My Boss Is Scary Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Chapter 93

The doctor guessed she must have been drugged with ecstasy, but he was not sure if any other drug had been given along with that. He warned Wang Yu not to let her drink water. And if she wanted to drink water badly then only little sips were allowed.

Li Zi Yun sat on Wang Yu's lap facing him. The dress was so long and she found it disturbing. She threw off the shawl on the seat. She was sitting in his lap with her legs either side of him. Assistant Liu Guang heard noises from the back seat and when he turned around, he was flustered to see what was happening. Li Zi Yun was completely covering Wang Yu and only her back was seen.

They were travelling in Rolls Royce Phantom. An electro chromatic glass panel was present between the front seat and rear seat for privacy. The transparent glass could turned into opaque with a click of a button for privacy. When Wang Yu saw that Li Zi Yun was uncontrollable now, he pressed a button to turn the glass panel into opaque so that what happens in the rear seat will not be visible to the driver and Liu Guang. Wang Yu turned off the voice transmission from the back seat to the front seat making that their own private space.

Liu Guang relaxed a bit; he had been uncomfortable the entire evening with Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun holding onto each other the entire time. He did not want to watch their intimate moments now.

The air conditioner was turned on but Li Zi Yun felt like her body was on fire. She had never been intimate with a man before, but now she wanted to try everything she hadn't tried before. She wanted to kiss the guy beside her, hug him, cuddle with him. Her lower body was burning but since her entire body temperature was high, her entire concentration was not there alone. Her hand was around Wang Yu's neck and she was straddling him.

Li Zi Yun brought her face towards Wang Yu's and was ready to kiss him. Heat rose from Wang Yu's stomach to his chest and his heart skipped a beat as Li Zi Yun's lips closed in. Wang Yu turned his face the moment Li Zi Yun was about to kiss him, Li Zi Yun's lips instead touched his cheek. He did not want to take advantage of a girl who was drugged. He knew that Li Zi Yun was not behaving like this because of her own will. His pants were bulging from Li Zi Yun's posture, but he did not want to do anything that he will regret later.

Li Zi Yun tried to kiss him again. Wang Yu avoided it once more by turning his face to the other side. Li Zi Yun was not ready to give up. All she wanted to do was make out with Wang Yu. Wang Yu's body temperature was much lower than Li Zi Yun's. So when she touched his bare skin it was cool and relaxing against her hot burning skin.

Li Zi Yun's crotch was rubbing against his and it was. Wang Yu sat up straight and moved Li Zi Yun to his thighs. He was a man and Li Zi Yun's activities were making it hard for him to control himself.

"Li Zi Yun look at me. Do you know who I am?"

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun. Her pupils were dilated. Li Zi Yun was panting and sweating as if she had been running. Li Zi Yun's vision was blurred. She could see that a man was sitting there but she couldn't identify him. Li Zi Yun did not reply to Wang Yu's question either.

Li Zi Yun started trailing kisses from his face to his neck. Wang Yu was holding her waist and she felt cool in that area where he touched her. She took her hands and placed it on her neck. Since her body temperature was very much higher than the normal temperature, Wang Yu's body felt like cold ice to her and she placed her head on his hand.

Wang Yu tapped her cheeks trying to make her self-conscious.

Li Zi Yun whispered, "I am thirsty" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Since doctor advised him not to give her water, he did not give her. She was acting like a spoiled child, pestering him to give her water.

Wang Yu had girlfriends when he was in college. But he had never looked after any of them. This was new to him and he did not know what to do. It was always them who were taking care of him, trying to please him. He had never had the need to take care of any of them. When he investigated Li Zi Yun, he had found that she had never had a boyfriend before. Li Zi Yun was pretty looking and had a sexy figure. She knew many rich guys from affluent family and she could have gotten anybody if she wanted, but Li Zi Yun had never done anything like that.

If it were some other women behaving like this with him, Wang Yu would have thrown her out on the road. Li Zi Yun wouldn't have flirted with him if she was sober so he dealt with her patiently. Li Zi Yun's body was hot and she was sweating so much.

Wang Yu had asked the doctor to come to his family home to check up on Li Zi Yun. The family house was more than an hour away and he was not sure if Li Zi Yun could bear it until then. Li Zi Yun's heartbeats were rapid and he was getting worried that her blood pressure may be high. He ordered the driver to turn the car and go to his private penthouse and asked Liu Guang to inform that to the doctor.

Li Zi Yun removed his jacket and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Wang Yu knew that it was of no use stopping Li Zi Yun. She wouldn't listen to him. When Li Zi Yun unzipped her dress, Wang Yu stopped her.

Wang Yu's scent was hypnotizing her beyond reason. Li Zi Yun took this opportunity to hold his head in position and kiss him. Her slightly parted lips came close to his and tasted his lips, closing her eyes. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, trying to deepen the kiss. Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu towards her; their hearts were pounding loudly in their chest. Wang Yu was kissing her back. Li Zi Yun's entire focus was on the kiss. She could think about nothing other than the soft lips that were kissing her.

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