My Boss Is Scary Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Chapter 90

The only unexpected thing that happened today for Huang Nian was Li Zi Yun accompanying Wang Yu to the party. She only had to take her place beside Wang Yu then there will no further problem. She knew Wang Yu was suspicious of him, so she had the combination of the two drug powders ready to sprinkle over food or mix with drinks.

Huang Nian had the drug injected in the water bottle by making a hole in the cap of the bottle. She had sealed the hole by putting a sticker over it making it seem like a new unopened one. The waiter delivered it to Wang Yu. In front of Huang Nian's eyes, Wang Yu removed the plastic cover that sealed the bottle and opened the bottle. Huang Nian had asked them to add higher dosage because she wanted to have him for a few more hours. She heard that the combination of the two drugs will also cause hallucinations and if Wang Yu was hallucinating then she can make him do what she wants and also she can successfully make an announcement today regarding their wedding.

Huang Nian saw Wang Yu unsealing the bottle and take it in his hand. He removed the cap of the bottle. Huang Nian's friends came to speak with her at that moment and they clouded her view of Wang Yu.

Wang Yu passed the bottle to Li Zi Yun. She was so thirsty that she drank the entire bottle. She felt a bitter after taste but she did not think about that further, but Wang Yu saw her face reaction to the bitter taste.

"What's wrong?" Wang Yu asked to Li Zi Yun.

"Nothing, just nothing"

Wang Yu took the bottle from Li Zi Yun's hand after she drank its contents.

Some people who came to introduce themselves Wang Yu surrounded him so he was completely hidden from Huang Nian's view. From where she was standing, Huang Nian couldn't see anything.

When the crowd cleared, Huang Nian saw that Wang Yu held the bottle in his hands and it was completely empty. She smiled to herself; she was going to have a wild night today.

Gu Hui Ying was also getting tensed that Huang Nian was not accepting any drink. Her secret was in Li Cheng Zhi's hands and she was not ready to take any risks in that matter. Li Cheng Zhi had ordered her that she should complete the task and if she did not get her to drink it then he did not mind even if she had to pour the entire content in the bitch's mouth by holding her nose or it would be she spending the night with him. Gu Hui Ying signaled the waiter to serve the drink to Huang Nian. The drink was a combination of high percentage alcohol mixed with aphrodisiac.

Huang Nian relaxed a bit and started walking around in the party. She showed thumbs up to her mother to show that the task was completed successfully. She was getting thirsty and when a waiter served her a drink, she drank it in a single gulp. Gu Hui Ying was smiling. Huang Nian wanted to calm her nerves. In an hour, Wang Yu will finally become hers forever. She went to speak to Mr. Huang. He was standing there, surrounded by his friends.

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When there were alone, he asked her, "What is it?"

"Father, get ready for the announcement in thirty minutes. Everything has been set."

Mr. Huang patted her head and smiled, "Good girl."

If Mr. Huang had the support of one of the two great families in the country, then victory will be on his side. No one will be able to oppose him. At last, his dreams will be coming true. He returned to his friends with his head held high. Until now, he had been so tensed about what will happen because his entire future was dependent on Wang Yu's cooperation. Wang Yu's attitude has been keeping him on the edge the entire evening. If Wang Yu knows about his schemes then everything was lost. So, only when Huang Nian said the words he breathed a sigh of relief.

Huang Nian's entire concentration was on Wang Yu. She was looking at his every movement from afar. After some time passed, she saw Wang Yu loosening his tie. This was the perfect time for her to remove Wang Yu from Li Zi Yun's side. She was losing balance as she walked towards Wang Yu. In the excitement and tension, she hadn't eaten anything. She thought it was because of drinking in an empty stomach.

Wang Yu loosened his tie because he was feeling hot in that room. He was thinking about when to leave the party. He had stayed there long enough and it was time for him to leave. Huang Nian came near him and stood provocatively. In her dress there was a long cut on the left side revealing her thighs. She extended her left leg near Wang Yu's thighs and stood next to him smiling seductively.

Wang Yu looked at Huang Nian with a reaction 'What's wrong with you'. He was not interested in Huang Nian and wouldn't fuck her even if she stood nude in front of him. When Wang Yu loosened his tie, Huang Nian assumed that the drug must have kicked in and he was doing that because he was feeling hot due to the drug.

"You want to kiss me right?" Huang Nian whispered in a low sexy voice to Wang Yu but it was audible to Li Zi Yun and Liu Guang. Li Zi Yun couldn't control her laughter when she saw that. Li Zi Yun whispered to Liu Guang, "Why is she behaving like this? Is she always like this?" and started giggling silently.

"You want to die?" when Huang Nian heard Wang Yu's deep voice, she was startled and she became conscious of the surroundings. Her cheeks were flushing red from embarrassment. Wang Yu's voice did not seem like he was hallucinating, she thought she had to wait for some more time.

However, Huang Nian started feeling hot. Her body temperature was increasing. She was feeling hot down there and the heat was slowly becoming unbearable for her.

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