My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1 Chapter 106

Chapter 106

Mikyung wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing, but she was sure of one thing - Going on a date with Jiwoo would be a dream come true for her.

As she followed him, Mikyung thought guiltily, 'Oh, Hyoyoung this must be how you felt. I really want to call her but I can't!'

She felt like she was losing her mind. One moment, she was ecstatic, while she felt depressed the next.

When they arrived, Jiwoo had Mikyung sit and he quickly picked out a song.

"Okay, I got it! My first song will be dedicated to the lady sitting in front of me!"

Jiwoo smiled handsomely and picked up the microphone. Mikyung's heart continued to pound even harder.

'This oppa the way he smiles can kill a girl!'

Jiwoo obviously had no idea how Mikyung was feeling. He started to sing quickly. His singing voice was a bit lower than his speaking voice. It was a warm baritone.

The song Jiwoo picked was a love confession. The song talked about a man who was used to giving up many things in his life, but the one thing he couldn't lose was the girl he loved.

Mikyung couldn't help but become mesmerized by his singing. The song didn't require a lot of skills, and the honest way Jiwoo sang made it sound genuine and heartfelt.

When he was finished, Jiwoo looked at her in surprise.

"Hey, was my singing that great? You are crying, Mikyung."

"Huh? Tears?"

Mikyung didn't even realize she was crying. Jiwoo sat next to her and gently wiped her tears away.

"Oh, I didn't mean to make you cry."

Jiwoo grinned and announced, "Now, next song!" He picked it out quickly and said to her, "I am dedicating my second song to this lady as well!"

Mikyung couldn't think straight. Jiwoo, Red M, was holding a concert just for her.

The next song he picked out was a happier song.

"The street we used to walk together.

The chair we used to sit together.

I keep thinking about them. I can't help it.

The truth is, I keep thinking of you.

The truth is, I miss you.

The scenery I like, and

Songs I like

The truth is, I like them because they were your favorites.

I liked them because you liked them."

Jiwoo sang without breaking eye contact with Mikyung. But he danced funnily to make her laugh, and it worked. Mikyung laughed and clapped as he performed for her.

After he was done the second song, he didn't pick the next one. He sat down next to Mikyung.

"Hey, girl."

"Yeah? What's up?"

"I really like you."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. And after this, we will go eat the noodles you like so much. Let's do all the things you like today."

"No, I mean, I really like you."


"Just like the lyrics in this song I keep thinking about you."

"Are you feeling ill or something?"

"Oh my god! That is your answer to my love confession?"

"Well, why would you say you like me unless you were sick? I mean you? Like someone like me?"

"What's wrong with someone like you, Mikyung?"

"Nothing's wrong it's just that I'm a nobody."

"OMG Mikyung I am starting to get upset! Why would you say you are a nobody?"


"You are so beautiful, both inside and out!"


"So why don't we start seeing each other?"


"Not seriously, if you prefer. Just to get to know each other, you know. Go to the movies or karaoke dates and stuff. I would really like that."

"You want to date casually?"

"Oh, no. I don't like that word, casually... Just let's become friends first. And once you feel something for me then we can date more seriously."


"So let's meet often."

"Alright, let's do that sure why not whatever"

While Mikyung was shocked silly at Jiwoo's confession

While Hyoyoung was surprised to see Kiwook at the cottage.

Myunghee was getting beaten by her uncle President Shim in her tiny apartment.


After his meeting with President Kim, President Shim was furious. He couldn't control his anger.

President Shim was angry that nothing was going his way. President Kim refused to obey.

After getting drunk, President Shim found the only person who couldn't fight back.


Myunghee was used to his abuse, both verbal and physical. She was used to her uncle blaming her for everything.

But when he became drunk that was when things became truly ugly.

And this time, it was worse. Once he started to hit her, he couldn't stop. He lost his mind as he beat her, screaming that she betrayed him. President Shim was on the verge of being investigated by the police, and he no longer had leverage against The M.

President Shim threatened Myunghee that he would kill her if he didn't get the money he deserved.

And finally, he left the apartment.

After a few minutes, Myunghee woke up. Realizing her uncle was gone, she picked up her phone and made a call. After talking for a long time, she hung up and packed her bag.

Meanwhile, Kiwook walked up to Hyoyoung's family, who smiled at him awkwardly.

"Oh, welcome, Kiwook."

"Hello, there. You came! Hyojun told us you were coming, so we have been expecting you. Come have a seat. You haven't had dinner yet, right?"

Hyoyoung's mom walked up to Kiwook and gave him a quick but warm hug. Kiwook murmured, "I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to interrupt like this"

Hyojun replied bluntly, "Well you're here, so might as well have a seat and eat with us. The steaks are ready. Good timing."

Hyojun's tone was casual, making Kiwook feel more comfortable. Hyojun continued, "Mom, that jerk only eats medium-rare, so give me that piece of meat. I will cook it for him when the fire is still going."

Kiwook murmured with a smile, "Do a good job, please. Just a pinch of salt and pepper."

"Shut up, Kiwook. You better be just grateful that I am cooking this for you."

"Oh, don't be so mean, Hyojun."

"Shut up."

Hyoyoung smiled awkwardly as she watched them, while Hyoyoung's mom looked at the two guys proudly.

"It's so nice to have young men with us. I feel like I have two sons now."

Kiwook grinned and replied, "If you would have me as your son, I would be honored."

It was Hyoyoung who blushed at his words. She asked quietly, "How did you get here?"

Her question was so odd that everyone turned to her. Kiwook replied, "Umm I drove of course."

"Oh, that's not what I was asking."

"Well, wherever you are"

"Shut up! My parents are here, so don't say anything stupid!"

Hyoyoung was afraid Kiwook would say something corny and romantic as usual, so she punched his arm, making him wince. Hyoyoung's mom watched as she shook her head, "Gosh my own daughter, she is like a gangster! I thought I raised a quiet girly girl, but"

Hyoyoung's dad replied, "It's because Hyoyoung is just like you, honey. Kiwook how did you end up with Hyoyoung? You know she can be very scary, right?"

Hyoyoung's mom immediately raised her voice.

"Me? What are you talking about? Are you saying I'm rough? And what's wrong with Hyoyoung?"

"I didn't say anything was wrong with Hyoyoung, but remember when we used to date? Whenever I tried to say something romantic, you would punch me and yell at me! It was scary sometimes. Do you seriously not remember that?"

"WHAT? What are you saying? You lie, you liar! Gosh, you are making me look bad!"

"Oh my god, YOU are the liar! Everyone knows you were just like that! Hyoyoung is acting just like you!"

"What? Are you serious?"

"Totally! Anyway Kiwook, good luck to you."

Hyoyoung's mom and dad argued, making Kiwook smile. He no longer felt nervous.

"I'm okay, sir."

Hyojun still seemed cold, but he cooked the meat perfectly and placed the steak on Kiwook's plate.

"Thank you, Hyojun. It looks good."


"I said thank you."


"Thank you, Hyojun Ahn."

"Just shut up and eat."

Hyojun knew that Kiwook wasn't thanking him just for the steak. Hyojun felt bitter, but somehow, he also felt lighter. He sat down next to Kiwook and started to eat.

Hyoyoung, who still looked like she was in shock, began to eat as well.

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