My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 111

Volume 1 Chapter 111

Chapter 111

The reporters had their breaking news articles ready to be released exactly at 3 PM. Some even went out to do more research, in hopes of finding additional information to include in their articles.

Reporter Byungjun Lee, who was the one who had reported Jaehoon Shim's stories, laughed in shock when he heard the news.

"What the heck is this? What is happening here?"

Byungjun Lee read it over and over again, and no matter how he analyzed it, it didn't seem like a temporary measure to cover up the recent scandals. A merger like this took time, so it seemed like a legitimate business move. In fact, it looked like the recent negative rumors may have been spread on purpose, possibly by the Chinese group, to decrease the value of The M's agency right before the purchase.

The timing was too good to be a coincidence.

Byungjun Lee murmured, "Wait a minute. So it seems like the Chinese company has been planning this for a while now. They must've done research on each member of The M, and that is why despite the recent rumors, the Chinese company still went ahead with the purchase. That must mean the question is whether Jaehoon Shim knew about this. He knew so much about each member so it doesn't make sense that he didn't know about the upcoming sale. I mean, he used to have three of the four members as his own trainees. He even knew their parents! Then! Why did he seek me out to release the stories? Why?"

He frowned, trying to figure out what was happening.

"Could it be that he was PAID to use me? To release these false scandals? That bastard!"

Byungjun dropped his pen and continued, "If he was paid by the Chinese group, then that must be what really happened. Yes that's right. Got paid by the Chinese to get The M's agency involved in a bad scandal. It would make it easier for the Chinese group to get a better deal when taking over the agency Dammit! That must've been what happened! OMG That asshole. I should've known! So he used me! He was a spy for the Chinese company! Ha"

Suddenly, he sighed.

"Well, maybe I'm just being crazy. At least, I can't assume anything. I need to do my own research. But if Jaehoon Shim DIDN'T know about this Then it means that he was the biggest idiot in all this, right?"

Byungjun was still very confused. He couldn't figure out the truth. He started to write something, then stop and pace around and sigh. The other workers in the office looked at him strangely, but he didn't care.

He had to come up with a plan. A plan that would save him no matter what the truth was. If for some reason Shuineung Group came after him for releasing false news that defamed The M, he could end up being blamed for everything.

"Ok, the first thing is to release a positive article about The M and"

After thinking some more, Byungjun sat in front of his computer and quickly wrote a short article. It was about how The M was a very talented group and that it would be a shame if the recent scandal negatively affected the group's reputation and career. He released it on the online news site.

"Ok, now the next thing for me to do is"

After a brief hesitation, he made a call.

"Oh, hello. It's me, President Shim I mean, Mr. Jaehoon Shim."


Hyojun murmured as he looked at his phone, "I think the reporters are already on the move by now."

Hyojun, Jiwoo, and Kiwook were in a hotel suite in Seoul, arranged by Hyunsuk. Hyunsuk suggested that for now it would be best for the members to stay in a hotel room.

So after the contract was signed, the three went immediately to the hotel room. They were so tired that when they saw the comfortable beds, they each jumped onto them.

Jiwoo asked Hyojun, "Why do you say that? Is there a new article?"

"Byungjun Lee Isn't this guy the one who initially wrote all the bad things about us? The one who got the stories from Jaehoon Shim?"

"Yeah, that's right. Hmm so I guess he is on damage control now."

"Wow, that was fast. So this guy must know about the merger?"


Just then, Hyojun's phone rang. It was a call from Hyunsuk.

Hyojun answered in confusion, "Huh? Aren't you on a plane now?"

"Yes. Would it sound too arrogant if I said I am important enough that I can make calls in planes?"


"A, alright. Thanks for being honest, my friend."

"So what's up? Did something happen?"

"Nothing crazy, but I wanted to talk about it before we land. Did you see the article by Reporter Lee?"


"Good. I assume he did it just in case we go after him. He isn't as daring as I expected him to be."

"Yeah so what about it?"

"This means that President Shim has no one now. He is all alone in the world. Abandoned by everyone."

"Exactly. Even the reporter he trusted has turned on him."

"Yes. And Myunghee isn't around for him to blame. President Kim is also gone, so"

"He is going to lose it."

"Yup, and that is why I called you. Tell Kiwook to meet with that reporter."


"I read a lot of his articles and looked into him, and it seems that Byungjun Lee is a selfish coward. I guarantee you that he wants to survive this in any way possible."

"But why Kiwook?"

"Those articles he wrote were mainly about Kiwook. If Kiwook shows up, that reporter is going to feel awkward and apologetic. He will listen to Kiwook and will want to help. Get Kiwook to tell that reporter about the other trainees."

"Oh, you want President Shim destroyed for good, right?"

"Yes. It would be almost impossible to find individual trainees from President Shim's old company so they can tell their story. We need to do this."

"Ok, got it. Anything else?"

"Make sure to keep Hyoyoung safe. Is she still in shock?"

"Yeah. Are you surprised? I mean, why did you give her such a huge position all of a sudden"

"It's not all of a sudden. I have been thinking about it and studying it for months now. The people over at Chinese headquarters also agree that this would be a good thing to try."

"But she is still a child"

"Hey, she is more mature than all of us combined. You know that, right?"

"Yeah, fine. I will get Kiwook to contact that reporter."

"Ok, but not right now. Do it tomorrow."

"Alright. Good luck in China."

"Thanks. I will call you later."

After hanging up, Hyojun shook his head, "Hyunsuk is such a businessman."

"Wow, so that was Hyunsuk? Calling from the plane? That is amazing!"

"Yup, and Kiwook, you need to meet with Byungjun Lee tomorrow."

"Me? Why?"

"To destroy Jaehoon Shim once and for all."

"Oh I see."

"Exactly. Hyunsuk called to make this order."

"And what did he say about Hyoyoung?"

"Nothing much, just to make sure she's ok."

"Hmm Do you really think she is okay? I mean, we are all here"

"She needs some time alone. You need to stop overprotecting her, Kiwook."

"Hyojun, are you serious? YOU are the one who is overprotective."

"Shut up. You need to remember that I am still not ok with you."

Watching Hyojun and Kiwook argue, Jiwoo quietly took out his phone and started to send text messages.

-Hey, my girl! Good morning! There is going to be big news released in the afternoon today, so don't get too shocked. We are all ok! I miss you so much!

Jiwoo looked at his phone with a smile and started to hum happily.

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