My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 117

Volume 1 Chapter 117

Chapter 117

The three guys read the comments with awe.

"Wow People are such good detectives in general."

"Hey, did you read this one? 'The house where The M did the online show looks like it is at least over 10 years old One of the cups in the shot was a popular brand design from 12 years ago' OMG, who is this person?"

"Oh my god. How about this one? 'The shirt Black M was wearing during the show was a limited edition item that was sold only at the stores located in Seohyun and Gangnam.' Is this for real? They are saying they can guess about when and where Black M bought that shirt Oh my Hey, Hyojun, did you really buy that from one of these stores?"

"Umm yeah at the Seohyun store"

"I'm so scared right now."

"Here is the even scarier part. I will read it to you. 'Black M seemed like he was very depressed as if he was holding his intense emotions deep inside of him. It looked like he is under a lot of pressure to protect, yet he also has a great ambition and desire to take whatever it is that he wants. Although he knows that things won't work out the way he hopes, he seems to be denying the fact because of his pride. The way he clenches his fists often, how he uses certain words, and how he tightens his lips all show how he is having difficulties dealing with his dilemma. As for Red M, he seems like someone who doesn't think much. He appears to care most about his pleasure. I wouldn't be surprised if he is secretly dating someone.' Who is this person? What the hell!"

Jiwoo asked, "What did that person say about me? That I don't think much?"

Hyojun replied, "I guess I am really easy to read, just like Hyoyoung. It seems that our fans can tell how we are feeling and what we are thinking."

"There are so many smart people in the world"

"Hey, Kiwook, why aren't you reading stuff about yourself out loud? That's not fair!"

"That's right! What do people say about Purple M?"

"Well they are saying I am someone with a lot of pain and desire to be loved."

"OMG! These things have to be written by people who know us!"

"Whatever. This is ridiculous."

Meanwhile, the kids at school were also talking about The M's online show. They were murmuring and whispering among themselves, and finally, her classmates slowly approached Hyoyoung.


She had been expecting this. She put on a bright smile and turned to her friends. They asked, "Is this really true? We.. won't be able to see the oppas anymore?"

They looked at her beggingly, wishing Hyoyoung would say it was all a lie. She asked quietly, "Do you want the truth?"

"Of course! Tell us!"

Hyoyoung looked around slowly and replied, "The group isn't dismantling. They are just taking some time"

As soon as she answered, the girls sighed and clapped loudly. Some even began to cry.

"Gosh! Hyoyoung, you should've told us sooner! Do you know how worried we all were?!"

"Could you tell your oppa and your boyfriend to stop making us worry? Please?"

Hyoyoung thought to herself secretly, 'Gosh, that's exactly what I want from them too!'

Kiwook checked the most recent articles and the reactions from the public before calling the reporter Byungjun Lee, as was suggested by Hyunsuk.


Reporter Lee seemed very annoyed. His voice sounded frustrated and Kiwook hesitated. With a small sigh, Kiwook replied, "I'm The M's Purple M. My name is Kiwook Noh."

"Oh hello"

"Sir, I think it's time we meet."

"Oh, yes, of course. I was going to contact you soon"

"Can I visit you at your office in about an hour?"

"Oh, here? Well, you don't have to come down all the way here I mean"

"No, I want to see where you work, and to meet you in person. I think we have some things to talk about."

"Oh, I see Alright. I will see you in an hour."

After hanging up, Kiwook grabbed his jacket and said to Hyojun, "I'm going out to see that reporter, Byungjun Lee."

"What are you going to talk about?"

"Well, I don't think I will the one talking much. Don't you think?"

"You think so?"

"Just showing up in front of him in person should be enough of a warning, right?"

"Based on my understanding, I don't think that reporter is that timid. He won't be that easy to intimidate."

"Hmm Do you remember that phrase we both got wrong when we were in high school?"

"I think there were more than one we got wrong at the time. Why would you think I would remember them all?"

"But there was that particular one. You know, it went like you defeat your enemy by using your other enemy or something like that. Why can't I remember?"

"Oh, divide and conquer?"

"Yeah, that one! That saying fits this situation exactly."

"You think President Shin will quiet down?"

"No, he will never back down."

"Then why?"

"I just want to teach him a lesson. No matter how sneaky and tricky he thinks he is, there are and always will be times when he just can't win."

"I don't think it will work out that easily It won't be as simple as you think."

"I know, but I still need to try my best."

"Alright. Do you want me to go with you, Kiwook?"

"Not necessary. I think can see why Hyunsuk asked me to go instead of you guys."

"Because of your mom?"

"Yeah. That will my first topic of discussion with the reporter. I am going to tell him that I may sue him for character defamation."

"Alright, good luck. While you are gone, I am going to work on the task Hyunsuk gave me."

"He got you to do something too?"

"Yeah, he actually sent me a whole list. I swear, Hyunsuk must never sleep. Or maybe he works even in his dreams."

"You got an email from him, didn't you? What did it say?"

"The usual. He said President Kim is super busy finishing up the deal and Hyunsuk is helping him out while also keeping an eye on the situation here He said there are a few things that need to be taken care of, and he asked me to do them But I guess his definition of 'a few' is different than ours. He sent me 46 tasks to complete."


"Yeah, but they are mostly small easy things, so it shouldn't be too hard. I will be busy for a while, but it won't be that bad. You just go on ahead."

"Alright. See you later."

After Kiwook left, Hyojun read over the list Hyunsuk sent again carefully. He murmured, "I can understand most of them, but what is 'CEO School?' And he really thinks Hyoyoung should give up on SAT and do this? Gosh"

Just then, he heard someone from behind.

"Hyoyoung is going to give up on her SAT?"

It was his mom.

"Oh, Mom!"

He stood up in surprise and explained, "Well, we were going to explain it to you when it became official By the way, why are you here?"

"This is my house, isn't it? Do I need permission to come to my own house? And what do you mean Hyoyoung is going to give up on her SAT?"

"Mom, it's not a bad thing. It was Hyoyoung's decision. When she gets home from school today, she will explain everything to you."

"Alright. Oh and I just saw Kiwook. Is it ok for him to go about alone like that?"

"Yeah, it's fine. Kiwook went to meet that reporter, Byungjun Lee."

"Oh, your father is meeting that reporter right now as we speak."

"WHAT? How? Why?"

"To teach him a lesson, of course! That reporter caused our family so many problems, so he needs to be punished! Your father took his lawyer with him to see that reporter. Byungjun Lee is going to never forget this day."

"Wow, you got that right, Mom. And when Dad is done with him, it will be Kiwook's turn. I almost feel bad for Byungjun Lee."

"Anyway, you sure nothing bad is happening with Hyoyoung?"

"I'm sure, Mom. Don't worry."

Just then, the front door opened and Hyoyoung walked in.

"I'm home!"

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