My Boss Is Scary Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Chapter 190

At last Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun again to the dungeon. Wang Yu had been busy for the past few days, and with the position of CEO's personal secretary vacant now, his assistants found it difficult to cope. Since Li Zi Yun was efficient in her work, she had reduced Wang Yu's workload so much. After working with her for few months, he could feel her absence. So everyday Wang Yu returned home late and did not have much free time. In the weekend, when he was free, he took Li Zi Yun to the dungeon once again. it was not a very hygienic place, so Wang Yu had been stalling taking Li Zi Yun down there.

The clothes of everyone from the Li family were stained with blood. Just like how Li Zi Yun said, there were cuts all over their body. They were made to bleed little by little daily. Wang Yu's orders had been clear. Make the Li family suffer as much as possible. The food and water provided to them was minimal, just enough to survive. The Li family was used to living lavishly and having so little to eat was really a huge punishment for them.

If Li Shu Chen knew this was going to happen, he would have killed himself. He had lost both his young girlfriend and child. That was the most heart aching incident for him. Li Shu Chen had planned to retire and live happily with the young girl. But all his hope had been in vain and he had fallen into Li Zi Yun's trap and lost everything that he had. The past two months had been one of the happiest times in his life. Initially Li Shu Chen was so angry that he wanted to choke Li Zi Yun to death, but he knew that it was impossible. He felt sad thinking about his son and daughter who were still young but had to suffer with him.

When Wang Yu entered with Li Zi Yun, all Li Shu Chen's arrogance had gone. Everyone had aged within a gap of ten days. Both Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu looked so old. Li Shu Chen started pleading as soon he saw Li Zi Yun enter the room. He had been yelling, screaming and pleading to Wang Yu's men to let him see Li Zi Yun, but no one had responded to them. Every second spent there in the basement, felt like a millennium.

Li Shu Chen started begging, "Please Let Cheng Zhi and Xin Yi leave this hell. Do whatever you want to me, but they are young, they are yet to live their lives, please I beg you. Let them leave please"

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "What are they going to do after leaving this place? Beg on the streets?"

Fu Ming Zhu begged Li Zi Yun, "Please let them leave this place. They won't tell anyone about you or what happened here Please I beg you"

Fu Ming Zhu couldn't bear to see her son and daughter suffer.

Li Zi Yun replied, "Did you forget the reason why your son and daughter had been brought here? Your son was responsible for my husband's sisters accident and seeing your daughter alive irritates me. So Even the possibility of them leaving this place alive is zero!"

Li Xin Yi had lost all her energy. She was no longer provided with the medications that she needed. Li Xin Yi was writhing in pain the entire time she was awake, but no one bothered to help her ease her pain. She was in constant pain. Wang Yu had instructed the men to take "SPECIAL" care of Fu Ming Zhu.

Fu Ming Zhu was the one who had hurt Li Zi Yun the most, so she was given extra special treatment. She was given food only on alternate days and when she tried to sleep, the men made sure that she stayed awake. Fu Ming Zhu was sleep depraved and with food also not given at proper intervals, she was the one who was suffering the most.

Fu Ming Zhu was beaten until she passed out from the pain. Then the men woke her up again by pouring water on her face, not allowing her to sleep. This had been her daily routine. Wang Yu had huge plans for Li Cheng Zhi but he thought of proceeding with that after some time.

Li Xin Yi started begging from the other side, "Elder sister, forgive me please. I will never harm you in the future. Please let me go please. I beg you. I will never tell anyone what happened here"

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and said, "I feel pity for them, tell them to release everybody"

There was a smile on the Li family members face and a sigh of relief was heard. At last they can be free of this. The past ten days had been the worst of their lives. They wanted to escape from this place right now. Li Shu Chen was smiling broadly thinking that Li Zi Yun has at last decided to let them go.

In her mind, Li Xin Yi was thinking, 'I will get back to you bitch. I will make you suffer hundred fold what you did to me. I will make sure that you never smile again'

Li Shu Chen said, "Li Zi Yun, we will leave the city. We will never come back again"

The men were looking at Wang Yu, unsure what to do now.

Li Zi Yun started laughing, "What a bunch of idiots! Do you think I am so kind hearted, that I will you forgive you even after what you did to me? How did it feel to have hope and have it shattered into pieces? Stay here until you die"

Everyone's face looked shocked. They never expected Li Zi Yun to play tricks on them. Wang Yu couldn't control his laughter. Of course Li Zi Yun was his wife. She was proving that she was a perfect match for him.

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