My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 112

Volume 1 Chapter 112

Chapter 112

Meanwhile, Hyoyoung and Mikyung were at school looking shocked. Their classmates whispered, "What's wrong with those two?"

All morning, Hyoyoung and Mikyung had been sighing and looking confused. Finally, Mikyung asked Hyoyoung, "What happened to you? Why are you acting this way?"

"Well, what about you? You are acting the same way."

"Hyoyoung, you know why."

"No, I don't. You should be jumping with joy, yet you are sighing and looking unhappy."

"You would think so, but it feels so unreal that all I can do is sigh and try to digest my reality."

"So you finally get how I must've felt."

"Yes, 100%. Totally! I'm really sorry that I wasn't more understanding, my friend"

"It's fine now. And as someone who went through this, I will give you advice."

"Yes, please."

"Time will fix everything. It will make everything ok."

"Hmm sounds too clich."

"Yeah, but clichs are clichs for a good reason. It's because it's the truth."


"When these things happened to me, I couldn't understand. Why me? Why? What should I do? Will I be able to survive it? But as time passed, things got better. It was easier for me to deal with it and accept the new norm."

"So you have become wise."

"More like I learned how to survive."


"Yeah, because I thought I was going to die"

Mikyung murmured, "Hyoyoung"

"I really thought I was going to die. I couldn't tell anyone about what was happening. Everyone misunderstood the situation I wasn't doing anything, yet I was forced to lie over and over again I thought I was going to lose my mind."

"Hey I'm sorry"

"I'm not telling you this to make you apologize. It's all in the past now, so I'm fine."


"Jiwoo Oppa is a great guy. You know that, right?"

"Of course, and that is why this situation is even harder to believe."

"He recognized you as being a good person too, so congrats!"

"Thanks. By the way, everything worked out for you, right? So why are you looking upset?"

"Hmm I feel like"


"Like I was thrown into an unrealistic situation. And yes, things are finally settling down, and I was thinking that it is all over, when suddenly I was told that there is a second part to this crazy story!"


"You would think things can't get any weirder, but then, it does!"

"What happened?"

"Gosh, I can't tell you anything now. Not yet I need to sort things out first."

"Got it. That's fine. But when you are ready, you know where I am."

"Totally. In fact, I may need a lot of advice and help from you about this event."

"Wow, I am excited and scared at the same time, but I will be ready."

"Thanks. I mean it."


"What? What's happening?"

"Hyoyoung, this reporter Byungjun Lee Isn't he the guy who released those nasty articles about you and The M?"

Mikyung suddenly showed an article on her phone to Hyoyoung, and after skimming through, Hyoyoung replied, "That's right."

"So why did he release this new article about The M? It sounds like he changed his mind or something."

"Oh Could it be?"

"Why? What happened?"

"Oh, nothing it's just"

"Hey, wait a minute. I got a text from Jiwoo Oppa Hmm? He says that something shocking is going to happen in the afternoon?"

"What? Jiwoo Oppa sent you a text? Let me see!"

"Hey, stop! There is no need"

Mikyung's face turned red and she tried to hide her cellphone, but Hyoyoung was faster. Hyoyoung exclaimed, "OMG! Wow what a romantic! 'I miss you so much?' Are you kidding me?"

"Hey, come on! Like Kiwook Oppa didn't say something like that to you!"


"Should we check? Should we have a look at the texts Kiwook Oppa sent you?"

"No thanks. By the way, Mikyung what's important now is"

"Oh, that's right? So what is happening in the afternoon?"

"Umm lend me your ear."

To make sure no one overheard her, Hyoyoung whispered to Mikyung, who exclaimed, "What?!"

She stood up in shock, and everyone in the classroom stared at her. Realizing her mistake, Mikyung started to laugh awkwardly, "Hahaha. I think I forgot to do my homework! Oh my Oh well I guess I am in trouble now! Hahaha!"

Hyoyoung whispered, "You are acting awkwardly, Mikyung."

Mikyung sat down slowly and when everyone seemed to lose interest, Mikyung asked Hyoyoung quietly, "Hey, are you serious?"

"Yup. The news will be released at 3 PM today, so make sure you don't say a word about it."

"Will there be more reporters swarming the school in the afternoon?"

"Oh I didn't think of that."

"Let's tell our teacher and leave early. 2 PM would be best."

"Both of us?"

"Of course. I can't let you go alone, Hyoyoung."

"Well I'm not sure if that's necessary Besides, will our teacher let both of us go?"

"Don't worry about that. Leave it to me. I will be right back."

Meanwhile, Jaehoon Shim was shaking in anger after getting a call from Byungjun Lee.

"That bastard Is he crazy?"

He threw his phone on the floor and screamed, "I will kill everyone!"


After Byungjun Lee's call, President Shim couldn't calm down. He read the new article by the reporter as well, and he finally realized that things were not going according to plan.

"So he is abandoning me too?"

This was not what he expected. He knew that getting any money from this was going to be hard, but Jaehoon never thought the entire agency would slip from his grasp. At most, he thought The M would disband and each member would debut solo, at which time he planned to blackmail them again.

But now, a Chinese company had taken over The M's agency, which meant game over for him. Jaehoon Shim never expected President Kim to give up his company this easily. It was shocking to think that President Kim, who was a mediocre businessman at best, could come up with such a deal.

A major Chinese agency that took over The M's company told the world that the recent scandals were not true. This meant that Jaehoon Shim no longer had any weapons to use against The M.

"What the hell! How did he pull this off?"

He panted in anger and called Myunghee's number, but it was no longer in service. Jaehoon Shim murmured, "What? That b*tch! She thinks she can escape me?"

He then called President Kim's number, but it too was not in service.

"This can't be! I I need to see with my own eyes to believe it. Maybe Byungjun is just messing with me"

He took a cab to The M's agency, but when he got off, he was shocked.

"What? How?"

The building was blocked off with tape and from inside, men were coming out with boxes after boxes. President Shim tried to walk in, but the security guards stopped him immediately. Jaehoon Shim screamed, "Who do you think you are?"

"You can't go inside, sir. It's too dangerous and it is not open to the public at this point."

"What do you mean, dangerous? I work there, so I have the right to go in."

"We know you don't work here. You aren't on the list."


"Please leave right now. You can't go in."

"How dare you! Do you know who I am? And what list? Who made the list? I will get you guys all fired Hey, what do you think you are doing? Let me go!"

The security guards grabbed Jaehoon Shim and pushed him out.

"Please sir, you need to stop. If you don't leave right now, we will have to call the police."

"What? The police? Fine! Call them! I dare you!"

Jaehoon Shim continued to scream and cause a scene.

From nearby, Hyojun, Kiwook, and Jiwoo were in the car watching it all unfold. Hyojun murmured, "I thought this might happen"

"Yeah, me too. I think the reporters are starting to show up, so let's go back to our hotel."

"Gosh, that guy how stupid can he be?"

"Well, once a jerk, always a jerk."

Hyojun shook his head and added, "I'm going to call the police first."

Afterward, they drove off.

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