My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 116

Volume 1 Chapter 116

Chapter 116

"Are you guys having a good time?"


When Kiwook crept up behind them and whispered, Jiwoo and Mikyung jumped in shock.

Jiwoo screamed, "What the! You guys! What is wrong with you people? Why are you doing this to us?"

"You guys? What are you talking about?"

Mikyung explained, "Just a little while ago, Hyojun Oppa did the same thing to us"

"Hyojun did?"

"Yes. He came to explain how Jiwoo Oppa felt about me. Afterwards, he left."

"What? That Hyojun he is so nosy and a know-it-all."

Jiwoo quickly protested, "No! Not at all! He is a total cupid!"

Taking a deep breath, Jiwoo asked, "So what is it with you guys and these pranks?"

"Hyojun and I didn't plan it together or anything. Hyojun came to see Hyoyoung because she asked for him And I came here because I wanted to see Hyoyoung."

"What? Is Hyoyoung like gravity to you and Hyojun? You guys always rotate around her. She is like a center of your lives."

"I'm not sure about Hyojun, but for me Gravity Yeah, that's exactly it. Hyoyoung is my gravity."

Jiwoo exclaimed in disgust, "Oh my god, I can't take your corny jokes. Yuck!"

"Well, you will know how I feel very soon, Jiwoo. Anyway, see you guys later."

"Yes, please, go away!"

Kiwook smiled and disappeared. Jiwoo turned to Mikyung and said to her, "This playground It's not the right place for us. Let's make sure we never meet here again."

Mikyung laughed loudly and replied, "Wow, Oppa, you are so cute. I never realized that until now."

Jiwoo winked adorably and replied, "And I am going to get even cuter and cuter, so you better be ready for me!"

Meanwhile, Kiwook was walking towards Hyoyoung's home. Just as he turned around the corner, there she was, waiting for him.


"I figured you would be arriving right about now."

Hyoyoung smiled, and Kiwook hugged her tightly and whispered, "I knew it! You are really my gravity!"

She pushed him away and whispered back, "Stop! People might be watching us. Let's go inside."

Kiwook held her hand carefully and they walked together to her home. Kiwook asked, "So did you have a nice talk with Hyojun?"

"Yeah, he left just a little while ago, but I guess you didn't see him?"

"Oh, I didn't tell him I was coming here."

"I did. After I got off the phone with you, I texted Hyojun Oppa."

"Oh, good. Thanks."

"What Hyunsuk Oppa offered me"

"I am sure you will do just fine, so don't worry about it."


"What? What's wrong?"

"You said you didn't get to talk to Hyojun Oppa!"

"I didn't. Why?"

"Then how did you know what I decided to do?"

"Well Weren't you worrying about whether or not you would be able to do a good job? If you weren't going to accept it, you would've said it right away"

"Wow this is scary."

"What is?"

"You oppas. You guys know me too well. Or is it that I am that obvious? Hyojun Oppa said the exact same thing as what you said just now."

"Don't you think it makes sense though?"


"Hyojun and I We both love you."


"And that is why we both know what you are thinking and how you feel."

The next day, Hyoyoung finally decided to tell Mikyung about how she was going to become the acting president of the agency.

Mikyung stammered, "Well Umm"

"I'm sorry, Mikyung. It's too shocking and sudden, isn't it?"

"Yeah, but just give me a minute"

"Mikyung, are you going to be ok?"

"What do you think? I am in shock! I am surprised that I can talk at all at this moment!"

"I'm sorry"

"It's not something to be sorry about. I am just in shock, and it's going to take me some time to recover from it. All the things that happened these last few months have been so crazy."

"That's an understatement."

"I was already in shock after watching The M's online show this morning, and now this from you"

"I understand Didn't Jiwoo Oppa tell you yesterday about it?"

"Well, he didn't"

"What? That Jiwoo Oppa! I'm going to smack him!"

"You better not touch him, or else!"

"Wow Taking your boyfriend's side"

"Oh, shut up! This is too embarrassing Anyway, I did meet with Jiwoo Oppa last night but thanks to your oppa and Kiwook Oppa, we didn't have much time to ourselves I think Jiwoo Oppa forgot to tell me. After we parted, Jiwoo Oppa did text me that there was going to be news at the next morning, and that I shouldn't be too worried about it. He said he was going to explain everything today when we meet later."

"So. they announced that they won't be working in Korea for a while."

"Hyoyoung, did you know about this?"


"You did! You could've told me!"

"The guys told me 5 minutes before the show this morning! I was about to leave the house to go to school when my oppa told me."


"I know how rude."

"And now, Hyoyoung, you are telling me this huge news!"

"Yeah, I know Sorry. By the way, you will still get to see Jiwoo Oppa, obviously, but we won't get to see The M in acting for a while now It's upsetting."

"I agree."

"It will take at least a few months for The M to get ready for the next album and I will be deeply involved in this process so don't worry, Mikyung. I will be giving you good bits and pieces of their progress as it happens."

"Are we going to ignore the fact that you will now become the new acting president of the company?!"


"It's so crazy! Your life, Hyoyoung, is so grand! I can't imagine what will happen next."

"Hahaha sorry don't hate me too much."

"What are you talking about? I would never hate you! Being your friend is going to become even more interesting! And shocking too!"

"By the way You need to keep all this a secret"

"Are you serious? Of course, I am not going to tell anyone about this! Especially the way the fans are reacting right now"

They both turned around to see their classmates in shock. The girls were crying and protesting loudly.

"The M! Why! Why? I thought the group was going to make a comeback immediately!"

"Why can't we see them anymore? When will they come back? Are they serious about this?"

"Gosh! If I knew this was going to happen, I would've loved them even harder!"

That morning, at 10 AM, The M carried out a live online show for 13 minutes. The members' announcement was a shock to everyone.

Temporary departure from the entertainment industry.

Most of the time, when a group announced such news, it meant that the group was disbanding.

Hyojun started the show calmly, "We are here to inform you of something very important."

The three members, excluding Hyunsuk, were wearing masks and regular clothes. There was a curtain behind them, and through the curtain, faint outlines of the buildings outside could be seen.

The fans watching the show started to guess where the members were filming. Some believed they were at someone's home, while others claimed that it had to be their new agency building. A few fans said that from the way the table and the chairs were arranged, it had to be a family home and the house looked like it was old, at least 10 years old.

The viewers also wondered about Hyunsuk's absence. Was there dissension between the members? Was Hyunsuk being bullied?

But most of them believed it when Hyojun explained that Hyunsuk was away on official business. After the short but informative online show, the members sighed in relief and started to read the comments by the viewers.

The remarks and the observations by their observant fans were surprising and remarkable.

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