My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1 Chapter 119

Chapter 119

Hyojun was moving down the list Hyunsuk gave him and was crossing them out one by one. He murmured, "Gosh, this is so annoying So much to do" Many things on the list were business related tasks. Hyojun was unfamiliar with most of the things, but he researched and took his time to accomplish each one perfectly.

"Finally, the last one Oh, no"

After completing all the administrative chores, he was on the last job on the list and it was

-Meeting Myunghee.

These last few days, Hyunsuk was busy in China, but he continued to keep in contact with Myunghee and discuss what was best for her future. In the end, she decided to leave Korea and start afresh in China. Hyunsuk made notes for Hyojun so he could explain the details of the plan to Myunghee.

"And what's this note? Stupid Hyunsuk"

At the bottom of the list, Hyunsuk wrote down a request.

-Please think of Myunghee as if she is your own little sister. Be nice to her, but make sure not to come onto her or flirt with her!

"What the hell! I don't even know how to flirt. What the hell is he talking about! Stupid Hyunsuk."

Grumbling loudly, Hyojun headed towards the hotel where Myunghee was staying.

Jiwoo was with Mikyung having a sweet date, while Hyojun was on his way to the hotel feeling awkward. Kiwook was heading towards his mom's place, and Hyunsuk was in China, busy with the final steps of the merger. For the first time in a very long time, every member of The M was busy with their personal time.

Meanwhile, Hyoyoung was in downtown Shibuya with her mom. They were crossing the street when Hyoyoung said, "Mom."

"Yes, my girl?"

"Hyunsuk Oppa is apparently one of the sons of Shuineung Group's CEO."

"What? Hyoyoung, you need to break up with Kiwook and seduce Hyunsuk!"

"You can be so annoying, Mom."

"Oh, come on! I was just joking obviously."

"Hmm I'm not sure"

"I knew it! I always thought Hyunsuk looked so calm and wealthy"

"No, you didn't! You said he looked dark and too quiet!"

"What? Me? Never! I said he looked very responsible."

"OMG, you are such a liar, Mom!"

"Wait a minute! Is that why Shuineung Group took over The M's agency? With Hyunsuk's help?"

"Hmm It's true that Hyunsuk Oppa did most of the work needed to make the deal happen."

"Wow, that's crazy What an amazing young man If I had one more daughter"

"Hmm, ma'am. Let's focus on what's important, ok?"

"But the story about Hyunsuk is so interesting."

"Well, what I'm about to tell you right now is going to be even more interesting"

"Oh, what is it?"

"Hyunsuk Oppa asked me to try being the acting president of the new company. I guess it would be considered the Korean branch of the Chinese corporation."


"I'm going to do it."


Hyoyoung pointed at the giant ad in the middle of downtown Shibuya. She said to her mom, "In a year, I will get The M to appear on that board."


"That's my dream, Mom."


'I did it.'

It had been two hours already. Countless people passed by her, but Hyoyoung remained immobile in her spot. She almost looked like she wasn't even breathing or blinking. She looked like a well-made mannequin.

One year ago, Hyoyoung stood in the same spot with her mom and pointed at the electronic ad board. She claimed that she was going to make The M oppas appear on that board.

And like magic, there they were. The M, now revamped as A.M. was indeed on the board.

With their masks, the members, now called "Again M," were on the board.

'I did it.'

Hyojun, Kiwook, Jiwoo, and Hyunsuk's individual photos appeared one by one. Then, the group photo with the letters "A.M." behind them covered the entire board. This short promotional ad appeared over and over again, and Hyoyoung stared as if she was mesmerized.

Suddenly, a man came up and hugged her from behind.

"My Hyo You are going to freeze into a statue at this rate. How long have you been standing here?"

It was Kiwook.

"I'm not sure. I don't think it has been that long."

"You texted me two hours ago that you got here, remember?"


"Why would I lie?"

"I think you are mistaken. It doesn't feel like it has been that long."

"I have been watching you for the past 10 minutes and you haven't moved at all, Hyoyoung."

"Oh I guess it has been that long then."

"Are you that happy? Impressed?"

"Well, I just can't take my eyes off of it."

"Hmm Funny, because I can't take my eyes off of you. This is a problem! We are a couple, yet we are looking at two very different things."

"It's ok because all I have to do is turn around and face you."

Hyoyoung smiled up at him. On the ad board, Kiwook looked so charismatic and sharp, but when he looked down at her, his eyes softened. Hyoyoung said to him, "You should wear a bigger hat so you can hide your face better."

"It's ok. I'm not that well-known yet in Japan."

"Hmm that's a problem. I better work harder to fix that"

"Hey! Hey! President Ahn. You can't do that! Did you know that my girlfriend is the worst workaholic and leaves no time for me? It's a huge problem, yet you are saying you are going to work even more?"

"It's my job as the president of the agency. To make my artists successful."

"Hyoyoung, you have done more than enough. For the last year, you worked harder than anyone I know. We all are so shocked by you."

Kiwook hugged her tightly.

Last year, Hyoyoung's life changed completely. While her classmates were busy preparing for their SATs, Hyoyoung took lessons from her mom about how to read financial statements. She also learned how to run a company from her dad.

The day her friends took their SATs, Hyoyoung became the youngest student to enter CEO school. While the other girls were busy preparing for college, Hyoyoung was at her office brainstorming ideas for her artists.

She was certainly not perfect and still so inexperienced, but her natural talent made it possible for Hyoyoung to survive.

"Don't you regret your decision?"

People often asked her this question, and every single time, her answer was no. Hyoyoung never really had any specific dreams for her future. She was thankful that she was able to find a wonderful career at such a young age.

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