My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 110

Volume 1 Chapter 110

Chapter 110

Hyunsuk's stepbrothers were good businessmen, but Hyunsuk was the best of them all. He was the smartest, and his older brothers were very proud of him.

Hyunsuk was able to get the best education money could buy, and his stepbrothers never once showed any jealousy towards him. They clearly and genuinely cared for Hyunsuk, and thanks to them, he was able to grow up in a comfortable, loving home.

He never really knew what love was, or how to love someone, but thanks to his older brothers, he learned to care for people.

Hyunsuk was thankful to his brothers, and that was why he wanted to make sure this current situation was taken care of perfectly. He wanted to repay his family by fixing this.

Hyunsuk wanted to be a brother they could be proud of.

Hyojun urged Hyunsuk, "What's taking you so long? Just spit it out!"

"Umm alright. Here is the gist of it."

Hyunsuk looked at everyone, then focused on Hyoyoung before continuing, "Firstly, the contract signing will take place tomorrow morning around 9 or 10."

"What? I thought it was going to be in the afternoon."

"We changed it to the morning, so that's why I asked you all to come here. We should be there for the signing."

"Alright. Things are moving so much faster than we expected."

"And after the signing, President Kim and I will be flying to China."


"It's because after the news gets released, we expect President Shim to go mad."

"That makes sense. It would be best for President Kim to stay away."

"And maybe tomorrow or maybe a week from tomorrow I haven't decided yet, but Myunghee will be sent to China as well."

"Myunghee Shin? Why?"

"President Shim beat her up pretty badly."

"What? He hit her? His own niece? What the hell!"

"Yeah I'm sure I can come up with a position for her in China."

"Wow I can't believe this."


"There is more?"

After a deep breath, Hyunsuk looked straight at Hyoyoung and continued, "In about 6 months, the new Korean headquarters of Shuineung Group will be opened. And Hyoyoung, I want you to become the president of it. I want you to lead it."


The news articles shook the nation.

-The most shocking company sale in history! It finally happened!

-Was the sale been from a long term plan, or was it done hastily?

-The controversial agency that manages The M. Could this be an innovative solution for their recent problems?

-Funded by a giant Chinese company. Will this fix everything, or will this be poison to The M?

-The M's new boss, Shuineung Group. What you need to know about this company.

-One of the biggest and richest companies in China chooses The M.

The news was released at 3 PM in the afternoon and it was a shock to everyone. The media didn't have much information about this transaction, so all they could release was whatever information that was provided by The M's agency.

That morning, the Chinese representatives of Shuineung Group arrived in Korea in secret. They did not call the media for photos; they appeared in normal business suits and they were greeted by Hyunsuk who came to take them to an extravagant hotel in Seoul.

Within two hours of their arrival, everything was done. The representatives bowed to President Kim and Hyunsuk respectfully and then discussed President Kim's upcoming visit to the Chinese headquarters.

Things happened so quickly that President Kim was surprised. Hyunsuk was the one who took careful note of everything.

Afterward, Hyunsuk said to President Kim, "Sir, it's time to go to the airport. I will contact the media with the news while in the car. And I think our stay in China will be about a week. When you return, you can take care of whatever final touches are needed with this sale. But for that, it would be best for you to rent another office space. I think it's best for us to cancel our lease of this current office as of today."

President Kim nodded. Hyunsuk turned to the three men in black suits and nodded, which made the men leave quickly to take care of whatever was necessary.

President Kim exclaimed, "Wow! You don't even have to order them with words anymore, huh? You just have to gesture and they understand?"

Hyunsuk grinned and patted President Kim's shoulders. He whispered, "Sir, we begin the main part of our journey now. I will be by your side, but still, you better keep your wits about you."

They started to walk towards the Chinese representatives, and watching the two, the other members of The M gaped.

"Wow! Hyunsuk looks different."

"Did you see him gesture to those huge guys? Hyunsuk looks so charismatic"

"So Hyunsuk is a super important guy It must've been hard for him to hide it all from everyone"

"He has everything! Compared to him, we looked like such losers."

"I know! By the way, what are WE supposed to do now?"

Before anyone could answer, Hyunsuk ran towards them, "Good job, guys."

The other members looked at him awkwardly and replied, "Well you did everything anyway, Hyunsuk."

Hyunsuk looked confused, "Hey, why are you guys looking at me like that? You guys are so silly." He smiled as Jiwoo answered, "It's just you feel different now. Before, whenever you were with us, you would usually remain quiet. Your nickname used to be Silent Blue M, remember? But now you look like one of those rich and successful guys you would only see in the movies. So yeah, we can't help but see you differently now."

Hyunsuk replied, "That's why I didn't tell you the truth before... I was afraid you would feel awkward around me. But guys, nothing has changed. I am still me, so I hope you treat me the same as before Oh, by the way!"

"What is it, Hyunsuk?"

When Hyojun asked worriedly, Hyunsuk answered, "Oh, it's just that President Kim and I will leave very soon and come back from China in about 10 days. The news of our agency sale will be released this afternoon, so"

"Oh You are worried about Jaehoon Shim."

"Yeah. Myunghee is safe in hiding, so you guys and Hyoyoung. Make sure to stay safe, ok?"

"Don't worry about us. We might also do a quick show about this too."

"Oh Yeah, that makes sense. I didn't even think of the need to announce this news ourselves as The M."

"No worries. Have a safe trip."

"Alright, I will contact you often."

Hyunsuk and President Kim left quickly, leaving the three guys behind.

"Wow, the whole process took only 20 minutes."

"I know. I just blinked, and it was all over."

"We should go too. Should we go for lunch or something?"

"Yes, I'm starving."

"Hmm, should we go to the office first?"

"What for? There isn't anything of ours there and Hyunsuk said yesterday that after today, that office space will be completely cleaned out."

"Oh, then those guys in black suits"

"Yeah, I think they went to the office to take care of it."

"Wow, Hyunsuk is so thorough."

"He can be scary"

While the three guys were chatting, Hyunsuk sent emails to various media outlets. The reporters were shocked and in disbelief.

"What the heck? Is this true?"

"It must be! What should we do?"

"What do you mean, what should we do? We need to honor the embargo and make sure we don't release this news till later."

"Wow but this is such huge news! Maybe we can just release it softly?"

"Don't even think about it. If you do, you are going to regret it."

"Alright, but this is so unexpected!"

It was a shock for Shuineung Group to enter the Korean market, and through The M no less. Once this news was released, the Korean entertainment industry was going to be changed forever. If the news was released before 3 PM, it would affect the stock prices greatly as well.

A few reporters, who were close friends to other entertainment company CEOs started to make calls.

"Hello, President Yang. Did you know about Shuineung Group entering the Korean market? Oh, you didn't? Well, we can't release the official news until after 3 PM because of the embargo, which means I can't give you the details either. But you know The M, right? Yes, yes that agency"

"President Park? I need to tell you something. It is very sensitive information. The M's agency has been taken over by a Chinese company. Yes, it's true. Because of the embargo, I haven't released the news yet and that is why I am giving you a call. You need to prepare yourself for this. Yes, yes No, not just The M, but the entire agency."

After making their calls, the reporters waited impatiently for 3 PM.

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