My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 115

Volume 1 Chapter 115

Chapter 115

"Just how long are you going to act like this?"

"What! How can you say that to me?! How dare you! Big sis, have you forgotten how you have used me all your life?!"

Late one afternoon, President Shim and his older sister were arguing loudly in a police station in Seoul. President Shim was arrested for trespassing. He also fought the policemen as he got arrested, which added to his charge.

Resisting arrest.

Even in the police station, he continued to make a scene. Myunghee's mother, President Shim's older sister, came when she heard the news, but she was unsympathetic. That morning, Myunghee called her and told her everything as she sobbed. Myunghee's mom felt terrible, because she knew it was partly her fault. She also despised her younger brother for what he did.

When she walked into the police station, she saw and heard her brother screaming. He looked desperate, but she didn't feel sympathetic or concerned.

She felt cold towards him.

President Shim, on his part, felt hateful towards his sister. He was disappointed in her. When he lived in Bali, she never once called him. Before he went bankrupt, his sister used to call him all the time to ask for money and help. But when his business went under, she stopped talking to him.

He felt resentful, so when they met at the police station, their reunion didn't go well. They immediately started to fight, not caring that people were staring at them. At first, the policemen tried to stop them, but after a while, they realized that it was pointless. They just stood back and watched.

There were several civilians in the station, and some people videotaped the argument between President Shim and his sister. The video was released online and it quickly spread. During the argument, President Shim ended up revealing the truth about what he did to The M. He was so angry that he didn't think clearly as he spat out the words, and it was too late.

The public became excited with the news and the reporters wrote articles after articles about President Shim.

-The Truth About The M's Move to China: Was It To Escape Their Old Boss?

-Was The M's Silence A Way Of Being Loyal To Their Old Agency?

- The M Has Been Silent For A Good Reason!

-The M's Silence Was The Best Move.

The articles insinuated The M as an innocent and loyal group who tried to protect President Shim, despite the fact that he tried to ruin them. The M's current agency was also now seen by the public as a company who tried its best to protect its artists by giving up the control to a stronger company.

It was partly true, but no one expected things to turn around this fast and this drastically.

Mikyung and Jiwoo sat in a playground and chatted.

"Wow, Mikyung. The articles keep getting better and better online. While we have been talking, the story changed like three times! It's amazing."

"What? What are they saying now?"

Jiwoo looked at his phone and continued, "Apparently, President Shim made a scene in a police station. People saw this and videotaped it and it got uploaded online, and people are speculating but anyway, that's not the important thing here. Right now, it's all about you and me."

"Umm, Oppa"


"I am a bit confused."

"About what?"

"Well this what we have here Are we dating?"


"Oh I see Seriously?"

"I like you and you like me, right?"


"A man and a woman who like each other, spending time together Isn't that the definition of dating?"

"Umm Well, that's true, but You told me that you 'like' noodles and forests and yogurt"

When Mikyung mumbled in confusion, Jiwoo shrugged his shoulders in confusion as well.

Just then someone from behind them said loudly, "You are the biggest idiot!"


It was Hyojun, who stood behind them. Jiwoo stuttered in shock, "W-what the hell! What are you doing here?"

Mikyung also mumbled, "AHH! Oh.. Hello"

When the couple tried to stand up, Hyojun grabbed both of them and pushed them down. After making sure they remained seated, Hyojun walked in front of them.


"Yes, Hyojun Oppa?"

Hyojun looked at both of them as he took Mikyung's hand with one hand, and Jiwoo's hand with the other. Hyojun explained, "This idiot definitely does NOT see you at the same level as noodles. It's just that Jiwoo is so immature that the way he expresses his feelings is improper. Very childish. It is very true that he likes you. I can guarantee you that, so don't feel confused. All you have to decide is yes or no."


"I am getting involved, against my better judgement, because I can see that things between you guys are going sideways. I am trying to explain the situation to you, Mikyung. This guy really likes you. For real."

Jiwoo protested, "Hey! Why are you confessing my love for me? And Mikyung! Did you really doubt my words? Did you really think that I see you like I see noodles?"

Jiwoo stood up in shock, but Hyojun pushed him down onto the bench again and continued, "Jiwoo, listen carefully."


"The way you express your feelings It's very hard for other people to understand it because you are too direct and frank. It is too straightforward that people can mistake it as a joke."

"Oh my god."

"So from time to time, Jiwoo, you need to learn to talk less frankly You know, in codes metaphors and such. Ok?"

"Codes Metaphors"

Hyojun waved at them and said to Mikyung, "I'll be going. And Mikyung."

"Yes, Oppa."

When Mikyung looked up quickly, Hyojun continued, "Thank you."


"For everything. Being Hyoyoung's friend and taking care of her And also taking in this guy My childish stupid friend."

"Oh, ok"

"And Jiwoo! Make sure you come back home soon. We will be doing an online show tomorrow morning, so we have to get ready tonight."

And with that, Hyojun finally walked away. Jiwoo was holding Mikyung's hand and they remained seated in silence. After a few awkward minutes, Mikyung finally asked, "Umm Oppa"



"I saw a rainbow behind you."


"You were so sparkly that I kept thinking about you."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Hyoyoung is a special girl. She shines wherever she goes."

"I agree"

"And you would think that whoever stands next to her would be shadowed by her, but you seem to reflect her light and sparkle with your own colors. It is very pretty to watch."


"And that was why I wanted to be by your side."


"I have never been close to a rainbow Don't they say no one can ever truly find it? And at the end of a rainbow, there is supposed to be a treasure Anyway, I think I was being too impatient and unclear."

"Well, it's not that the thing is"

"I like you."


"The amount of time you spend with someone It doesn't really matter. When you know, you know. A rainbow never lasts long, but everyone can recognize its beauty immediately."

" Thank you."

"So you aren't confused or unsure anymore?"

"I'm good."

"So I can keep holding your hand like this?"


Mikyung finally could understand Jiwoo's feelings. She smiled shyly and Jiwoo grinned back. Hyojun watched them from afar and shook his head.

"That idiot He finally got it, I guess."

Hyojun continued to walk away and grinned. Then suddenly, his smile turned bitter as he murmured, "Well, actually, I guess I am the idiot. The biggest idiot among the four of us."

Hyojun spotted an empty cab and got on it to return to the hotel. He didn't see him, but Kiwook was just around the corner. After Hyojun left his house, Hyoyoung called Kiwook. She wanted to talk to him, and Kiwook offered to come by rather than talking on the phone.

Kiwook wondered uncomfortably, 'Should I text Hyojun that I came here?'

He was about to take out his phone when suddenly, he spotted Mikyung and Jiwoo in the playground. They were holding hands together and looking shy but very happy. Kiwook suddenly felt mischievous, so he crept towards them very quietly.

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