My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 120

Volume 1 Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Hyoyoung's parents were very supportive of their daughter. They did everything they could to help her and watched nervously but proudly as she grew.

One year ago, after telling her mom about her decision, Hyoyoung immediately texted Hyunsuk.

-It's a go.

Hyunsuk replied shortly.

-I'm with you.

And one week later, Hyunsuk returned to Korea from China and went to Hyoyoung directly without even unpacking.

He asked her, "You know it won't be easy, right?"

"Of course."

"But you will do great."

"I know that too."

"Yes, that kind of confidence will get you where you need to go."

"I know that as well."

"Great. Let's do this."

Listening to Hyoyoung's confident answers, Hyunsuk knew he had made the right decision. He confirmed the final details with the Chinese headquarters, and that was how it all started.

Thanks to Hyunsuk's help, Hyoyoung was able to get an excellent contract offer from headquarters. She was to gain complete control over the agency for the next five years with generous funding. But if in five years Hyoyoung didn't meet the expected result, which was laid out on the contract, she was going to lose her position as the acting president. On top of that, The M members were going to be given the opportunity to go solo at that time, but the Chinese headquarters would get the right to manage the members.

"Five years"

Hyoyoung looked over her contract very carefully and made a few adjustments before sending it back with her signature. One main change she made was the term.

She changed it from five years to two years.

She was confident as she stated, "All I need is two years. It's enough time for me to make it." Hyoyoung knew she was the perfect person to make The M members the best group they could be. She knew each member's special talents and unique features.

Hyoyoung also felt certain that she could make The M into not just a star in Asia, but a global star.

When headquarters received the change in terms, they were confused. They contacted Hyunsuk secretly, asking for his advice. Hyunsuk replied that they should respect Hyoyoung's wish.

And after only one year, headquarters decided to allow Hyoyoung to continue with the full management the agency indefinitely. It was because what they hoped for her to achieve in five years was completed within only one year.

She did it.

When Hyoyoung first started out, she asked The M members to lose the masks.

"You guys aren't The M anymore. If you remain mysterious and picture-perfect, it would've worked to keep the masks, but you oppas are now at the bottom of your careers. Your reputations suck now."

"Hey it's not THAT bad"

"Yes, it is. Your identities are pretty much known now. Your pasts have been publicized as well. So what is the point of wearing the masks? You guys aren't mysterious anymore."

Jiwoo murmured, "Hey Hyoyoung, ever since you became our CEO, you sound even scarier"

Hyojun asked Jiwoo, "But aren't you more scared of Mikyung than Hyoyoung?"

"Oh my god, for sure. Mikyung is the scariest lady of them all. She is horror itself."

"Oh, no. Are you guys not doing well? Are you unhappy with Mikyung?"

"What? No way! Don't you know that I LOVE horror? I am a horror maniac! Being with Mikyung is so exciting every day! It's great!"

Hyojun and Hyunsuk shook their heads.

"Man, Jiwoo, you are such a pervert. Or is Mikyung such a great trainer? She trained you to like it, didn't she?"

Hyoyoung replied, "Whatever it is who cares as long as he's happy." Jiwoo nodded with a wide, innocent smile.

Hyoyoung continued, "So Oppas, let's focus on the topic. I'm talking about something very important here."

When the guys turned towards her again, she explained, "So from now on, you will be without your masks. However"


"At the beginning, you will start out individually rather than as a group. So it will be like 'A.M. Black,' 'A.M. Purple,' 'A.M. Red,' and 'A.M. Blue.' And by late next year, you will regroup as one single unit again."


"Hmm How can I explain this? You know the movie franchise where the heroes appear all together in the same movies, but also have their own individual movies too?"


"So think of this as something like that."


"Each hero has their own movies and inside them, they reveal their personal stories, secrets, and abilities"

"Yeah, so?"

"So let's do that for The M too. We can no longer do the 'mystery,' and so if that's the case, why not just become an open book? And we will have a catchphrase like 'The star by my side.'"

Kiwook sighed and replied, "Gosh so does that mean our privacies are no more?"

Hyoyoung raised her eyebrows. "Umm, Mr. Kiwook Noh, your privacy has been long destroyed by now already. I mean, you are an idol and people know you have a girlfriend. Do you know how unheard of that is in K-pop world?"

"Well But I still have things I want to protect"

Hyoyoung narrowed her eyes and asked, "Other than me?"

"No, just you, of course."

When the discussion suddenly turned into a lovers' quarrel, the other members looked at Hyoyoung and Kiwook with disgust.

Just then, the door burst open and Mikyung walked in. When Jiwoo saw her, he exclaimed, "Hey! Darling!"

Mikyung looked at him coolly and replied, "How many times do I have to tell you, Mr. Jiwoo Kang, the Red M, that you need to address me as Chief Lee when we are in the office?"

She then walked to Hyoyoung and whispered something to her. Before she left, Mikyung secretly sent a kiss and a wink to Jiwoo, making him smile.

Hyoyoung announced, "I have news. Kiwook Oppa got a role offer for a TV drama."


"Not the main character, but still a significant role. Apparently, it's a character that secretly loves the main female lead."

"Hmm How did they know that that's my specialty?"

Hyoyoung grinned. "This is perfect. I was hoping to start your career with an acting job anyway, Kiwook Oppa. And Hyojun Oppa, you will start with a ballad solo while Hyunsuk and Jiwoo Oppas will form a mini rock band duo. This will be the beginning of the new The M, 'A.M.' My very first project."

With that, Hyoyoung handed each member a thick booklet that included the plans for the next year. She explained, "So for the first part of the year, you guys will focus on your individual careers. You will all be participating in reality shows, and from time to time, you will still get involved in music shows as a group too to make sure people don't forget about The M. I already have a few shows I have in mind. I will send you the songs to practice my email before the end of today. Oh, and Chief Lee and I will compile the list of shows that have already requested for you guys to appear You guys should watch these shows and study them, so you do good jobs when you appear on them and and"

After taking a big breath, Hyoyoung continued, "Before the end of this year, you will regroup the unit and make a comeback. In Japan."

All the members' eyes widened as they exclaimed, "In Japan?"

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