of telling it to Li Zi Yun whenever she was ready to know otherwise he can keep it as a secret if she did not want to know.

Now everyone in the Wang family came to know about both Wang Yiran and Li Zi Yun. With Wang Yiran in coma for nearly eight years, the Wang family cared more about Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu now as they were uncertain about her waking up. The Wang family had tried everything they could in the beginning and the doctors were uncertain about Wang Yiran waking up again. The doctors were not sure if she would ever wake up, the chances were slim and there was also possibility of Wang Yiran never waking up again. So everyone in the Wang family had almost given up hope on Wang Yiran.

The wedding date was set for in exactly a month's time. Wang Yu's wedding with Li Zi Yun was the hot topic now. Huang Nian was a forgotten topic. No one had seen or heard from her after that. Li Zi Yun's name was one of the most searched keyword in the internet. Several news about Li Zi Yun was floating around but almost none of them were true, everything was rumor spread by the people who knew her or had no idea about her existence till then. Li Zi Yun was asked to rest by the doctors, so Mrs. Wang had taken it upon herself to prepare everything for the wedding. There hadn't been much celebrations at home after Wang Yiran's accident and this was the time for them to enjoy.

Since it was Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun's wedding, Mrs. Wang asked Li Zi Yun's opinion in every preparation. She wanted the wedding to be held in the way the young couple liked it. A wedding dress was getting ready for Li Zi Yun that was custom made for her by the top designer. People had been working on it day and night to get the dress ready before the wedding day, since there was very less time for them to get everything ready.

The Wang family residence was lively after a very long time. Li Zi Yun was really thankful that Mrs. Wang took it upon herself to look after the grand wedding, she would have really fainted if she looked after everything that had to be prepared for the wedding. Mrs. Wang along with her assistant were on and off the house, carefully planning all the details.

After staying at home for more than a week after returning from the hospital, Li Zi Yun started feeling bored. Everyone was speaking only about the wedding but they did not let her do any work. All Li Zi Yun had to do was sleep or stay in bed and she was starting to feel bored. She hadn't seen the wedding dress or the venue or anything else. Later Li Zi Yun had come to know that Wang Yu was planning a surprise for her so he had prohibited anyone from telling her anything.

Li Zi Yun had not seen the Li family members after that day. Wang Yu had said to her that he would take her later but he hadnt taken her there yet. Li Zi Yun tried going to the basement but she couldn't the way. The residence was like a palace and Li Zi Yun found it very difficult to keep track of the rooms.

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