My Brother Is An Idol Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1 Chapter 123 123 The End

Chapter 123

At Myunghee's unexpected question, Kiwook coughed while Hyoyoung's face turned bright red. She replied, "Umm… It's good. But… I mean… we've been dating for about a year now… so you know… it's alright, I guess. Same as everyone else."

"What is the best part of dating for you?"

"Umm, Unnie, if you are curious about these things, you can text me later… Privately… If you ask me these things in front of everyone… I feel…"

"That's strange. Why are you so embarrassed and shy about it? You weren't like that before."

"Gosh, I don't know."

Watching Hyoyoung looking genuinely embarrassed, Hyojun seemed to realize something. He turned towards Kiwook and stammered, "You… did you…"

Kiwook looked away, his face also as red as Hyoyoung's.

Hyojun panted in anger, "You bastard…"

Realizing that Hyojun figured it out, Hyoyoung quickly asked Mikyung, "Hey, Chief Lee! Music! We need music. This car is too quiet. We have very important artists here, and they should be listening to music! Don't you think so?"

Mikyung glanced at Hyoyoung through the back mirror and murmured as she turned on the radio, "Hmm… looks like something did happen. Gosh… that girl has the worst poker face…"

Jiwoo, sitting next to Mikyung, placed his hand on top of hers gently and whispered, "I know, right? She should act like us. Like nothing happened, right?"

Mikyung glared at him adorably, "You be quiet."

"Darling, tonight… you and me together?"


"Oh, got it!"

When Jiwoo grinned at her, Mikyung couldn't help but smile herself. It seemed that it was a contagious smile because Hyunsuk and even Hyojun began to smile as well. Kiwook saw Hyojun relax, and he relaxed himself a bit as well.

Only Hyoyoung still looked tense. Hyunsuk patted her head and said to her, "Gosh, I don't know how you are running the business so well when you have the worst poker face. President, let's change the subject, shall we?"

"Yes, please!"

"I got a call from the Chinese headquarters requesting a meeting with you, Hyoyoung. Umm… it will be an off the record meeting."


"Not an official one for official business. There are a few high-ranking members who want to talk to you."

"And why are YOU telling me this?"

"Because one of those people happens to be my father…?"

"WHAT! The boss himself?!"


"Why? Why do we need to do this?"

"I think I can guess what this is about, but… I will tell you later."


"Gosh, you scared me, Hyoyoung!"

"Tell me now! Everyone here will find out about it eventually anyway. And Myunghee Unnie, you can pretend you didn't hear anything, right?"


"Unnie! You have to promise not to tell anyone."



"I'm sorry, but I don't hear very well. Did you say something, Hyoyoung?"

"Haha, Unnie, I see that you gained a great sense of humor as well! Perfect! I like it. Thank you. So… Oppa, this unnie is hard of hearing, so you can tell me."

Feeling the pressure from Hyoyoung as well as everyone in the car, Hyunsuk began to explain slowly.

"I think he wants you to take over the entire Asian entertainment department."


"For this, you won't be alone with complete control. Not like the Korean branch."


"Currently, the president who manages the Southeast Asian branch plans to leave the company in about three months. He is being reassigned to a position at the Chinese headquarters. That means the position of the Southeast Asian agency president will become available very soon. My father is thinking that because we, A.M, will be entering that market anyway… it would be a good idea for Hyoyoung, I mean President Ahn, to take over the entire thing."

"Oh… I see."

"But although everyone at headquarters is impressed by your success, some members are concerned that you are still very young."

"Of course."

"You were able to do some things very well because you are familiar with the Korean market, but a whole different culture… would be too much for you."

"Yeah, that's true. As soon as you mentioned the possibility, I couldn't breathe for a second."

"And I think that is why my father wants to talk to you in person, so he can decide."


"In three and a half hours."


"Sorry, I just got the message right now."

"Wow… that was so unexpected… Umm… Oppa, could you delay it for another 30 minutes? Say 5 o'clock?"

"Ok, that works. He has to leave by 10:30 PM to take the flight back to China, so it should be fine…"

"Ok. Thanks, and I'm sorry. I mean, he could've just asked me to come see him in China…"

"He was worried you might be really tired after the Japan concert. He in fact felt really apologetic for insisting to see you so suddenly."

"Alright… so 5 PM tonight."

Hyoyoung immediately quieted down to think. She pursed her lips, which meant she was deep in her own thoughts. Everyone in the car became quiet as well and Mikyung turned the music down a bit.

5 PM that day.

In her clean suit, Hyoyoung got out of the car. She no longer looked like a little girl. She looked like a successful and confident businesswoman.

Chairman Feng recognized her from afar and slowly walked towards her.

"Nice to see you again, President Ahn. I would like to tell you how impressed I am with your work. I have been thinking about giving you a big bonus."

"Getting the opportunity to work in this field is a bonus itself, sir. I would like to thank you again for the chance."

"Hahaha, Hyunsuk was right. You are a smart and confident young lady. And I see that your Chinese has improved greatly."

"Well, the agency belongs to a Chinese corporation, so it makes sense for me to learn. I am still very lacking, so I hope you will forgive me if I have made any mistakes."

"Not at all. Your pronunciation and choice of words are excellent."

"Thank you."

"I hear that Hyunsuk couldn't keep quiet and ended up telling you everything, eh?"

"Yes. Hyunsuk Oppa is no match for me, Chairman. Hahaha, I bullied him into telling me."

"Alright. It's actually better this way, I think. So, did you get to think about it at all? I think this kind of decision shouldn't take too much time."

"Yes, I have decided."

"Really? Let me hear it then."

"Could you hold on a second?"

Hyoyoung suddenly turned around to call for someone. "Please come in!"

To Chairman Feng's surprise, President Kim appeared.

"Huh? Mr. Kim?"

"Hello, Chairman. Long time no see.

President Kim looked relaxed as he bowed to the Chairman.

When Chairman Feng looked at her in confusion, Hyoyoung explained, "To rule the Southeast Asian market, I would need an expert. Not just from books, but someone who lived in those countries and has experienced the culture. President Kim here has lived and travelled extensively in those countries. As you already know, President Kim also has experience running an entertainment agency… In fact, he is the one who created The M. If I can work with President Kim, I know I can trust him and we can create a successful agency. On top of that, anyone in at headquarters who is concerned about my age and lack of experience… Having President Kim by my side should be a good enough of a compromise for them. So what I would like to ask you, Chairman Feng, is this. I would like you to have me and President Kim as co-presidents of the Southeast Asian branch. I will focus more on the marketing side of everything, and the Korean market of course, while President Kim can focus on the Southeast Asian market."

Chairman Feng grinned, "I knew you would come up with the perfect answer, President Ahn. My son and I were right about you. Alright, I accept your suggestion."

Hyoyoung and President Kim bowed deeply to the chairman.

When Hyoyoung returned to the hotel, Kiwook came up to her and asked, "Didn't you want the whole thing for yourself?"

"It's not the right time."

"You know how proud I am of you, right?"

Kiwook held her face gently. Hyoyoung grinned and whispered, "What I know is… that the only thing I truly want is you, Oppa. Only you."

Hyoyoung kissed him and added, "And that I love you very much."

She kissed him again and whispered, "And…"


Hyoyoung held onto Kiwook's neck and whispered in his ear, "And tonight, I will be the one who won't let you sleep at all."

When Kiwook froze, Hyoyoung stood up and warned him with a grin, "So you better get ready!"

And with that, she stood up and walked confidently to her room.

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