My Boss Is Scary Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Chapter 191

When Li Zi Yun had rested enough, she thought of continuing her job as Wang Yu's personal secretary. Initially Li Zi Yun had wanted to stay at home after marriage, but it was too boring for her. She was not used to going to parties or shopping often. Before when Li Zi Yun started working in part time jobs, she had very little time to rest, most of the days she had to work even during weekends. So Li Zi Yun had thought of resigning and staying at home after marriage. In the past, she had very little time for herself as she had to work during weekends.

After becoming Wang Yu's personal secretary, Li Zi Yun had stayed at home often. Though in the beginning Wang Yu had made her overwork, after the truth came out, she was not very busy and she was often free during the office hours. Wang Yu often dragged Li Zi Yun to the resting room, forcing her to rest.

In the morning when Wang Yu got ready, he saw Li Zi Yun was also ready. Usually by the time Wang Yu was ready to leave for office, Li Zi Yun would have just woken up. So Wang Yu usually left after giving the sleepy Li Zi Yun a kiss. So he was mildly surprised to see Li Zi Yun all ready. Wang Yu had wanted to take Li Zi Yun and leave for his penthouse, but since she has to be alone all the time, he did not mind staying at the Wang residence for the time being, even if he had to travel for several hours daily.

Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun, "Are you going anywhere?"

Li Zi Yun did inform Wang Yu about having any plans for the day. Mrs. Wang had stressed that Li Zi Yun should stay at home for some time to recuperate her health, so Wang Yu was not sure where Li Zi Yun wanted to go so early in the morning.

Li Zi Yun replied, "Did you forget that I am your personal secretary? I have signed a contract with you for two years"


"I am coming to work with you. I have been absent for several days already"

Wang Yu immediately refused. He was not taking her anywhere now. "Barely ten days have passed since you had surgery. Don't even think about working"

"See I am stronger now. I have even gained some weight"

Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun to a hug. He buried his face was on the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent.

There was a grin in Wang Yu's face as he said, "If your stronger Then should we try some strenuous exercise?"

Wang Yu's hands started removing Li Zi Yun's top that was tucked into her skirt.

"Is that all you think about?"

Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun closer to him. There was no gap between their bodies.

"With having such a beautiful wife, what else can I think about?"

"You" Li Zi Yun smacked Wang Yu's arm playfully.

Wang Yu stopped himself and said, "You're not going anywhere. Stay at home"

"I want to come with you Please"

"Baby be good. Stay at home at least till the wedding"

Li Zi Yun knew just what she had to say to get what she wanted, "If you take me out today (Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu to her height and whispered in his ear) Then at night we can try what you just said"

Wang Yu was flustered for a second. He hadn't expected Li Zi Yun to negotiate with this, "No I Doctor said you have to rest for at least for some days"

Li Zi Yun pouted, "Then it's your loss" and she tried to move away from Wang Yu. But he did not want to let her go. Everyday Wang Yu returned home late and Li Zi Yun was always asleep at that time. He did not have the heart to wake her up, so they haven't done anything. Now Li Zi Yun was voluntarily telling him and he did not want to let go of the opportunity.

"Wait wait I'll take you"

Wang Yu thought of taking Li Zi Yun to office but instead of letting her work, he thought it was better if she stayed at his resting room in the office. Li Zi Yun grinned from ear to ear and walked with him. Wang Yu was her husband and she did not mind sleeping with him.

Mrs. Wang was in the kitchen downstairs when Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun came down.

Mrs. Wang asked in a stern voice, "Where are you taking her?"

Wang Yu had wanted to avoid his mother and grandmother the most, "She is coming to the office with me"

Mrs. Wang asked Wang Yu, "Do we look like demons to you?"

Wang Yu had no idea why his mother was suddenly asking this question, "Huh?"

Mrs. Wang said, "We won't harm your wife if she stays at home. Why do you have to drag her everywhere you go? Can't you let her stay at home for few days peacefully?"


Mrs. Wang hadn't finished what she wanted to say, "Don't you already have so many people working for you? Why do you also have to make my daughter in law work?"

Li Zi Yun stood there with an innocent face while Wang Yu was getting all the scolding. It was Li Zi Yun's idea to go out, but Wang Yu was getting blamed for that. Mrs. Wang liked having Li Zi Yun at home with her, she felt like her daughter had returned after several years.

Li Zi Yun opened her mouth at last, "Mother it was me who wanted to go to office with him. He did not force me"

Mrs. Wang asked her, "Why do you want to go to work?"

"I I was feeling bored, so I thought of helping him at work"

"That's good. Since you are feeling well now, let's go for shopping. you won't feel bored, and I also want to take you somewhere"

Mrs. Wang then looked at Wang Yu and said, "What are you looking at? You can leave for work she is coming out with me today"

Wang Yu couldn't refuse. He should have taken out Li Zi Yun secretly. Seeing Wang Yu's face, Li Zi Yun couldn't control her laughter. Wang Yu had huge plans but his mother was spoiling everything.

Before Wang Yu left, Li Zi Yun kissed Wang Yu's cheeks and whispered in his ears, "Tonight, I will be ready"

Wang Yu stood still for a minute. Li Zi Yun was definitely blushing. He could see her flushed red cheeks. Wang Yu bent down and planted a kiss before leaving. He wouldn't be able to get done any work today.

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