My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 121

Volume 1 Chapter 121

Chapter 121

"Huh? Japan? Not China?"

"Why Japan of all places?"

At the members' questions, Hyoyoung showed them the statistics and explained, "I've done some research and it turns out your goods and music sales are actually the highest in Japan. Even higher than in Korea! The M had such loyal fans in Japan, and we have been basically ignoring them. It could be an amazing new market for you, where your popularity has already been proven. So you will make your debut/comeback in Japan, and then Korea after."

"So start from the outside… and then move in? Is this your strategy?"

"Something like that."

"That's pretty impressive."

"And that is why…!"

Hyoyoung grinned; her eyes shined brightly as she leaned closer to them. She stated excitedly, "You will all have to learn Japanese. You will be getting private lessons every day in the morning. It will start at 6 AM and it will last for 2 hours. You will all gather on the first floor meeting room. ALL of you will attend as they are mandatory lessons, got it?"

Jiwoo lowered his face and murmured, "I KNEW something like this was going to happen. When Hyoyoung smiles evilly like that… something bad happens…"

Hyoyoung winked at Jiwoo and added, "Chief Lee and I will also be attending."

"Oh! I love to study! It is an amazing idea! OK, I'm so into it now! I've always wanted to learn Japanese anyway!"

At the mention of Mikyung, Jiwoo became happy again, making Hyoyoung laugh.

And for 6 months, everyone worked incredibly hard. They followed Hyoyoung's plan perfectly.

Kiwook played his TV role perfectly and became known to the public as the "romantic guy." Hyojun was seen as the perfect man. Whenever a survey was done for women to choose their ideal man in the Korean entertainment industry, Hyojun came out on top every time. Jiwoo, who was secretly dating Mikyung, was loved by older females because of his delightful "little brother" image. As for Hyunsuk, the public eventually found out about his connection to Shuineung Group. He became known as the "hot rich guy."

Quickly, each member gained more and more popularity over the months, and finally, it was time for them to rejoin as the new and improved A.M. Their first show was to take place in the famous Tokyo Dome.

In less than five minutes, their concert tickets were sold out. 40,000 seats were to be filled. It was an unbelievable start for their new group career.

Hyoyoung whispered to Kiwook as they stood in each other's arm in downtown Shibuya. "Should we go now?"

"Yeah, let's go."

As they walked away, the giant electric ad board continued to show A.M.'s photos and the impending concert, which was to happen the next day.


-The Gods Have Arrived at Tokyo Dome!

-The Idols Finally Take Their Masks Off! No Longer Just Ordinary Stars, but Legends!

-Agency Via Soul's President Hyoyoung Ahn's Interview to Take Place Soon.

-Genius Strategy Launches the Old Idol Group into the New Legendary Global Stars.

The concert was a huge success. Its triumph was praised both in Japan and Korea.

Over 40,000 fans waited for the members to appear on the stage. Well before the show started, the audience took their seats and sang The M's songs and waited patiently. The concert included all of The M's original songs as well as many others. The Dome was filled with excitement and music that night.

Based on Hyoyoung's suggestion, this concert was carried out in a musical-like style. The theme that night was angels.

The story went as the four angels from heaven came down to earth, the angels of fire, water, wind, and light. These angels were trying to find what they lost, and what they valued the most.

It was a two-and-a-half-hour show, and it included individual performances, a short skit, as well as many group dances. The members, with their vast experiences, performed perfectly. Watching from afar, Hyoyoung felt overwhelmed.

'They are so amazing.'

Watching the Japanese fans singing the songs in KOREAN perfectly, Hyoyoung felt excitement she had never felt before. Adrenaline pumping through her body, she thought to herself, 'I want to do even better.'

That was all she could think about, to do more and better for her team.

And finally, when the last song was sung and the fans screamed for more, Hyoyoung left quietly. She was escorted by bodyguards to the waiting area.

'Only a year ago, I was in a similar place…'

But her situation was completely different. At the time, her mind and heart were filled with thoughts of Kiwook, but now, she felt more excited about A.M's next schedule and future. So many ideas went through her head.

As expected, Kiwook was the first one to run into the room and greet her.


He hugged her and whispered, "Where were you? I tried to look for you during the show, but I couldn't find you! Do you know how upset I was about that?"

"I was in the farthest and highest seat so I can check everything, including the lights. Oppa, you know you made a mistake when you were doing your solo right? You moved in the wrong direction so there was a moment when you weren't in the spotlight. I thought I was having a heart attack."


As soon as the other members arrived, Hyoyoung began telling each of them their mistakes, which were very small and minor.

"Jiwoo Oppa, I understand you get really excited, but you can't miss your part like that during a group performance! And Hyunsuk Oppa, I told you before to make sure your dance moves are bigger and more pronounced! And Hyojun Oppa, why can't you show a little more excitement? You looked so serious and cold as usual. And…"

Suddenly, Kiwook gently touched her arm.



"It would be better if you could start with how well we did… that we did our best…"

"Oh… I'm sorry… Hahaha."

Jiwoo nodded and said sadly, "Wow, our president is so cold and strict. No love at all... I'm so disappointed."

Even Hyojun added, "That's right. You are acting like a jerk. Super upsetting for all of us, PRESIDENT!"

Hyoyoung looked at them apologetically and proudly.

"I'm really sorry… My bad."

She smiled and praised them for their hard work. She also mentioned the best things she noticed from each of them. Then, she finally made some small suggestions.

They ended up discussing the performances and future plans for many hours after. They ended up getting back to their hotel rooms late into the night.

Hyoyoung was sitting down on her bed after a shower when she got a text from Kiwook.

-Can I come to your room for a second?

Within seconds of her reply, Kiwook knocked on the door.

"What the! Did you send the text outside of my door just now?"

"Yup. I did so I get to see you ASAP."

Kiwook hugged her tightly and murmured, "I didn't get to see you at all today. I thought I was suffering from a withdrawal…"

He kissed her forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, and neck. Hyoyoung whispered, "You are exaggerating…" She pushed him weakly, but Kiwook only hugged her tighter. He whispered, "I fall in love with you more every day."


"I can't get used to your magic."

"What are you talking about?"

"I see a different side of you everyday. I find you so attractive, so I fall in love all over again with you every day. What should I do?"


"So soft…"

Kiwook's hands went under her shirt and hugged her waist gently.


"You smell so nice…"

Kiwook pressed his lips hard against Hyoyoung's and the kiss deepened quickly.

When she raised her arms and hugged Kiwook's arm, Kiwook pushed her shirt up slowly. Hyoyoung gasped, "Oppa…"

"It's ok…"

Kiwook caressed her bare back as he unhooked her bra. It fell to the floor and Kiwook told her quietly, "I am not going back to my room tonight."

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