My Boss Is Scary Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Chapter 98

Li Cheng Zhi's manager was scared that the other men who were waiting with him might take photos of Huang Nian leaving the room. Then Li Cheng Zhi would know that it was not Li Zi Yun in the room and he would be dead. So he had chased off all the men from the hotel before they take any photos of Huang Nian.

The manager had stayed back to take back the camera that was recording the video. When the beggar left the room, he saw Huang Nian sleeping there naked and took the camera. He asked the bum to stay back for a minute and he took photos of them in compromising positions. If the truth comes to light then he thought of using this to save himself. Mr. Huang was an influential person in the political field and this may come in handy in the future.

The manager checked the entire video before taking it to Li Cheng Zhi. The woman's face was not seen clearly in the video and there were only mostly moans of a woman so the voice also was not very clear. He sighed happily that he was saved for the moment. Only the silhouette of a woman was seen in the recording and since Li Zi Yun was Li Cheng Zhi's sister, he was sure Li Cheng Zhi would not know her body figure and he was saved.

Li Cheng Zhi was eagerly waiting for the manager to arrive with the photo and video evidence. He was furious when he saw the video. He couldn't take photos already and now even the video was not clear. How could he make use of it.

He yelled to his manager, "What the fuck is this? I asked you to take clear photos of her in bed with her face shown. What is this?"

"I couldn't.."

"What a bunch of useless idiots! I should have been there and never trusted it to you useless bastards"

Li Cheng Zhi was burning with rage. He had thought if sending the photos to some reporter to ruin Li Zi Yun's image but now nothing can prove that it was actually Li Zi Yun in the video. He thought for a second and asked the manager, "Is that bitch still sleeping?" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

If she was still in bed, he wanted to at least take compromising photos of her. That was better than having nothing. But his manager was alert. He said to him, "No Sir, she left the room a minute after he left"

Li Cheng Zhi took screenshots of the video and sent it to Li Zi Yun. She would know what had happened last night. He saw that the messages had been delivered and she had seen the messages but there was no reply. At least now he had something to threaten her with. He sent a series of messages and Li Zi Yun did not reply but she had seen everything. He was going to enjoy playing with her. He sent messages to Wang Yu that Li Zi Yun was fooling around with other men and as proof, he sent a clip of the video.

Huang Nian woke up in the morning and looked around. There were no traces of any man staying there at night. She was smiling happily thinking that Wang Yu was very clear in what he does, but when she gets pregnant, she was sure that even Wang Yu could not hide it. She dressed up and left the hotel. She walked out confidently holding her head up high without a hint of shame. It was Wang Yu's hotel but she walked as if she owned the place. So far, the future had been unclear for her but now she was confident that she could easily become the wife of Wang Yu. Even Wang Yu will not be able to refuse her. A car was waiting for her and she went home directly.

With Mr. Huang publicly announcing in the party that Huang Nian left the party with Wang Yu, the exact same words were mentioned in the news article. There were also photos of Wang Yu walking hand in hand with Li Zi Yun. In the news about Huang Nian's birthday party, they had written that Wang Yu had arrived to the party with his secretary and did not leave her side the entire evening but he left the party with Huang Nian.

When Huang Nian entered the house, Mr. and Mrs. Huang were waiting eagerly for her. As soon she entered her mother Mrs. Huang asked her, "What happened last night? You left in the middle of the party."

Huang Nian smiled shyly, "Mother why are you asking that? I was with Brother Wang the whole night"

Mr. Huang smiled and clapped his hands relieved; he patted her Huang Nian's head and left the house. It was time to execute the plans that required Wang Yu's approval. When Mr. Huang left the room Mrs. Huang immediately rushed to Huang Nian.

"How was last night? What was his reaction in the morning?"

"Mom you're making me feel shy."

"Tell me what did he say in the morning?"

"He left before I woke up. I think he did not want to get caught"

"Do you have any evidence of your night with him?"

"Mom I had arranged for everything in one room. But Brother Wang was in another room so I couldn't get anything"

Mrs. Huang told her, "See if he had sent any messages"

Huang Nian checked her phone there were several messages from her friends but none from Wang Yu. She sent him a message, "Brother Wang I will always only love you. I really enjoyed 'the party' last night".

Huang Nian was more confident now since she thought she had spent the night with Wang Yu.

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