My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1 Chapter 105

Chapter 105

"Oh, so the news of our agency's sale will be released tomorrow?"

President Kim replied, "Yes. I will provide the official statement to all the channels except for the one that released President Shim's story. I will ask them to release it after 3 PM tomorrow."

Hyunsuk added, "And we will provide them the photos after the contract gets signed."

"Sounds good. You boys don't have to come to the agency tomorrow. I called you in today for a surprise meeting to let you know what's going on. Things happened so fast that I was unable to give you earlier notice I'm really sorry about that. I am telling you the truth when until last week, I really meant to stay by your side till next year and fight for you, but I had no idea things would turn out this way."

President Kim sounded bitter, so the M members tried to console him.

"It's not your fault, sir. You have always done your best for us."

"Exactly. We are very thankful for everything you have done for us."

"I agree, President Kim. You did your best, so please don't feel bad."

"We thank you, sir. We really do."

All the members stood up and bowed to him. President Kim seemed shocked. He wiped his tears and murmured, "Oh, boys"

After the meeting, as the members left the building, they patted each other's back. Hyojun said to them, "My guess would be that President Shim is going to be furious."

Everyone nodded. They were all nervous about what might happen, but they carried on with their normal conversation. Jiwoo kept asking Hyunsuk questions about the agency sale, while Kiwook and Hyojun walked ahead.

Hyojun said to Kiwook, "In the city of Yangpyeong"

Kiwook looked at him curiously as Hyojun continued, "You will find a huge gas station on the highway as you near Kangwon Province. Near the gas station is a small mountain, and inside it is a private cottage named the Mind Place."


"My whole family will be there tonight."


"Dinner will be served around 8:30 to 9 PM. We will probably end up eating a bit late."


"And when we go on a family vacation, Hyoyoung and I always play a water game. We use cold water in the summer and warm water in winter. And after the game, Hyoyoung always wants to eat some sausages."

"Sausages? You mean the ones you can buy at the convenience stores?"

"Yeah, the one with lots of cheese stuffed in it. She always wants to eat two of them, and when she doesn't get to, she gets really disappointed."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Today, I won't be bringing her any."

"Hyojun Ahn"

"You can bring them when you come visit us today."


"Whether you will be welcomed or get beaten I can't tell you."

"Alright. That's fair."

"See you later."



After Hyojun left, Kiwook wondered for a while before heading towards the convenience store. The first thing he did was to buy the two sausages for Hyoyoung.


When Kiwook arrived at the cottage a little after 8 PM, it was very quiet. But as he entered, he could hear Hyoyoung and Hyojun's laughter. From afar, Kiwook watched them fight and thought to himself, 'Oh, I better never fight with Hyoyoung she can be rather vicious.'

Kiwook grinned, but suddenly became unsure. He continued to watch Hyoyoung's family as they gathered around the barbecue to eat. Kiwook hesitated.

'Would it really be okay for me to join them?'

Just then, he heard Hyoyoung's voice.

"Kiwook Oppa?"


Meanwhile, Jiwoo was left alone in the house. Hyojun went on a family trip, while Kiwook mysteriously disappeared. Hyunsuk, who stayed with him for a while, left an hour later because he kept getting calls from the headquarters. Hyunsuk apologized but he had a lot more work to finish.

So it was just Jiwoo, all alone.

"I'm so lonely"

Normally, he didn't care about being alone, but today, he felt unusually lonely. He was envious of Hyojun and Kiwook, who had someone to care about, and he was impressed with Hyunsuk, who always kept himself busy with important work.

Unlike the three of them, Jiwoo had nothing else to do. The M was the only thing in his life. Jiwoo started to feel sorry for himself.

"I feel like a useless idiot."

Suddenly, he could feel the dark feelings he used to have when he was in depression. Jiwoo stretched his arms and legs, hoping to get rid of the unpleasant feelings.

Just then, someone called his name.

"Huh? Jiwoo Oppa?"

"Wow, Mikyung!"

It was Mikyung, who walked towards him and asked, "What are you doing in the middle of the street? I thought you were a crazy person."

"I'm so glad to see you! Do you have some time right now? Are you busy?"

Jiwoo was happy to see Mikyung. She was still a minor, so they couldn't go for a drink, but he felt like he would love to just talk to her.

The truth was, ever since they had that pleasant conversation at the lake, Jiwoo had been thinking about Mikyung a lot. It wasn't that he felt any romantic feelings for her, but he just felt very comfortable around her.

He was feeling unhappy, so seeing her here like this made him feel a lot better.

When he walked towards her with a wide smile, Mikyung froze. Her face started to become red as she answered hurriedly, "Of course I'm busy! I'm in grade 12 and am about to take my SAT."

Her voice sounded hoarse, so Jiwoo became worried. "Hey, do you have a cold or something? What's wrong with your voice?"

Jiwoo came even closer to her with a concerned face, making Mikyung blush even more.

'Oh his face the way he is looking at me DON'T! You are giving me a heartache! Gosh, how can a man look so gorgeous? Oh, oh my heart! Stop beating so hard! I'm going to die'

Mikyung tried to hide her feelings when Jiwoo suddenly felt her forehead with his hand.

"Okay, don't worry, you don't have a fever, Mikyung. You feel perfectly normal. But why are you so red?"

"Well, you are here and"

"Oh, I got it! You like me, don't you?"

"What? H-how could you ask like that?!"

"Why can't I? It's good to be honest. That's the best way to live. So, do you like me or not?"

"Well, I do of course but how could I"

"Alright, good then. I like you too."


"I like you too."


"Why do you sound so calm?"

"Well isn't that what you idols say to everyone. 'I love you all, my fans!' 'I am all yours!' Something like that?"

"But I'm not on a stage right now."


"This isn't a stage, so I am not talking to you as a singer to a fan."

"Umm, sir I feel like you are very westernized. So your definition of 'like' may not mean the same as how we use it in Korea I feel like you don't know what you are saying so"

"What? I know exactly what 'like' means! I 'like' jelly. I 'like' noodles. I 'like' forests.' And"

"Yup, there you go. So I am at the same level as jelly and noodles in your mind. Got it. But from now on, try not to blurt out that you 'like' someone, ok? They will be shocked to hear it."

"Huh? Why can't I say I like someone when I do?"

"Gosh, fine! Whatever! You are hopeless."

"What? Why? Why do you think I am hopeless?"

"It's fine, okay? Just stop. Let's forget about it. So, why did you ask me if I'm busy?"

"Play with me!'

"Oh, where are the other members?"

"They all had things to do, so they left me. I am bored and lonely, and I was just thinking about you and here you are! I am so happy! So play with me!"

When Jiwoo begged her like a child, Mikyung became confused.

'He was thinking about me? Why? What is he trying to say? Is he thinking about me like him craving noodles?'

Mikyung couldn't understand, but based on what she knew about Jiwoo, she was pretty sure that when Jiwoo said he liked her, he liked her as a person, not as a girl.

But still

While she hesitated, Jiwoo smiled again and begged her, "Let's go to a karaoke together!"

"K karaoke?"

When Mikyung still looked surprised, Jiwoo put his arm around her shoulder and explained, "Yes! I may not be as good of a singer as Hyunsuk or Kiwook, but I am still decent! I will sing a song for you, Mikyung, so let's go! I really don't want to be alone tonight. I will also buy you a yummy dinner, so please?"

His smile his hand on her shoulder

Mikyung had no choice but to say yes and follow him.

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