My Boss Is Scary Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Chapter 92

Huang Nian moved to a corner. The heat was spreading from her lower body. She badly wanted to touch herself. The heat was becoming unbearable for her. She got herself another drink from the bar.

A waiter approached her and whispered in a low voice while he was passing by her, "Wang Yu is in room 127".

Huang Nian turned around to check and saw that Wang Yu was missing. She thought that Wang Yu must have been drugged completely and was waiting for her. Her state of mind was not clear and she could think about nothing other than the heat in her vagina. She was yearning to be touched.

Huang Nian held the waiter's collar and said to him, "Take me to Room 127 right now"

Huang Nian entered the room. Li Cheng Zhi's men were waiting outside for Li Zi Yun. Li Cheng Zhi's manager was confused when he saw Huang Nian enter the room. They had been waiting for Li Zi Yun but the one who came here was Huang Nian. He did not know what to do. Huang Nian looked like she was drunk.

Initially they had planned to lock the door from outside when Li Zi Yun entered, but when Huang Nian entered the room, she locked it herself. Li Cheng Zhi's manager started wondering if Li Cheng Zhi had changed the plans. The beggar was the one who was inside the room, but he did not know why it was Huang Nian entering instead of Li Zi Yun.

Li Cheng Zhi's manager was scared of verifying this with Li Cheng Zhi. He was the only one who knew the true nature of Li Cheng Zhi. For the past few years, he had always been by Li Cheng Zhi's side. He knew to what extend Li Cheng Zhi would go to attain the things he needs and he wouldn't mind killing someone which he had done a few times. He thought it is better to keep quiet about this. If Li Cheng Zhi knew about this mishap, he would certainly kill him. They wanted to lock the room door outside so that they can enter the room when they want to take photos as evidence but now they couldn't do that. Actually, that was a good thing for the manager; he would get caught by Li Cheng Zhi otherwise.

The room Huang Nian entered was dimly lit. She removed the zipper at the back of her dress and let it fall on the ground. She stepped out of her dress and walked towards the man lying on the bed. The beggar lying on the bad had been infected by syphilis and chased out of his house. He had been roaming the streets for some time now. When he was given such a good opportunity, he wouldn't miss it for the world and he immediately agreed. Li Cheng Zhi's manager had instructed him never to speak a word. He did not come here to speak anyway so he agreed to that.

When Huang Nian came near the bed, she unhooked her bra and removed her panty and she immediately jumped over the man.

"Brother Wang, I love you" she said as she was rubbing herself against the man. He felt the nude body of a woman pressing against him. Without hesitating a second, he grabbed her ass and entered her. Huang Nian's moans were heard outside the room.

Only Li Cheng Zhi's manager knew that it was not Li Zi Yun who entered the room. Everyone else had assumed it must be Li Zi Yun. When Li Cheng Zhi called him to ask what happened, he said that the task has been completed successfully. He was hoping that Li Cheng Zhi will not know the truth only then he would be safe. Li Cheng Zhi had been waiting to completely destroy Li Zi Yun and if he knew that did not happen then the manager will be the one who has to face his wrath.

Thirty minutes had passed and Mr. Huang was searching for Huang Nian. He couldn't find her anywhere. The time was running out but there was no sight of her. He asked his men to search for her. Mr. Huang tried to spot Wang Yu but he couldn't find him either. He walked towards his wife.

"Where the hell is your daughter? I can find neither Huang Nian nor Wang Yu. What the hell is she trying to do?"

Mrs. Huang said in a low voice, "She must have taken away Wang Yu to somewhere private. Why do you need her now?"

"Have you forgotten this is her birthday party? How is this her party when she is absent?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You told her to somehow make Wang Yu listen to her and she is doing that now. Just tell everyone she is sick and had to leave the party."

"What are you talking about?"

Mrs. Huang whispered in Mr. Huang's ears, Huang Nian's plan. From Huang Nian's plan to drugging him to everything that has happened until now.

He asked her, "Are you sure she is with him? That woman was clinging to him"

"He was the one who was drugged, not our daughter. So relax. She will take care of everything. She knows what she is doing."

Mr. Huang had a difficult job ahead. He announced to the guests that Huang Nian was sick and she had to suddenly leave the party with Wang Yu. He was shamelessly announcing to everyone that his daughter Huang Nian had gone home with Wang Yu. Many people were not sure if this was actually true or Mr. Huang was saying that just to show that the engagement between Huang Nian and Wang Yu was still on. But everyone thought that Mr. Huang wouldn't publicly announce a false news. So the party ended without any announcement being made.

Wang Yu got into the car with Li Zi Yun. He had called a doctor to ask the details. He had described the symptoms and was asking him about what to do. When Wang Yu was on call with doctor, Li Zi Yun climbed on his lap.

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