My Boss Is Scary Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Chapter 95

"No don't stop" Li Zi Yun was trying to reach his pants. She was in a hurry.

Wang Yu did not budge an inch; he would have readily taken her if she were sober without any hesitation. He knew that Li Zi Yun would regret this in the morning for sure, if something more happened and he was not ready to take her virginity and take advantage of her when she was in such a condition.

Li Zi Yun was rubbing herself against him "Please. It is burning. Make it stop." She bit Wang Yu on his chest and her teeth mark was deep and gleaming on his chest. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When Li Zi Yun's foot touched the ground, Wang Yu lifted her off her feet. He took her straight to the bathroom and made her stand under the cold shower. Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu into the shower with her. Wang Yu's upper body got wet completely but his feet did not move an inch. Li Zi Yun sat down in the tub under the shower. The cool water was a bit effective against her hot body and cooling her down. When Li Zi Yun sat down, Wang Yu saw a huge scar in Li Zi Yun's shoulder. The scar was fully healed and was looking ages old.

Seeing Li Zi Yun calm down a bit, Wang Yu said to her, "Call me if you need anything I will be waiting outside"

Li Zi Yun did not reply to him. She was sitting in the bathtub with her face bent down over her arm. The heat was now a bit bearable for her.

Wang Yu got out of the bathroom and went to his room. Liu Guang was waiting outside not knowing what to do. It had been sometime since Wang Yu entered the room with Li Zi Yun and he was not sure if he had to wait there until the morning. There was no sign of the doctor arriving anytime soon and he was pacing the room up and down.

Liu Guang had been Wang Yu's assistant for the last five years and such a thing had never happened once. Huang Nian had been Wang Yu's fiance for more than two years now, but nothing inappropriate had ever happened between them. Though Huang Nian was always trying to get into Wang Yu's pants, he always maintained some distance from her. Wang Yu spent most of his time at work and some time with his friends. When Wang Yu was free, he was mostly at home. Wang Yu had enjoyed as much as he could during his college days, now his entire concentration was at work. Liu Guang turned around when he heard some sound. He saw Wang Yu come out of the room dripping wet.

Wang Yu said to him, "Call the doctor and ask him when he will be here" saying that, Wang Yu entered his room to change his clothes. He was badly in need of a cool shower. Staying near Li Zi Yun the evening had made him lose his control, he wanted to calm himself down.

Liu Guang called the doctor. It had been some time since they had come home but there was no word from the doctor. The doctor informed Liu Guang that he will be there within twenty five minutes. Wang Yu came out of his room in twenty minutes. He had showered and was feeling fresh and relaxed now. He had barely sat down with Liu Guang when he heard a sound from the other bedroom. He immediately rushed inside.

Liu Guang followed him to the bedroom but he did not enter the bathroom.

Li Zi Yun was lying still on the bathtub she was feeling dizzy and her teeth were chattering. Wang Yu touched her face and neck, her body temperature had dropped so much and her body felt ice cold.

Wang Yu tapped her cheeks, trying to make her conscious, "Li Zi Yun Li Zi Yun" he called out continuously but Li Zi Yun did not answer.

Hearing Wang Yu call out Li Zi Yun's name repeatedly, Liu Guang called out from outside, "Boss. Is anything wrong?"

Wang Yu yelled back, "Stay Back. Don't enter"

Li Zi Yun's body was cold as ice and he thought her teeth must have been chattering because of that. He wrapped a towel around her and pulled her dress down. After the dress dropped down, he took another fresh towel to wrap around her throwing away the wet towel.

Wang Yu yelled to Liu Guang, "Where the hell is that bloody doctor?"

Li Zi Yun's hair was dripping wet and he carried her out of the bathroom. She was conscious but did not have the strength to speak nor move her limbs. She felt low on energy, weak, and tired. She leaned against Wang Yu trying to absorb him warmth.

Wang Yu could feel Li Zi Yun shivering in his hands. Her breathing was slow and shallow. He could see that Li Zi Yun was trying to say something but her voice came out in a mumble and it was not audible. The doorbell rang and the doctor came inside.

Li Zi Yun felt nauseous and she tried to get down from Wang Yu's arm but Wang Yu did not understand what she was trying to do. At last, he let her down, when the doctor entered the room but he was still holding onto her. She was standing there with only a towel wrapped around her, her legs had no strength and she was swaying on her feet. She would have fallen down if Wang Yu was not holding her. A wave of nausea hit her and she puked right in the middle of the room. She fell unconscious the next moment and she passed out. Since Wang Yu was holding her, he caught her before she fell down.

Since the room was a mess, Wang Yu carried her to his room. The doctor checked her temperature it was lower than the normal body temperature. The nurse was warming Li Zi Yun by rubbing the palm of Li Zi Yun's hand while Wang Yu was rubbing the sole of her feet. He had left Li Zi Yun in the cold water only because her body was too hot, he did not expect Li Zi Yun's body temperature to fall drastically in a matter of few minutes. He was sure Huang Nian must be the one who drugged the water that Li Zi Yun drank so he thought that the drug was not something serious enough to have negative effects on body. However, seeing Li Zi Yun like this he was quite worried.

The nurse who came with the doctor removed every bit of clothing Li Zi Yun was wearing and wrapped her in a bathrobe. They made the room warm for her.

The doctor took Li Zi Yun's blood sample to check what drugs had been given to her. He was sure that ecstasy must have been given to her but he was not sure about the other drugs mixed with it. Her body shivering stopped after a few minutes. Wang Yu sat on the bed next to her, while she slept.

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