My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1 Chapter 122

Chapter 122


"I want to spend the night with you."


"Miss Hyo… Do you not want me here?"

"… I do."

"Then I can be with you tonight? We won't get any sleep at all!"

"No way!"

"Yes way! I won't be able to sleep at all if I'm with you."

"… Just shut up."

"Alright. From now on, I won't say a word. I will show you how I feel with my body."

Hyoyoung blushed and looked down. Kiwook held up face up and kissed her passionately again. As if they were dancing, he guided her to the bed. Hyoyoung vaguely realized that the closer she got to the bed, the more clothes she lost. She followed him blindly. Hyoyoung couldn't think at all.

"I'm turning the lights off."

Kiwook turned the switch off and the room filled with darkness. Their bodies became entwined as the night deepened.

The next morning, when Hyoyoung opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Kiwook. He looked freshly showered and was wearing clean clothes. He was sitting on the bed beside her and looking down at Hyoyoung with a smile.

Remembering last night, Hyoyoung became mortified. She grabbed the blanket and covered herself with it. Kiwook laughed and said to her, "You were sleeping so soundly that someone could've kidnapped you without you noticing. I was watching you to make sure that doesn't happen."

His voice sounded so gentle as he continued, "We should be leaving in two hours, so I think you need to get up and get ready. Me and the other members already ate breakfast and I have yours ready on the table. Take your time and come down when you are ready."


Hyoyoung still was under the blanket and replied very quietly. Kiwook stared at her, and with a delighted smile, he hugged her tightly.

"You are so adorable!"

"AHHH! Stop! You are suffocating me!"

"So why don't you come out from that blanket?! I want to see your face!"

"No! I don't want to."

"If you act like this in front of the other guys, they are going to suspect that something happened."


"Then, I will see you later, my president.'

"Got it…"

Kiwook left and closed the door behind him carefully. As soon as she heard the door close, Hyoyoung came out from under the blanket and exclaimed, "Gosh! I just couldn't face him! I didn't realize how mortified I would feel…"

Kiwook seemed to have tidied up a bit, but there still was evidence of what had happened last night. Remembering everything, Hyoyoung's face turned even redder. Just then, she noticed the food on the table and smiled.

A banana was cut up and the pieces formed a heart shape that surrounded the bite-sized strawberries. There were also different juices, bite-sized breads, and a bowl of salad. Everything on the table… Kiwook prepared them for her. She could feel his love in this thoughtful breakfast.

She murmured, "I feel like I should've done this for him too."

Slowly, she felt more relaxed. She cleaned up the plates and came down to the lobby an hour later. She wanted to check out quickly and make sure the cars were ready when suddenly, she saw a large crowd nearby.

"What's happening…?"

She passed them and reached to the front desk. The hotel manager looked at her, looking concerned. He explained to her, "These are all the people that came to see A.M."

"Pardon? How did they know that we are staying here…"

"I don't know. On our part, we did our best to keep this a secret…"

"And we didn't reveal it to anyone either…"

"Well, the fans can be crazy… They have their ways I guess."

"Oh… then what should we do…?"

"Miss Ahn, unfortunately, there are fans everywhere including the bas.e.m.e.nt parking lot. Perhaps if the members come down and we somehow go through the crowd…"

"But that would be too dangerous. For both my artists as well as the fans. Some fans can be very hard to control…"

"Of course…"

"I'm sorry, but I am going to have to ask you for a favor. You must have a separate private passage for your employees, right?"

"Yes, of course."

"Please have it ready for us. And for now, we are going to do a small concert at that piano over there at the lobby. Maybe for about 10 minutes? We will also have a short photo session and thank the fans for their support. I think it's only right that we spend some time with the fans, and this way, we will be able to leave safely."

"Oh, that would be so great. We would be grateful; it would be an amazing promotion of our hotel! And I agree, it would be safer for our staff too."

"Perfect. I will make sure the members also mention to the fans to be careful. I will go and talk to the oppas right now, so please get ready."

Hyoyoung began to walk towards the elevator when a woman's voice stopped her.


It was a strangely familiar voice. When she turned around, she saw a thin but kind-looking girl.

"Who are you…?"

She couldn't quite remember, so the woman answered her, "It's me. Myunghee Shin."


When they returned to Korea, what was waiting for them was crazier than Japan. The fans and the reporters filled the airport, screaming for A.M. Even as the members and Hyoyoung left in their car, the fans continued to follow them.

"This is getting really dangerous…"

Mikyung kept glancing back, noticing the fans following them in their own cars. Jiwoo, who was sitting next to her, slowly grabbed her hand and whispered, "To me, you are the dangerous one, darling."

Myunghee, who was also in the car, froze at such corny comment. But the other members and Hyoyoung seemed used to it.

Myunghee stammered, "Did.. he just say what I thought he said? Everyone… is ok with what he just said?"

Hyoyoung seemed calm as she looked outside the window. She answered, "It's fine. We are used to it. See Chief Lee over there? She isn't even responding to him."


Jiwoo turned around to face Myunghee and exclaimed, "By the way, I didn't recognize you at first, Myunghee! You look so different now! You FEEL different too. Such a dramatic change!"

Hyoyoung nodded in agreement, "I know. Even when you said your name, it took me a while to connect the dots."

Myunghee smiled awkwardly. Hyojun asked her, "How have you been?"

"Blue M… I mean Mr. Hyunsuk got me a job, so I have been working hard. I recently became a manager at that shop! As a bonus, I got some vacation time so I came to see your concert."

Hyunsuk smiled and praised her, "Manager Shin here is an excellent makeup artist. I was praised by headquarters for finding such talent."

Myunghee smiled shyly as Hyoyoung asked, "You look so different, Unnie. How did that happen?"

"It's just… When I began to feel more relaxed and calmer, my face changed, I guess. I have never been so happy in my life lately. No one is bullying me… No one is making my life hard…"

"Do you still talk to your uncle… and your mom?"

"With my mom, sometimes… and I hear about my uncle through my mom, but she doesn't say much about him. She doesn't want to."

"I see…"

"You probably already know, Hyoyoung, but the trainees from my uncle's old agency sued him all at once. He ended up going to jail for a while… And he ended up losing everything, including a bit of his mind and will as well. He is now living with my grandmother, and apparently, he spends all day reading."

"So he isn't living with your mom?"

"Mom doesn't feel comfortable with him, so no. My mom ended up opening a small hair salon. She is doing alright."

"I see…"

"It's all good. I am happy now finally. And look at me now, riding with the famous idols!"

"I'm happy that you are, Unnie. I did hear news of you from time to time from Hyunsuk Oppa, but I wanted to see you in person."

"Me too. I know I apologized to you before, and you said it was ok, but I still wanted to meet you again. To tell you that I am doing ok, and to thank you."

Myunghee held Hyoyoung's hand and with a grin, she asked, "So, how's your love life going?"

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