My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 103

Volume 1 Chapter 103

Chapter 103

The truth was that they were running away from a difficult situation.

But Hyoyoung and her family, who were very optimistic and happy people, quickly became excited at the prospect of an unexpected vacation. It had been really long since they had gone on a family trip.

Within 30 minutes, they were in a party mood. They turned up the music loud and started to sing and dance inside the car. Even when they arrived at their destination, their excitement didn't diminish.

After quickly unpacking, Hyoyoung's dad started up the barbecue while her mom nagged and helped him at the same time. Watching her parents together, Hyoyoung smiled happily.

Just then, a bucket of cold water splashed on top of her head. When Hyoyoung turned around in shock, Hyojun was standing behind her with a grin. He looked like when he was 10 and being a naughty older brother.

He announced, "Our battle begins!"

When they were young and they went on vacation, they would always play a game they called "Water Craft." It involved them throwing buckets of cold water at each other until one of them surrendered.

It didn't matter if it was winter or summer. They played this game on every vacation.

Hyoyoung replied in determination, "Hmm, so you threw the first punch, I see. Is it because you are afraid you might lose without a surprise attack? Well, you are DEAD, Oppa. You have no idea how strong I have become recently."

Hyoyoung tied her hair up into a tight ponytail and quickly grabbed a bucket nearby. Luckily, it was already filled with water, so she threw it at her brother.

As the cold water hit his face hard, Hyojun gasped, "AHH!"

Hyoyoung was shocked as well because she meant to throw the water at his back. She exclaimed, "OMG! Is your face ok?"

"You! How could you! Just because I wear a mask for my work doesn't mean I don't need my face!"

"I know! I didn't mean it!"

Hyoyoung walked up to him and leaned closer to his face to check. She touched his face to make sure he was okay, making Hyojun gasp again.

'She is too close'

Hyojun stared at her face and placed his on hand on his heart. Then slowly, he grabbed Hyoyoung's hand.

She looked at him in surprise. "Huh?"

His eyes they looked so deep and black.

She couldn't tell what he was thinking, but the way he looked at her made her freeze.

It felt like they were the only two in the world.

This was dangerous. Hyoyoung was about to turn away when suddenly


Hyojun poured a bucket of water on her.

"HAHA! This is what happens when you get distracted, Hyoyoung! It's 2:1 so far!"

He grinned and ran away with the bucket. Hyoyoung was surprised, but she felt grateful. She could feel that he was trying his best to keep his promise.

To remain as her older brother forever.

And that was why she shrieked loudly on purpose and ran after him like a proper younger sister would.

"You jerk! I'm going to get you!"

"Jerk? How dare you call your brother a jerk?!"

Their parents watched with proud smiles even as they told Hyoyoung and Hyojun to quiet down.

Hyoyoung's mom whispered to her husband, "Honey, we have great children, don't we?"

"Absolutely. It's actually nice to see them play like little kids again."

"If we didn't have Hyoyoung I don't know what we would've done."

"I'm telling you, if Hyoyoung wasn't with us, my life would've been half empty."

"Just half? For me, she means everything. I mean, if we didn't have her, my life would've been with just two boys you and Hyojun. It would've been so lonely for me."

"Oh, come on! When did I ever make you feel lonely? That's not fair!"

"You have no idea! Men"

"But, our son Hyojun is so amazing. I can't be prouder of him."

"Of course, I know. Of course, I do. I still get shocked whenever I see him. I mean, my own son he is so mature, kind, and thoughtful. I am a lucky mom."

"It's because he resembles me."

"Haha. He is nothing like you! Look at him! So gorgeous! So tall..."

"What are you talking about? Everyone tells me Hyojun looks just like me! A total copy of me!"

"Hmm don't you remember how you didn't even make it to his birth because you got drunk with your coworkers?"

"Oh, come on! That happened over 20 years ago, so why are you bringing that up now?"

"It wouldn't matter even if it happened 200 years ago! I will remember that day FOREVER! Should we ask the kids what they think? Kids, come over here!"

"Fine, fine! It's all my fault, so don't get the kids involved. They can't do anything anyway! I will make it all better for you, honey!"

Hyoyoung's dad suddenly hugged his wife, who replied, "Oh, my! What are you doing? So unlike you"

"It's called a show of affection. Kids will learn to have a happy marriage by watching us like this. By the way Hyoyoung and Hyojun, they are getting along well, right?"

When Hyoyoung's mom turned to her kids, she gaped at what she saw.

Nearby, her two children were soaking wet and fighting. Hyoyoung was holding a handful of Hyojun's hair and refused to let go, while Hyojun was doing the same with her ponytail.

Hyoyoung screamed, "Let me go!"

"You first!"

They were going around, holding onto each other's hair and not letting go.

Their mom murmured as she shook her head, "Here we go again" She was used to it now. Her husband asked, "And would that also be considered a show of affection?"

"Hmm seems too aggressive to be called affectionate."

"A war I think it's called war."

"But still... I am very thankful."


"Umm should we stop them? Pull them apart?"

"Hmm well, last time, their fight ended with Hyojun losing a handful of hair, right?"

"Oh that's right. I guess it will end the same today as well?"

"Seriously? But they are much older now and Hyojun he has to be on TV and such, so AAAHH!"

The parents suddenly screamed as they saw what happened. Hyojun screamed as well.

It was because Hyoyoung pulled out a handful of his hair.


Hyojun fell to the ground in shock and screamed, "You! AGAIN!"

Hyoyoung looked shocked too. She looked at Hyojun apologetically and started to back away.

"Umm Oppa the thing is"

"I TOLD YOU! NOT MY HAIR! Didn't I tell you?"

"But you wouldn't let MY hair go either"

"Are you nuts? Look at my head! I have a bald patch now! What the heck! What am I going to do?"

"You you can wear a hat to hide it and besides you won't be doing any shows any time soon anyway s-so..."


"Well, it's your fault for making me this competitive!"

"WHAT! Are you blaming me for this? Are you serious?"

"You need to remember the rules. Whatever happens, we are supposed to let it go, remember? Be cool?"


"I love you, Hyojun Ahn!"

" what?"

"I said I love you! I will be good to you from now on, so forgive me this time, okay, oppa?!"

"STOP! Stop that! You are making me nauseous."

"Oh, come on! Please, please, please, please!"

"You well"

Hyojun remained speechless. He didn't say anymore and just kept patting his head.

Their parents watched them with a happy smile. Soon, they called both Hyojun and Hyoyoung to come for dinner.

Hyoyoung ran to her dad, who was standing beside the barbeque. She opened her mouth wide and asked, "Daddy! I want a piece!"

Her dad smiled and fed her a piece of steak. Hyoyoung exclaimed, "Wow! It's so delicious. I love meat! Meat is the best!"

Hyoyoung danced happily and hugged her dad.

"Hyoyoung! You are still wet! Oh well hahaha!"

Her dad just laughed, and soon, everyone was laughing as well.

Just then, Hyojun, who has been checking his phone, hesitantly announced, "Umm everyone"

His family stopped and turned to him as he continued, "Someone is going to be coming."

Her mom asked, "Who?"

"I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea... since this is a family trip, but I asked him to come anyway."

"Who? Who did you invite?"

Hyojun glanced at Hyoyoung quickly before replying, "It's Kiwook."

" Huh?"

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